Friday, December 12, 2014

Lia Sophia Direct Sales/Party Plan Closing

Lia Sophia, direct sales jewelry company, closing after 28 years in business was a big surprise to me. Here's an excerpt from the NBC Chicago article ...

“We are so proud of building Lia Sophia over the past 28 years into an outstanding company that has empowered women, and whose jewelry has been a favorite of so many,” creative director Elena Kiam wrote in a blog post on the company's website Monday. “However, given the challenging business environment, we made the painful decision to wind down Lia Sophia in the United States and Canada by December 31, and cease operations by the end of February.”


What does this mean for the jewelry direct sales/party plan industry, for thousands of Lia Sophia sales consultants, and what this means for other party plan jewelry companies?

The good news is that there are other jewelry party plan companies that will happily welcome existing Lia Sophia consultants if they choose to move on. If it's not jewelry, there are food companies, beauty, skin care, wellness, and so many other products to choose from.

The sad news is that it is a very sad time for existing Lia Sophia consultants especially for those that have been with the company for many years. But I believe that a true entrepreneur particularly for those that love the direct sales business model like I do will eventually move on.

What does this mean for other jewelry party plan companies? One company that pops to mind is Jewel Kade which recently merged with Thirty-One Gifts! Who saw this coming? This was a huge surprise to me. I don't know all the details as to why they merged with Thirty-One Gifts but at face value it makes sense as they offer complimentary products (handbags and jewelry) but I'm curious as to why Janet Kinkade, founder of Jewel Kade would merge with Thirty-One Gifts? Would love to hear from others in the comments below.

If you're relying on a party plan format should you be worried with the recent closing of Lia Sophia and maybe even Jewel Kade merging with Thirty-One Gifts? Absolutely not. First, I'm optimistic and sitting around worrying isn't productive when you could be building your business. That said, if you are with a direct sales/party plan company, whether it's jewelry or something else, I'd pay attention to the health of your company.

Is the sales force growing? 
Do you see increase in sales and recruiting growth shared by the company?
Resale orders? 
Are there too many changes (ie comp plan, corporate staff changes, frequent recruiting incentives, etc.)?

These signs are necessarily indicative of a company closing but I'd pay attention to sales growth and recruitment of new consultants.



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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why Lemongrass Spa Direct Selling Business?

I've had my pulse on Lemongrass Spa direct selling company for years. Lemongrass Spa has a wide range of fantastic and reasonably priced natural and organic skin care, personal, make-up and a few wellness products with essential oils. I also love that all the products are made in the US. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised I didn't join the company sooner considering how long I've been using some of their products. And the main reason is that I was already a consultant for another company.

As a #1 leader with another company I built a wonderful business and still use some of the products as a customer. As with all new companies, there were many changes with the company which spurred me to consider alternative opportunities and after considering other natural and organic direct selling companies - trying other companies' products - and even buying the kits to test out the business, Lemongrass Spa feels right at home for me. And I have not felt this way in sooooooo long :).

Lemongrass Spa is offering a special consultant new kit for the month of October. It felt like the stars were aligned for me to finally come on board.

If you're like me and have had an eye on Lemongrass Spa or thought about maybe this is the company for you ... here's why I decided to join Lemongrass.

October New Consultant Special

$119 and FREE Shipping (Save $20 for October only!)

Consultant Success Kit

This Kit contains $412.20 of products!
You'll get Free Shipping
1-month Free Replicated Website to start your business right away.

Do I have to do parties?

As for home parties, it's fair to say people are busy these days and the idea of asking people you know to host parties isn't desirable. The concept of home parties has been a part of the direct selling industry for decades. It is by the far the most productive way to share and sell products because you have a captive audience but it's not the only way to do business.

So many ways to market your business

Direct sales has come a long way from the home party format. Even though some companies have that option, companies understand the internet is part of the selling method in addition to home parties and other online methods. With Facebook and other social media outlets to sell and market your businesses you are not limited to home parties.The creativity is abundant from vendor events to setting up a blog like mine that I'd hate to see people get discouraged from joining a direct sales/party plan business. 

Why not give a try?

With Lemongrass Spa, I have an opportunity to use the products I love and share with others. Either way, the price points are already affordable and as a Lemongrass Spa consultant, you would earn 25% off the retail price. You'll end up spending the same or less for natural/organic personal care products that you're already buying at regular stores. Great products, great prices, and a flexible home-based business that you can do online.

Those are some of the reasons why I'm so excited to share Lemongrass Spa with you. If you see anything on my website that you'd like to try, send me an email.



