Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quickest Way to Build Your Direct Sales/Party Plan Business

What's the quickest way to build your new direct sales/party plan business? Top distributors make it look so easy that we all want to know their secrets to success. The truth is those top distributors have been in direct sales/network marketing for many years.

Whenever you see a new top income distributor racking up a team so rapidly it's often from former team members following the leaders to their new company and/or having years of experience in the industry. They can easily influence others to join based on their reputation. It's not always the case but it's often the case when you're talking about distributors earning multiple 6 and 7 figures. As the saying goes people tend to follow leaders.

As for the quickest way to build your new direct sales business? There are typically two main ways to build a direct sales/party plan business. All companies encourage the warm market technique. This might sound familiar: make a list of 200+ people you know, make calls to share your new business, schedule a business launch, and so forth. If you're in a party plan, this technique will help your new business sell not only products at the business launch but also to book future hostesses to keep the parties going.

In network marketing, distributors use similar techniques however it's often less on selling products and more on finding new business builders (sponsoring/recruiting). There's more emphasis on recruiting and less on selling. Party plans tend to be more on retailing products and booking future parties.

If you're using the business launch/party method, it's quite effective especially if you have a large network of contacts and have the ability to gather a group of people together for an event, That's the quickest way to build your new direct sales, party plan and network marketing business. There's nothing like a captive audience with people you already know and presumably trust you enough to buy or possibly take a look at joining you in your new business.

However, this method isn't always the most desirable for many reasons, depending on whom you ask. Most of my direct sales pals aren't so thrilled with doing parties/business launches especially with their friends and people they know. Most of them prefer the online methods (i.e. blogging and social media).

If this sounds like you what's the alternative or in addition to the warm market approach to the quickest path to success? Blogging, multiple social media outlets, product reviews, ads, events, networking, etc.).

The online methods can be very effective in building new contacts but it can take longer (if you're new online). It's my favorite method for building my business. My humble team of 0 grew to nearly 100 team members with my former company in two years. It's definitely a viable method for those not interested in doing parties/business launches or tapping their warm market contacts.



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