Friday, October 20, 2017

What Consultants Don't Tell You About Direct Sales

It takes a long time, plan on years rather than months, before you can make a real income. The get rich quickly is a lofty dream. Every now and then you hear someone making money quickly within months of joining a direct sales company BUT that's rare and not the norm.

When that happens, it's likely the consultant/distributor already had a successful team and customer base. Sometimes it's a quick rise but not necessarily sustainable. Sometimes new consultants can generate quick sales at the start of a new business.

But for most successful direct sales leaders, they've been in the business for years before they found success. That's the good news because they're proof that you can be successful in direct sales. But it'll take years of building your business until you'll reach top levels. Some get there faster than others but be prepared to be committed and dedicate yourself to your business.

Is that daunting or deflating? I don't think so because any real business will take time to build up. There's no getting rich quickly in direct sales.

Is there a way to make quick money? Yes, but only if you resell products and you have to do this consistently. Every time you make a sale, you'll earn a commission. I knew a lady years ago that was a consultant for Pampered Chef. Every time she does one of those parties she makes sales. I attended two of her shows and dozens of women bought thousands of dollars worth of products that night. She had a huge audience both times.

However, getting shows booked regularly like her is the biggest challenge for most consultants in this business. That's why making money on a regular basis in this business takes longer than most people think. You have to build up a customer base beyond people you know and that takes time.

If doing parties isn't your thing or you're adamant about not wanting to ask your friends and people you know to host parties or buy from you than you have to be open to other marketing avenues to grow your business.

Do you already have time on your side? What I mean by this is that if you're already a stay at home parent and have some time to build your direct sales business on the side, working from home could be well worth your time. Enjoying the products you love, getting a discount on your favorite products, and with a flexible business you can achieve success. But it does take work to build the business and it takes time. It's the part some consultants aren't quite honest about during the recruiting process.

If you're 100% committed you can go far in this business because it's entirely up to you. That is powerful and absolutely worth your time if that's what you want to do.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

'til next time, keep on direct selling.


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