Thursday, October 26, 2017

Are There Benefits to New Direct Sales Companies?

Are there benefits to joining new direct sales companies versus a household names? There are definitely some benefits when you partner with a new company. However, expect a lot of growing pains which could challenge your motivation. All new companies will have hiccups which can be frustrating. But there are benefits worth highlighting if you choose to join a new company.

To start, there are plenty of direct sales websites featuring ground floor business opportunities. If you're on Facebook, you're bound to get business promotions in your network of contacts. There are plenty of new companies to research and be considered.

You can also check out to see a list of companies that are members of the Direct Selling Association. New companies won't be on this list but you'll find companies with a few years or more listed, if they're members. Some aren't members.

The biggest fallacy is somehow if you join at the beginning you'll have a better chance of success. That's true IF you're starting at the beginning and ACTIVELY building the business. There's no benefit to you and no such thing as an"early position" just because it's a new company.

Simply starting with a direct sales company at the beginning does not mean success if you're not doing anything with the business. You have to personally do the team building and growing your customer base if you want to succeed. This is true if you join a new company or not.

Direct sales companies may give you leads but it will be up to you to find leads, marketing your business, and so forth.

The downside to a new company is obviously the growing pains, infrastructure, training, and the hiccups that go with all new companies. New companies start and close more often than you think but that doesn't deter people's interest in wanting to join at the beginning for the reasons I mentioned above.

As long as you're aware of the challenges and willing to take a chance with a new company, why not give it a try especially if you've done careful research and see potential in a new company. Go with your instincts after careful consideration.

If you're someone who can't handle the challenges from new companies, there are established companies or companies that are a few years young (passed the start up phase) which might be more appealing to you. Typically these companies have the kinks worked out so you're not likely to see the common start up challenges.

With established companies, some people think it's saturated with thousands of reps therefore making it harder to build a business. That's only partly true because you're assuming everyone who signed up is actively working the business which is definitely not the case. I'd say most of them are signed up for the consultant discount or casually doing the business on and off which is quite common in this business.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

'til next time, keep on direct selling.


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