Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why Direct Sales is Ideal for Women

I know I'm biased towards direct sales but for me I love this business for many reasons.

First, I wouldn't join as a direct sales consultant if I didn't love the products and use them.

Second, direct sales is ideal for women especially for stay at home moms. Moms are already home and because this business is so flexible you can work it part time, occasionally, and put in the hours that work for you while tending to your family.

Direct selling is not a home-based job so there are no deadlines or demands from your superior. For moms already at home, it's ideal because you can do this business online with an hour or two a day. You don't have to do parties or live events unless you choose to.

However, your success is in direct correlation to how much time you invest in your business. You're probably not going to have as much success compared to someone who's hosting parties or putting in more hours building the business.

If you're not a hosting party kind of person because of your family schedule, marketing your direct sales business on the internet is not only viable, but can be very successful.

Why I'm a consultant

Most direct sales friends of mine ended up as consultants because they love the products. Mine is the same along with the option of doing this business online because it works best with my schedule.

Why direct sales is ideal for women

Women are amazing at sharing their favorite products with their friends. I share my love for my company's products through my blog but there are many ways women get the word out about the products they're using.

For some of these women it didn't start out as a business but grew into one organically. And it all started because they fell in love with the products first.

What are the requirements?

There are many direct sales companies with different requirements. With my company, the are no monthly sales requirements so it's ideal for people who may want to start as a product user without worrying about meeting the monthly sales requirements.

It's always a good idea to check with the person or company you're interested in what the requirements are.

What are the costs?

Direct sales business kits are affordable. Most companies in the skin care and beauty that I've seen on average have kits around $99 plus shipping and tax. These kits include a lot of products, catalogs, and a website to start your business right away.

With the great value in these business kits some women sign up to get the products in the kit and enjoy the consultant discounts on future orders.

With this kind of flexibility you understand why I think direct sales is so ideal for women. For me, I love the consultant discount. But there are all types attracted to direct sales. Some are products users and love their consultant discounts. Some are serious business builders as well as very part-time.

A direct sales business is what you want it to be. Of course that doesn't mean they're all the same so know what the requirements are, costs, and so forth before you join one. Some might not be as flexible as others and may have additional costs once you're a consultant.

If you love the products and the flexibility of direct sales, you might find it's ideal for you too.

Great article -> Why More Women are Looking to Direct Selling on Inc.com

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