Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5 Reasons to Join Lemongrass Spa this Summer

This summer Lemongrass Spa is turning 15 years old as a direct sales company. I've been a customer for several years well before I joined the company as a consultant. I've been asked why join as a consultant? Or what are the benefits?

Here are a few reasons why it has been a wonderful business for me. Who knows, this might be what you're looking for this summer. With new fall/winter products launching in less than three weeks at Lemongrass Spa's annual convention summer is a great time to consider joining the company.

#1 Love the Products

In direct sales there seems to be a debate on whether you should join a company for the products or opportunity. For me, direct sales is a product driven business model so you have to be a fan of the products to share with others. Your testimonials for your company's products is one of the best ways to grow your business as a consultant.

#2 Business Kit Value

Choose from 2 Starter Kit options. Our most popular kit, the Spa Party Success Kit ($129), or you can also choose our Sheer Minerals Makeup Success Kit ($129). Each of these kits are valued at over $400 and come with business and training tools and so much support from your leaders. You can have as much or as little support/help as needed. 

Once I saw all the products in the Spa Party Kit, I was in awe of the value which made it a lot easier for me to join the company. At first, I was only joining for the kit value and personal discounts.

*You can see each kit's content on my website under -> Lemongrass Spa Join My Team

#3 Flexible Business

As a consultant you start earning 25% and up to 35%. At a minimum you can buy products you already love for yourself and save 25%. That's how I started which is mainly to get the discount for myself. And if you decide to build the business, you'll earn 25% every time someone orders from you. With a website, your business is up and running 24/7. It's a flexible business that can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

*Please email me if you have any questions at all.

#4 Longevity and Growth Potential

15 years and counting. It's a still a young company with so much potential ahead with only a few thousand consultants nationwide. This is what I'm most excited about with Lemongrass Spa. I've seen quite a few companies take off and this company seems to be at the cusp of that growth. 

#5 Why Not

A long time ago I heard a powerful speaker say "why not" if you ever find yourself with an opportunity. In my case, why not with Lemongrass Spa was perfect because I was already using and a fan of the products. Joining the company was beneficial because I can save money on the products instead of being a customer and paying full retail. And, why not join as a consultant and have the opportunity to build the business? 

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