Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Missing Ingredient in Your Direct Selling Success?

If you've done a direct selling business in the past and didn't find success it's understandable why you would be shy about doing it again. I have prospects tell me I joined several companies and didn't have any success so I'm reluctant to join yours. My guess is it's a culmination of many factors why someone didn't have success.

As I've shared in my previous posts, there are many reasons people join a direct selling company. Even though they're signing up to be an independent consultant but that's in title only and they're not necessarily committed to actually doing the business. Because it is so easy to sign up with a direct selling company, you're going to get all kinds of people joining for different reasons and interest levels. If you're a dabbler or a product user like I was in the past, that's a missing key ingredient for success.

As they say in this industry, you're going to get serious business minded people, part-time people, and even sometimes people who sell a few items here and there.

In my case, the most obvious missing ingredient was me. Sure, over time the company was no longer the right fit, the products no longer worked for me, management team changed, etc. There were reasons for lack of success but the main missing part was that I wasn't committed to the business. That's often the case with most people in this business.

So, is it possible to find success if you change companies? I would certainly hope so as I see past failures as learning lessons to find the next opportunity that might be a better for you. Think of it as a job. If you're in a job and it didn't fulfill you, you'll probably start looking for something else. It would make sense you would do the same if you're a business owner or a direct sales consultant. Business starts and closes and people change careers.

Conversely, when you find a company you're proud to represent, products you love using every day, AND you decide to commit to being successful, your business can change dramatically. It took me quite a while to find the company that gave me the spark I needed.

If you don't feel good about the products or the company you're not going to be 100% committed. Some people have been fortunate in finding huge success with their first company but there are many that took a few companies before they found success. 

The best part about the direct selling industry is that there are so many wonderful companies to choose from. I think some of us get a bit weary of joining multiple companies but frankly, it's better to try and wonder what if.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts. Have you had a similar experience?



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