Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5 Reasons to Join Lemongrass Spa this Summer

This summer Lemongrass Spa is turning 15 years old as a direct sales company. I've been a customer for several years well before I joined the company as a consultant. I've been asked why join as a consultant? Or what are the benefits?

Here are a few reasons why it has been a wonderful business for me. Who knows, this might be what you're looking for this summer. With new fall/winter products launching in less than three weeks at Lemongrass Spa's annual convention summer is a great time to consider joining the company.

#1 Love the Products

In direct sales there seems to be a debate on whether you should join a company for the products or opportunity. For me, direct sales is a product driven business model so you have to be a fan of the products to share with others. Your testimonials for your company's products is one of the best ways to grow your business as a consultant.

#2 Business Kit Value

Choose from 2 Starter Kit options. Our most popular kit, the Spa Party Success Kit ($129), or you can also choose our Sheer Minerals Makeup Success Kit ($129). Each of these kits are valued at over $400 and come with business and training tools and so much support from your leaders. You can have as much or as little support/help as needed. 

Once I saw all the products in the Spa Party Kit, I was in awe of the value which made it a lot easier for me to join the company. At first, I was only joining for the kit value and personal discounts.

*You can see each kit's content on my website under -> Lemongrass Spa Join My Team

#3 Flexible Business

As a consultant you start earning 25% and up to 35%. At a minimum you can buy products you already love for yourself and save 25%. That's how I started which is mainly to get the discount for myself. And if you decide to build the business, you'll earn 25% every time someone orders from you. With a website, your business is up and running 24/7. It's a flexible business that can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

*Please email me if you have any questions at all.

#4 Longevity and Growth Potential

15 years and counting. It's a still a young company with so much potential ahead with only a few thousand consultants nationwide. This is what I'm most excited about with Lemongrass Spa. I've seen quite a few companies take off and this company seems to be at the cusp of that growth. 

#5 Why Not

A long time ago I heard a powerful speaker say "why not" if you ever find yourself with an opportunity. In my case, why not with Lemongrass Spa was perfect because I was already using and a fan of the products. Joining the company was beneficial because I can save money on the products instead of being a customer and paying full retail. And, why not join as a consultant and have the opportunity to build the business? 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

3 Best Summer Essentials from Lemongrass Spa

Aloha from Kuaui! I'm writing from Princeville while on summer vacation with my family. It has been raining a bit on and off which is pretty normal for north of this island. There's nothing quite like warm tropical Hawaiian rain. Whenever I find myself on this lush, tropical island I always pack a few essentials to ward off potential bugs as well as sun protection.

Here are 3 of my favorite summer items: 

 Bug-a-Boo Repellent

Bug-a-Boo Insect Repellent

Knowing I'd spend an hour on the river tubing I sprayed the Bugaboo liberally all over me 30 minutes before I went into the water. The tour guide said it wasn't necessary but some people choose to use bug repellents. I was happy to be using all natural bug spray so it wouldn't harm the water stream which the tour guide said goes directly downstream to a nearby town that residents use.

It's hard to tell if the Bugaboo repelled any bugs or if there were any in the river but I was so happy to be bug bitten free!

 All Natural Sunscreen


The sunscreen works great for my face as it blends in easily without looking pasty. The sun stick is great for my kids because it's easier for them to apply themselves and they can each have their own.  As with natural sunscreen apply generously at least 30 minutes before you go outside and reapply often.

 Healing Balm Stick

Healing Balm

This is my favorite go to product for various skin ailments- itchy, dry skin, sun burned. If there's a skin issue it's my first go to product. It's great for all around lotion too.

If you'd like to sample any of these favorite products of mine, please check out my Lemongrass Spa website and send me an email for a free sample.

Happy Summer,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Direct Selling: 5 Easy Tips for Staying Motivated

Ok, I'm the first to admit there are many days I wake up lacking motivation to write a new article for my direct selling blog. If you've been there, you know what I mean right? But sometimes we soldier on in spite of the lack of motivation and here are a few tips that work every time I need sprucing up in my direct sales business.

Here are 5 easy tips that I find very helpful, really simple, and they work ...

#1 Start smart  (10-20 mins)

In spring of 2016 I started learning Italian on Duolingo in preparation for our family Mediterrean vacation. If you're familiar with this app, you can start with 10 minutes a day or more, depending on your goals. On the days you don't do your 10 minutes, you'll get an email or pop up reminding you. 

Once you start with 10 minutes, you'll gradually increase to 20, 30, without even realizing it. The idea is these small, daily learning becomes a habit. It's also so much fun to see your progress. I've learned so many words in Italian and can put together simple sentences. Imagine if you applied the same tactics to growing your home-based business? 

#2 Use your smartphone

There are so many things you can do on your smartphone. For me, blogging is one of the most effective lead generation tools for me. I use the Notes to write articles for my blog. It's quite useful waiting in the car line when I'm picking up my kids from school. You can crank out a draft if not an entire article by the time you pick up your kids. Since I don't like lugging my laptop with me using Notes is a handy tool. When I'm done I'll copy and paste directly to my blog (like I'm doing with this article using Notes).

#3 Be flexible with your time

I've tried having "office hours" and quite honestly it doesn't always work for me because my days are busy with other family duties. For example, I may be sitting in my office designated for office hours however I might not have the inspiration to write an article. If you're a blogger sometimes the ideas come during non office hours. I could be talking to a friend who's looking for an additional income online and that perhaps will inspire me to write an article on the challenges of finding a legitimate online business. Or it could be something else. The take away here is that whenever I feel the inspiration I'll try to capture it on my Notes so I can revisit later.

#4 Perfection will kill progress

I know you've heard of this before but waiting for perfection to happen is like waiting for never to happen. If I'm aiming for a perfect article I'll never publish anything. I'm comfortable knowing my articles are never going to be master pieces and that's ok. The key is to work on writing useful articles that could help someone and getting them published. 

#5 Do what you can

I've stopped having unrealistic goals a long time ago. I have to remind myself of my priorities. That doesn't mean I'm any less passionate about blogging if I've committed to doing something else. I have to prioritize my schedule around being a stay at home mom. That's why doing what you can especially in small increments will propel your business forward. It might take longer than others but you choose to do what works best for you. Being flexible and realistic with my goals allows me to be more productive instead of being busy

We all work at different pace and that's why I love a direct selling business because you can work at your own pace.

What tips do you use for staying motivated in your direct sales business? Would love to read your comments below.

Warm regards,


Monday, January 9, 2017

Lemongrass Spa: Benefits of Shea Butter for Dry Skin

 Lemongrass Spa Natural Body Care Products

The benefits of shea butter are many and not just for dry, winter skin, but year round for hydrating your skin. Shea butter is packed with vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids. I especially love shea butter mixed with pure essential oils such as a drop lavender. At Lemongrass Spa, the Lemongrass Spa Whipped Body Butter in Mandarin Orange is absolutely luxurious. It reminds of summer time and being on a tropical beach. Shea butter is also great for eczema and dry, chapped skin. With Lemongrass Spa' body care you'll find shea butter as one of the main ingredients in many of the products.

Have you tried Lemongrass Spa natural skin care, body care, or any other products? Do you have a product or products that you love? Would love to hear your feedback in the comment section. If you haven't tried the products and would like a sample, please feel free to email me campopfan (at) gmail (dot) com for a sample.