Monday, August 28, 2017

NEW Products from NYR Organic

Can you believe September is just around the corner? With that, here are some new products from NYR Organic which were announced during this summer's annual convention. Along with new products, there's a gorgeous new fall/winter catalog. If you see something that catches your eye, you can visit my -> NYR Organic online store and see all of the scrumptious organic products and email me for free samples.

4 New Essential Oils

 NYR Organic Essential Oils

NYR Organic offers a wide range of essential oils to choose from including a diffuser. Here's a very helpful link on essential oils and how to use them -> essential oils for safety and effectiveness.

6 Bee Lovely Line of Products

 NYR Organic Bee Lovely

The Bee Lovely new line includes my long time favorite, the hand cream. With the additional new ones, which one looks the most appealing to you? I cannot wait to try all of them but mostly the All Over Balm. But the part I'm most thrilled about is the mission to save the bees. Here are just some of the fantastic things the company has done to help save the bees through their Save the Bees Campaign- in 2011 the campaign was named Best Campaign by the Ecologist and raised $16, 500. In 2014, the campaign raised $64,500 and granted 4 charities through the Bee Lovely Foundations.

If you'd like to learn more about this campaign or other missions that NYR Organic is involved in, please check out my website.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.



Friday, August 25, 2017

Are Direct Selling Business Special Kit Offers Worth It?

It's common practice for direct sales companies to offer special business kit promotions through out the year. I've come to think of it as having a kit sale. Some companies do this more often than others. One of the reasons is to upstart sponsoring efforts. For current consultants this is the best opportunity to up your recruiting efforts as your business can really prosper during your company's special kit promotions.

Whenever your company offers a kit special, take advantage of it because it could be many months before there's another opportunity like it. And if you're a prospect and have had your eye on a particular company it's the best time to join.

As I shared in my previous article sometimes people join because the value of the kit and not necessarily to work the business. 

So when does a direct selling company offer special kit prices?

Not every company offers a kit sale as some already have reasonable prices. Typically, the promotions I've seen are offered right before back to school or after the holidays. These are some of the best times because kids are back in school and some stay at home parents have more time to take on a home-based business. Right after the hectic holidays is also a good time as some people start planning their goals for the new year and that often involves starting a new business, finding a part-time job, etc.

Is it worth your money to get the special kit offers?

For me it was worth it to spend $99 as the kit contains so many products which I would have purchased and it would have cost me more money than the price of the entire kit. As I've shared on this blog, I was a happy customer for my company so it was an easy decision for me to join the business when the company offered a special kit promotion. I was getting more products for less money.

Are there any setbacks to getting the business kit?

The only caution I have is to make sure you ask about any additional costs as some companies do have back office costs. For example, ask if there are website fees, monthly newsletters, auto-ship requirements, etc.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback.


Note:  As always, please do your homework and review all the requirements etc before you join so you know what's involved. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Direct Sales: Should You Offer the Business Opportunity?

In the direct sales business, offering the business opportunity to every prospect is the best way to grow your business, in addition to selling products. Keep in mind offering the business opportunity from a direct sales company isn't quite the same as a regular business. First, the cost to start a home-based business with a direct sales company is so small. It's typically $99 or less depending on the company and the current promotions. It's a tiny fraction of a regular business or a franchise and not to mention all the paperwork involved in a regular business. 

With a reasonable start up cost from a direct sales company, it's one of the reasons why I'm a fan of offering the business to every prospect. Here are a few of the benefits to your prospect: 

#1 Kit value

I've often written about the value of the business kit. Nearly all of them offer more products than what you pay for the kit price. One example, a $99 business kit comes with $900 in products and business material is a tremendous value. Some companies offer more, some less. If you have a prospect that has sampled your products, love them, and thinking about becoming a customer, that's a great time to share the benefits of the business opportunity.

#2 Shop at a discount

Direct sales leaders know that having people sign up as a consultant just for the product discount isn't unusual in this business. Being a kitnapper is one way for people to join a company for the products discounts. These are people with little or zero interest in pursuing the business. I was one of them. With some companies this might not be allowed or might not even make sense so please check with the person who introduces you to the company before hand and do your diligence. 

#3 Timing

They say timing is everything in life. Sometimes those kitnappers, people who initially joined for the product discounts, could end up as a business builder. I've heard stories of women saying they decided to do the business later on because their kids were in school, or they had more time, or they wanted extra money, etc. There are many reasons why someone wants to do the business but may not initially had set out to do the business at first.

#4 Don't pre-judge

It's important to pre-screen your prospect but in my experience pre- judging whether someone will be successful in direct sales isn't always accurate for the reasons I stated above. Because there are so many reasons why people join a direct sales company. Joining for the kit value is just one of many. So when it comes to prospecting, keep an open mind. 

My philosophy is to always welcome everyone. Whether they're joining for the product discounts, buy one or two items, or serious about building a business. Whatever their reasons may be, I'm going to do my part and share with them the benefits of my company's business opportunity, and let them decide.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

3 Common Objections in Your Party Plan Business

The number one challenge I hear from direct sales consultants is how hard it is to build a team. There are so many ways to build your party plan team. The key is finding what produces the best results and keep building on it. If you're blogging commit to posting as many articles a week as you're able to and stick with it. That's how I was fortunate enough to build a large team with my previous company.

Here are a few common objections from party plan consultants and how to work through them.

#1 The products are too expensive

Whenever you hear this objection, it's normal to be a bit defensive and want to explain away why you might disagree with your prospect. You may be passionate about your company's products but keep in mind your prospect isn't.

Instead of focusing on price points, ask questions to further gauge your prospect's interest, such as what attracted you to the company? What are some products that interest you most?

I've connected with people that initially said the products were a bit pricey but ended up buying the products because the ingredients were important to them. But they didn't know that until we discussed what they were looking for in their beauty products.

#2 I don't want to bother my friends and family

I don't either and I'm sure most don't. That's why I decided early on that there's a whole country full of people that may be interested in my company's products or business. It was a matter of finding the marketing vehicles to get my business out there.

Nearly all party plan companies teach new consultants the tried and true method of contacting people you know. That's fine if you do it the right way. Think of it as if you're opening a new restaurant. You'd let your friends know but you wouldn't call them all the time to tell them to eat at your restaurant. You'd have other promotions/marketing methods otherwise you'd be out of business relying on your friends alone. If you approach your party plan business similarly you'll conditioned yourself to think like a solo business owner and figure out ways to build your business beyond friends and family.

#3 I don't like doing parties

Parties can be a lot of fun. It depends on the hostess, consultant, and camaraderie of the group. I've been to okay ones and I've been to fantastic ones with a bubbly hostess, fun people at the party, food, wine. The hardest part is getting someone to host with enthusiasm because everyone's busy. 

If parties aren't for you, how about catalog orders or online parties with someone you know?

Bottom line is trying to convince your prospect to join your company or hosting parties can be frustrating for you and her. Overcoming objections is just part of the business and knowing this before you join a party plan business goes a long way in managing your expectations.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.