Monday, February 12, 2018

Making Money With New Direct Sales Companies

Do you love new direct sales companies? It's exciting to think of being one of the first consultants  representing a new company. Imagine being one of those early leaders from Arbonne or Mary Kay.

But is the hype of joining new opportunities as good as it seems? What are the odds of a brand new direct sales company being around after 2 or 5 years? And can you really make money with a new company?

I have some experience in this area because I was part of one and had great success. I loved it but sadly it never took off. After a few years it became an affiliate model. Over the two plus years with the company, I learned some valuable tips.

Plenty of people love joining a brand new company for the reason I stated above. People want to be the first and hate missing out. The idea of being one of the first consultants with the company is exciting.

The downside of new companies is that they're still figuring out products, growth potential, mismanagement associated with the growing pains of launching a new business. These challenges can be a headache for consultants and customers especially if products are frequently out of stock or shipping is slow because lack of staff and so forth.

But if you go into a new venture with these potential challenges in mind you'll be able to manage your expectations and setbacks as well as offer a sounding board to your team.

Build It Fast

First, build your business right away. When it's a new company you won't have the competition with other consultants. Google your company and it's not over populated with other consultants and their  social media presence.

The reality is people switch companies more often than you think so there's always someone looking for a new opportunity. There are many, many reasons why people change companies so be ready to share your business when the opportunity presents itself.

Build An Online Presence

Set up an online presence. It's no secret I love blogging and it's what I'd recommend for all direct sales consultants. If you're like me and don't want to bother people you know with your business, blogging is the best.

I'm not a fan of spamming people on Facebook with the newest opportunity and vice versa so creating your content through blogging will generate interest to your new business.

Build Your Content

Write posts and share your new business. Start building content about your new business right away to get people to your blog and website. You have the opportunity to start building your business at the beginning.

Keep in mind, as quickly as you can build a team with a new company the downside is that if the company has persistent product issues, shipping problems, or other management hiccups these things will eventually affect turnover.

Direct sales already has high turnovers and people won't hesitate to move on to the next, new direct sales business opportunity. And there's always a new opportunity.

If you're set on joining a new direct sales business, be mindful of the growing pains of a new company and the potential challenges. It can be very rewarding to start at the beginning getting to the know the founders and staff.

Whether you can make money or not is up to you. You have the opportunity to be at the forefront but your success is 100% based on your efforts.

Until next time, keep on direct selling.


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Friday, February 2, 2018

How to Succeed in Direct Selling Without Parties #2

Following up on my last post how to succeed in direct selling, here are additional tips to help grow your direct sales business online. 

As I mentioned in my last post blogging is my favorite online method. It's my go-to platform. It's my content and forever available as long as I have this blog. This makes it easy for people interested in a direct sales home business to find me. You only have to write the content once.


The biggest challenge when you're new to blogging is coming up with what topics to blog about. Or you just don't know what to write. And how to come up with titles for your articles.

Let's say you're a skin care direct sales consultant. There's a lot of valuable content and training available from your company. Most people don't tap into what's being offered for free from their company. 

If you want to write with ease on the products you're selling, becoming familiar with your company's products is a huge plus. The same goes for your company's business opportunity. Become an expert in your business.


There are many valuable blogs not only in direct sales but on any topic you can think of. By reading blogs you'll not only learn about any topic you want but you'll learn about the look and content of each blog. This will give you ideas for your own blog.

Also, be sure to leave comments if you find the content helpful. I do my best to share articles and blogs that I find helpful on my blog.


Online ads can be paid and free. Most of the direct sales directories are reasonable. Karen Clark, direct sales trainer, has a great list on her website -> Direct Selling Online Directories

You can also search online for direct sales directories. Give it a try if you have a budget for it.

There are many free sites such as Hulafrog. Not all free ones are worth creating a profile but there are good ones.


Practice writing and finding content for your blog. Challenge yourself to write even if you think you're not good at it, yet. You don't need to be the best writer as long as you're offering something valuable. You can start with one article a week and increase as you go. 

The key is consistency. Imagine writing only one article a week and doing it every single week. You'll have a lot of content on your blog in no time.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.

Until next time, keep on direct selling.


P.S.  Want more online direct sales tips? Click on Direct Sales Tips and please share if you find it helpful.