Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mindfulness and Your Direct Selling Business

While reading this article "Mindfulness..." from NYR Natural News, it got me thinking about how you can use these tips and adapt them to your home-based business. Although the article isn't about direct sales but the idea of being "mindful" no matter what situation you're in is a helpful suggestion.

So what exactly is mindfulness? According to this article it means "focusing on what's happening in the present moment."

Here are some ways how mindfulness can help you stay focused on your direct selling business.

In a home-based business like direct sales it's very easy to lose focus because there's no one watching over you. There's no accountability except for the ones you set for yourself. The article suggests focusing on what's happening in the moment can help you overcome obstacles.

For example, let's say procrastination is your biggest weakness. How do you motivate yourself to do what needs to be done. For your business to prosper you'll need to do marketing to generate leads. 

First, identify what marketing system you're using to generate leads. Is it cold calling? Parties/events? Blogging? One on one? Or maybe all of the above? 

For me, blogging is my first go-to but some days I don't feel like writing. But I know I have to if I want to meet my weekly blog goals. How do I do that? By forcing my active mind to block out all the distractions and focus only on writing. Instead of doing a dozen things I have to consciously or as the article suggests practice being in the present moment. That means focusing only on writing and nothing else. If you're focused on being present you're less likely to succumb to distractions. 

Create a system of accountability for yourself or partner with someone in your business with whom you can share weekly goals with and help each other be accountable.

Be patient with yourself. When I'm impatient I tend to give up but when I'm being mindful of the progress I'm making than I'm likely to finish what I'm doing. Cumulative progress is key to success. Imagine starting with just one blog post a week. You'll have four in a month and that's only if you write one blog post a week!

So, whatever your marketing method is, I hope this suggestion on being present in the moment will inspire you to do one more thing to elevate your direct selling business.

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Source: NYR Natural News, Mindfulness Can Help Heavy Drinkers Cut Back

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