Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Direct Sales/Network Marketing: How Important is Timing?

You hear about about timing and get in now all the time in direct sales/network marketing but how important is timing? And what does timing really mean to your success? The truth is a solid business opportunity should still be good whether you join today or next year but timing has its own importance in direct selling because of this factor.

Direct sales/network marketing is a bit different from most regular businesses because consultants not only sell products but have an opportunity to sponsor others to do the same. Thus building a network of sales consultants which they can earn a team commission from in addition to selling products.

Timing in this regard is important because direct selling is a number business. It's the reason why some people often pitch the importance of timing. But the reality is timing is important but depending on what your goals are.

I once read that Randy Gage (well known in the network marketing industry) stated something like this ... if you want to be in the top % of distributors and making a big income you'll need to be an early adopter and join when the company is young. If you want to make some money, it really doesn't matter much when you join. Here are some examples ...

Some recent direct sales/network marketing companies saw huge growth such as Nerium, Origami Owl Living Lockets, and Younique. These companies are only 2 years+ yet have thousands of consultants. Last I heard Origami Owl had over 50K and Younique over 25K and growing.

With Origami Owl, I can still remember when I saw it launched because it was only a couple years ago. There were a lot of promotions and Origami Owl consultants doing local vendor events in my area. In a short time, it grew to hundreds of reps in my area alone.

If you were one of the first consultants that signed up with Origami Owl and worked your business i.e. selling and sponsoring- you should have a huge team and income from your business. This is an example of the importance of timing and being one of first consultants when the company launched.

Does this mean the people joining Origami Owl today or Nerium can't be successful. Not at all. But direct sales/network marketing is a numbers business and there are more consultants with these companies today than two years ago. That doesn't mean you can't be successful but it does mean there are more consultants in the same company vying for business.

But the good news is that many of the consultants aren't actively building a business. Even if there are thousands of distributors that doesn't mean they're all working the business. If your goal is to build a large team sooner rather than later, timing IS crucial but more important is your PRODUCTIVITY that determines your success.



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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Radiantly You vs Other Natural & Organic Direct Selling Companies

Radiantly You is a new natural, organic direct sales/network marketing company that will officially launch June 2014. Since it pre-launched a few months ago, the company has been growing at an impressive pace. If you're reading this you're likely searching for a natural and/or organic direct selling company to possibly join or maybe you're just curious about the natural/organic business opportunities.

As a blogger and direct sales leader it's part of my job to keep up with other similar companies because it's good to know your competition.

In this post, I'll share why Radiantly You is different compared to other natural and organic direct sales companies.

Radiantly You offers all natural and organic skin care, body care, and cleaning/home products. More products to come when Radiantly You officially go full force (launch) in June. With other natural and organic companies such as NYR Organic, Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Lemongrass Spa, Daisy Blue Natural, Perfectly Posh, Celadon Road ... how is Radiantly You different?

First, the compensation plans from the companies mentioned are party-plan based. That doesn't mean you have to do parties but party plan based comp plans are different than network marketing comp plans. And the differences affect how you'll earn money from your business.

How you'll earn an income from your business is a big deal if you're a business builder. If you're signing up to be a product user or sell occasionally, that's different than being a business builder. I know many join because they love the products and don't consider too much about the pay plan but the pay plan matters a great deal if you're building a business.

Radiantly You pay plan is unilevel. Other companies such as Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Lemongrass Spa, Perfectly Posh and others listed above are party plan based.

What are the differences between a party plan compensation plan vs. Radiantly You?

Party plan comp plans typically have high personal retail sales requirement either to stay active and/or earn a commission from your team sales. NYR Organic starts at $200 personal sales and $1000 team sales. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is $300 and the minimum requirement varies depending on rank. As you move up leadership, personal sale requirement can be as high as $1000. Perfectly Posh is $500 personal sales but not until you've sold $1000.
*Note: Be sure to check with the company for the latest info.

Compared to network marketing plans such as Radiantly You's and other network marketing companies i.e. Rodan and Fields, Nerium, Purium, etc., the personal sales requirement are typically lower. Radiantly You is 25 points or around $50 a month personal sales to earn 10% on your team commission. That's a big difference compared to a party plan-based which is typically higher in personal sales and lower % with team commission.

Whether you're looking at Radiantly You as a business or another company, you need to know how you'll earn your money IF you're building a business. I've heard so many stories of people joining a company because they love the products but didn't understand everything about the comp plan and found it difficult to make money from their team building efforts.

