Monday, January 15, 2018

10 Reasons to Join a Direct Sales Business

Choose Natural, Organic Products

Today, shoppers are savvy. More and more people are aware of harmful toxins in skin care and personal care products.

With safer choices, choosing natural and organic products, especially when the price points are reasonably priced makes it easy for people to ditch toxins and switch to products that are free of gluten, chemicals and other toxins.

Choosing toxin-free products is good for people, animals, and our environment.

Consumable, Personal Care Products

Skin care, body care, shampoo, personal care products are used by everyone in the family. Consumable products have a great chance for repeat business especially if your customers fall in love with your products.

Women can be very loyal to their personal and skin care products which is good business for you. This translates to monthly sales which will grow your business over time.

Discount on Natural, Organic Products

I'd love it if I got a 25-40% discount every time I shop at my favorite stores, wouldn't you?

With my own natural, organic home-based business I'm able to save 25% on all the products I buy for myself right away and with potential of saving more and earning more.


At the very least I save 25% on the products I love. It's good for me and my family and I have the flexibility of building my business from the comfort of my home.

These days with practically everyone on their smartphones, you can build your business on the go.

Direct selling is an individual business which means your income is based on your efforts.

*commission varies which is based on leadership level.

Become a Leader

There are consultants signed up for personal product discounts or selling occasionally. And there are consultants that keep promoting up the leadership ladder. It's entirely up to you.

Your success is entirely up to you but you'll always have the support and training from your team to help you become a leader, if that's what you choose to do.

Your Own Boss

I love being my own boss and having a business that's flexible. It fits perfectly for a busy parent like me. I can put in more effort when my family schedule permits or pull back when family responsibilities come first.


The flexibility is the best part with a direct selling business and why it's one of the most popular options for many stay at home parents.

Support & Training

Direct sales companies are well known for their outstanding training and support. There's an entire back office "university" that any new consultant can tap into when you partner with my direct sales company.

There are weekly calls, webinar training, training in person, and so much more. If you're willing to commit to training and leadership it's available for you.

Young Company & Growing

I've been a leader with a brand new company. Although I loved the opportunity but sad to say it didn't have the growth it needed to prosper.

With my current direct sales company, it's an established company and continues to grow every single month. I've been a long time customer and have watched many women promote up the leadership ladder. The opportunity is very exciting!

Why Not?

It's a new year, why not give something new a try. If having your own home-based direct sales business sounds intriguing to you, click on the image below and head on over to my business website to learn more.

After you've checked out what the company has to offer, contact me as I'd love to send you some free samples to try. Click on image below to get started!

 Organic Direct Sales Business

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