Friday, July 28, 2017

3 Direct Selling Tips for Sales and Team Building

If you're a direct sales consultant do you feel like your business has been compromised by online shopping? I've been thinking about my online shopping with Amazon and the many benefits such as convenience and better prices than some regular stores. However, as much as I love shopping online for some things, I still prefer shopping at regular stores, depending on the occasion and what I'm buying.

As a direct sales consultant, how do you compete with online shopping?

My take is that you don't try to compete with online giants like Amazon or Costco because you don't have to. These big companies are in a league of their own. Instead, find what's unique about your direct selling business and the benefits your company offer. 

Focus on what makes your company different from the other direct selling companies. What makes your company different from regular stores. With direct sales companies, there's a flexible home-based business option for people that love your products, want to use your products, and who might be interested in doing a home-based business at the same time. These are the things that set your company apart from retail businesses.

Here are a few tips for achieving more sales and growing your business:

#1 Free samples

Let's say your company sells beauty and skin care products. You can potentially earn new customers by offering free samples. If someone's local you can meet up and demonstrate a wide range of products in person. Who doesn't love those "testers" in stores? If you're able to demonstrate products in person, bring those testers to your prospect.

If someone isn't local, you can send free samples to them. That's how I built the largest team with my former direct sales company. Nearly all of my customers and team members connected with me online in various parts of the country. You can easily put a few of your favorite samples together in an envelope and mail them with a catalog to your prospect. Then follow up in 3-5 days after they've received your samples.

#2 Follow up

The following up process is the most important. Life gets busy for all of us but a simple email to reconnect with your prospect shows you care and a professional. We worry at times about being pushy by following up or assuming the prospect would contact you if she's interested. But a short, follow up email is not being pushy or salesy. As the saying goes in direct sales the fortune is in the follow up.

#3 Staying in touch

I've had prospects that didn't work out for many reasons. It's a natural part of this business. The next step is staying in touch. Always ask your prospect if it's okay to add her email to your company's monthly subscription. If your company offers monthly company products/business updates (most do), that's a great way to stay in touch with your prospect without being pushy.

When a lead isn't ready to buy or join your business it can be disappointing but reminding yourself that's part of any business puts things in perspective and allow you to focus on continuing to grow business.

As always, would love to hear your comments/thoughts.

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