Before you join a company, make sure you love the products which is given but you'll need to understand the comp plan and how you'll earn money from your team building efforts.



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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why Your Direct Selling Business Should Always Be ON

I just returned from spring break and a once-in-a-lifetime trip visiting Washington, DC and New York City. What an amazing trip to soak in so much history of this awesome country and seeing so many landmarks. Loved my trip beyond words!

As much as I love vacationing, I'm always excited to be home and getting back to the thick of things. One of the things that's never far from my mind, even while vacationing, is my natural/organic home-based business. It's true what they say if you really love what you're doing, it never feels like work :).

Why would I be thinking about my business while vacationing? Because my business is one of the reasons why I'm able to go on vacations.

While on vacation, I still checked emails and followed up on anything that needed my attention such as any hot sales or business leads.

If you're an independent consultant for a direct selling business, your business goes wherever you are, even while on vacation. That doesn't mean you're working while on vacation but with the ease of iphones and other smartphone options easily accessible wherever you go, you can easily check in at least once a day so you're not missing out on potential business or responding to any urgent emails from your team, etc.

There's a lot of competition in the direct selling business so you can't afford NOT to check in while you're vacationing, whether you're away for the day or a week. I can't tell you the number of new consultants and customers my business gained because someone else didn't assist those leads.

It pays to be responsive and return emails within the same day, sooner is always better. People want everything done yesterday so if you have a hot prospect interested in your business, you need to respond promptly.

Even something as simple as to let the person know you're on vacation but will send out samples, catalogs, and provide more detailed info when you return. It shows the other person you're a professional and acknowledged their request.

Perfect example? I sponsored a new consultant for my business in the midst of sight seeing at the Smithsonian while in DC. It only takes a few minutes to answer question via email or checking in to social media sites i.e. Facebook to see if anyone is inquiring about your business or products. That's how I ended signing up my new business partner!

Besides, don't you just love getting that email that someone's interested in your products or business opportunity?

The best part about owning a direct selling business is the flexibility of working the business wherever you are as it's always with you. My business is always on no matter where I am.



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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Natural/Organic Party Plan vs Network Marketing Companies

These days you're seeing more natural, organic skin care and personal care direct selling companies which is a beautiful thing because not all of the opportunities are created equal. Not only the compensation plans vary with each company but also the price points. There is definitely something for everyone but if you're thinking about joining a natural or organic beauty company, how do you know which is the best fit for you?
Are the products high quality and of value to real customers? What are the retail price of the products? Does someone have to sign up to be a preferred customer or distributor first in order to afford the products?
Direct selling is more than recruiting. You need real customers to grow and sustain your business. You also want to earn money right away. The best way to earn an immediate income is to sell products without having a customer jump through hoops. 
Are the products priced competitively with regular brands so you can sell products easily without someone becoming a preferred customer first because the retail price is too high? Higher price points mean your marketing efforts to attract customers will be more selective.
Compensation Plan
People start a direct selling business for many reasons but if you're looking at it as a real business, it's really important to know how you're going to be paid, what are the requirements for team building, and so forth.
Party plan companies pay differently than network marketing companies. What does party plan based mean to you? 
It doesn't mean you're required to do parties but the personal and team volumes are generally much higher which makes doing parties or selling through events, groups, etc. more effective in achieving those volumes than network marketing plans. 
With NYR Organic, personal sales volume required to earn a team commission starts at $200 and up to $400 and a team sales volume requirement. 
With Ava Anderson Non Toxic, personal sales volume required to earn a team commission starts at $300 but you also need to have a direct consultant also with $300 in sales. And goes up as high as $1000 personal sales as you move up the leadership rank. 
And Lemongrass Spa, you don't start earning a team commission until you sell $2500 in personal sales.
*Note: Check with these companies for most current comp plan details.
It's understandable people want to join a company because they love the products. I use several products from other direct selling companies and have thought about joining their companies but I know their comp plans are not the best fit for me. 
If you love to do parties, have a large network of people that you can easily tap into to host parties for you, or willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a higher personal monthly volume, then a party plan is a great fit for you. It's one of the reasons why some people choose a network marketing pay plan over a party plan because the personal minimum requirements tend to be a lot lower. 

With network marketing, it's typically common to see anywhere from 25 points to 100 business volume to earn from your team sales. In dollar amount, it depends on each company but it could be as little as $50 to earn from your team. That is significantly lower than party plans. 

One isn't better than the other but one is better than the other for YOU. I prefer network marketing comp plans over party plans because of the low personal sales. More on this topic in my future posts.
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