Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thinking About Joining a Direct Selling Business?

September has begun, kids are back in school which means some stay at home parents might find themselves with a bit more time. The start of fall is one of my favorite seasons especially for those in a home-based, direct selling business. This is the time when your company has released new products and catalogs for the upcoming fall/winter season. It's a busy time for team building and selling from the excitement of new products and the upcoming holiday season. You're more likely to see lots of back to school promotions or sign up specials during this time of year.

So, if you've been thinking about joining a home-based business, consider this time of year.

SIGN-UP SPECIALS. Definitely look for sign up specials as you're likely to see savings on the business kit, possibly more products in your business kit, product credit, or other freebies on top of the products in your business kit.

FLEXIBLE BUSINESS. I've had people ask me if the business is really flexible and the quick answer is yes! It all depends on the company you choose AND what you honestly want out of your business. A direct selling business is very flexible and works to your schedule. If you're willing to commit 5 hours a week than you're likely to see results based on the efforts you're putting into your business. Some invest more time and resources than others just like you'd find in other types of businesses or career that's dependent on your personal efforts.

TURN-KEY. I can't think of another home-based business besides a franchise (which is expensive) that is turn-key with a system already in place that anyone can get started right away with a small upstart fee. Obviously there's a wide range of companies in this industry so you'll have to do some research before hand for start up costs, etc. But with a direct selling business, you instantly get a replicated website to start promoting your business. And it's free with some companies.

TRAINING. Direct selling is known for its generous training and ongoing support not only from the company but also from your team leaders. There are so many training resources that many people don't even tap into. If nothing else, you'll learn about marketing and business that's incredibly valuable to you. I'm an avid reader but never took an interest in business/personal development books until I started with a direct selling company.

USING AND SHARING. For me a direct selling business makes so much sense because I'm already a stay at home parent and I'm already buying organic products. The idea of why not use and share what I love developed into a business that I can do online around my busy family schedule. There are so many products and companies to choose from so if you have a love for a product, that's a good place to start your research and find a company that's right for you.

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