Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why Lemongrass Spa Direct Selling Business?

I've had my pulse on Lemongrass Spa direct selling company for years. Lemongrass Spa has a wide range of fantastic and reasonably priced natural and organic skin care, personal, make-up and a few wellness products with essential oils. I also love that all the products are made in the US. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised I didn't join the company sooner considering how long I've been using some of their products. And the main reason is that I was already a consultant for another company.

As a #1 leader with another company I built a wonderful business and still use some of the products as a customer. As with all new companies, there were many changes with the company which spurred me to consider alternative opportunities and after considering other natural and organic direct selling companies - trying other companies' products - and even buying the kits to test out the business, Lemongrass Spa feels right at home for me. And I have not felt this way in sooooooo long :).

Lemongrass Spa is offering a special consultant new kit for the month of October. It felt like the stars were aligned for me to finally come on board.

If you're like me and have had an eye on Lemongrass Spa or thought about maybe this is the company for you ... here's why I decided to join Lemongrass.

October New Consultant Special

$119 and FREE Shipping (Save $20 for October only!)

Consultant Success Kit

This Kit contains $412.20 of products!
You'll get Free Shipping
1-month Free Replicated Website to start your business right away.

Do I have to do parties?

As for home parties, it's fair to say people are busy these days and the idea of asking people you know to host parties isn't desirable. The concept of home parties has been a part of the direct selling industry for decades. It is by the far the most productive way to share and sell products because you have a captive audience but it's not the only way to do business.

So many ways to market your business

Direct sales has come a long way from the home party format. Even though some companies have that option, companies understand the internet is part of the selling method in addition to home parties and other online methods. With Facebook and other social media outlets to sell and market your businesses you are not limited to home parties.The creativity is abundant from vendor events to setting up a blog like mine that I'd hate to see people get discouraged from joining a direct sales/party plan business. 

Why not give a try?

With Lemongrass Spa, I have an opportunity to use the products I love and share with others. Either way, the price points are already affordable and as a Lemongrass Spa consultant, you would earn 25% off the retail price. You'll end up spending the same or less for natural/organic personal care products that you're already buying at regular stores. Great products, great prices, and a flexible home-based business that you can do online.

Those are some of the reasons why I'm so excited to share Lemongrass Spa with you. If you see anything on my website that you'd like to try, send me an email.



P.S.  Check out my online business ->Lemongrass Spa natural/organic products