Friday, August 25, 2017

Are Direct Selling Business Special Kit Offers Worth It?

It's common practice for direct sales companies to offer special business kit promotions through out the year. I've come to think of it as having a kit sale. Some companies do this more often than others. One of the reasons is to upstart sponsoring efforts. For current consultants this is the best opportunity to up your recruiting efforts as your business can really prosper during your company's special kit promotions.

Whenever your company offers a kit special, take advantage of it because it could be many months before there's another opportunity like it. And if you're a prospect and have had your eye on a particular company it's the best time to join.

As I shared in my previous article sometimes people join because the value of the kit and not necessarily to work the business. 

So when does a direct selling company offer special kit prices?

Not every company offers a kit sale as some already have reasonable prices. Typically, the promotions I've seen are offered right before back to school or after the holidays. These are some of the best times because kids are back in school and some stay at home parents have more time to take on a home-based business. Right after the hectic holidays is also a good time as some people start planning their goals for the new year and that often involves starting a new business, finding a part-time job, etc.

Is it worth your money to get the special kit offers?

For me it was worth it to spend $99 as the kit contains so many products which I would have purchased and it would have cost me more money than the price of the entire kit. As I've shared on this blog, I was a happy customer for my company so it was an easy decision for me to join the business when the company offered a special kit promotion. I was getting more products for less money.

Are there any setbacks to getting the business kit?

The only caution I have is to make sure you ask about any additional costs as some companies do have back office costs. For example, ask if there are website fees, monthly newsletters, auto-ship requirements, etc.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback.


Note:  As always, please do your homework and review all the requirements etc before you join so you know what's involved. 

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