Monday, January 29, 2018

How to Succeed in Direct Selling Without Parties

Can you succeed in direct selling without doing parties? Yes! Building your business online doesn't mean you're not doing parties or other face to face venues.

By all means if someone wants to host a party for you, meet up for coffee to hear more about your business opportunity, or ask you to do a live event why would you say no right? Building your business online means it's your main daily go-to action.

You'll need to take daily action if you want to grow your business. It could be many things - blogging, making connections via social media, pinning, tweeting, making phone calls, live networking, or even hosting your own open houses.

If you're not enthusiastic about making phone calls, live networking, and prefer to do direct selling online, here are some things to keep in mind.

My favorite method is blogging. Hands down it's the best use of my time. Blogging is building your business passively. By this I mean you don't have that immediate interaction. Let's say you're calling someone you think might be interested in your direct selling business, you're making direct contact.

Presumably, if you're calling someone you're using the warm market method which is taught by direct selling companies. Direct selling companies are fond of using the FRANK list. It's basically a list of 200+ people you know, including friends, family, neighbors, and so forth.

For new consultants, it's a good way to kick start your business. You're more likely to get that initial burst of sales, potentially adding new team members, and getting parties booked. But for others that don't want to go this route because of I've "been there done that" or prefer other methods, let me share why I love blogging so much.


It's a passive method of attracting leads. You provide valuable content geared towards people looking for your type of products or business. Using keywords in your blog title that people are using to search for is a solid way of attracting leads for your business. Think of the last time you searched for something on Google and what came up? Once your articles populate on search engines they stay online permanently.

With the right keywords and consistently providing valuable content, people will find your blog. The rest will be up to what they find appealing about your blog which decides if they make contact or not. I've built a large team solely from blogging with a previous company so I know it works.

One of the best parts about blogging is the new friendships I've developed over the years.


Facebook seems to be the most popular with direct sales consultants. Personally, there are things I'm not a fan of - being added to someone's group, invited to like a page, direct messages about a new opportunity, just to mention a few things.

With a couple hours I can work on writing articles for my blog that will stay online for years.

If Facebook isn't your thing, you can create or share your company's approved graphics on Pinterest. So eye catching and a great way to share your company's products. There's Instagram and others. Instead of joining a bunch I think it's a better use of your time to focus on one that works the best for you and build that audience.


You can also place low cost ads (Direct Sales Aids starts at $5) on direct sales directories. You'll find them right here on my blog under Direct Sales Tips. If you have a budget for advertising, give it a try. You can always cancel if you're not getting a desirable result.

The best thing about online marketing is giving different things a try and see what's your favorite and what works best for you.

Until next time, keep on ...


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