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Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Tips to Assessing a New Direct Selling Business Opportunity

Every day you see brand new direct selling, network marketing business opportunities launch. In fact, I was recently invited to join a pre-launch of a brand new jewelry party plan by the company's field recruiter. That's just one example of "pre-launch invites" that periodically comes my way. There are already thousands of established companies in existence yet more new companies launching. And if you're looking for a new company to join how do you assess an opportunity?

There are many factors that turn a brand new company into a huge success but here are three tips that will help you get started:

#1 Products

"All the experts stress that a passion for the product you're selling will be crucial to your success in direct sales". source:

No matter how phenomenal the compensation plan is the company won't last if the product line can't stand on its own. The most successful method of attracting new distributors/consultants to a direct selling company is passion for products. There are countless stories of successful consultants that got started because they fell in love with the products. Plus, it's a lot easier to tell others about your business when you love the products and use them daily. 

#2 Compensation Plan

There will always be people that join companies because of the compensation plan first then products.

Ideally, you want to look for great products and a competitive pay plan that is realistically attainable. You're not going to get 100% of what you're looking for but I believe it has to be a fair plan with minimal restrictions. Plans that have high auto-ship requirements, high personal sales requirements monthly to stay active or earn money from your team can be challenging for most people to have any success.

#3 Leadership

Corporate leadership is very important and sets the tone for potential growth especially if you're a brand new company. In direct selling, some founders/leaders have that all star personality such as Jeff Olson or Rita Davenport to name a couple that command respect and die hard followers.

Likability and the ability to engage and attract experienced leaders to join your business is key to big time growth. Conversely, some companies are slow to grow or don't seem to make much progress because lack of leadership. If you want to be successful, it's important if you care about the company, products, leadership and the team you're on. 

These are only a few ways to assess a brand new company. After you've done your research sometimes it's a matter of going with your gut and taking a chance on a new opportunity. Too much analyzing can deter you from getting started. I always tell people on the fence that if you love the products you've sampled so far and have done some research, give it a go. Especially in direct sales with minimal start up cost around $99, you're not really out much money.

Many companies offer hundreds of dollars worth of products for $99 and even a free website so there's really very little risks, if any. Just be careful of opportunities have high start up costs or sponsors talking you into buying more expensive start up kits especially if you're not comfortable with it.




Here's a terrific article -> How to Assess a Direct Selling Opportunity by 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I Do with My Direct Sales Business During Summer

Summer is no doubt the hardest time to work on your direct sales/home-based business. Especially if you have kids at home like I do. The main reason why I love having a home-based business is that I can hang out with my kids especially during summer when they're off from school.

Summer is a busy time for families: from summer sports, camps, to vacations, it's not easy squeezing in selling and growing a direct selling business when there are other things on your agenda. Case in point: I'm writing about it now which is nearly mid-August when this post should have been written before summer started, oh maybe June?!

With that, here are some ways I put in the time and grow my business (with what's left of summer :)) ...

Having an online presence i.e. my blogs is a huge asset. I'm able to write one article and it gets viewed over and over. Doing the work once and it keeps on paying off in the form of leads to grow my home-based business. Blogging isn't a big secret and if you look at top income earners in direct sales/network marketing, they all have blogs. If you're new, it takes time but it's something you can do and good to start during the slower summer months. The key is to get started.

Another on my to-do list is to update my online profiles or create new ones. There's always something new I want to work on when it comes to social media. It's a matter of picking a few and sticking with them until you've established some following and see what garnishes the best return for your time. There's a whole social media world to grow your business outside of Facebook.

Starting a new blog or write more articles for an existing blog that has been neglected like I'm doing with my Simply Pure Natural blog. The goal of Simply Pure Natural is slightly different than this blog and gives me another platform to share valuable tips while growing my base.

You could follow up on old leads or clean up your business in preparation for fall when the kids go back to school. In many places it's around mid August.

No matter what you're doing, whether actively selling through vendor events this summer, or passively growing your business online, do a few things a week, preferably at least one thing a day. And no matter where you are, with smartphones, it's effortless to stay connected and always be available should you get a lead that comes through via email or a phone call. I never feel out of my business because I'm always in touch through my iphone and it's the one thing I rely on wherever I am to continue building my business.



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Monday, August 4, 2014

Joining for the Starter Kit Products in Direct Sales

If you're a personal care product junkie like me you can't help but get excited when you come across skin care, bath and body products. Even products that I wouldn't use because of certain harmful ingredients, I'm still drawn to the packaging or what other companies are offering.

Periodically, I come across competitors that offer discounted start up kits which is Stempting to sign up for the kit value alone. Even if there isn't a sale on the business kits, most of the starter kits are such great value.

First, if I'm signing up just for the products in the starter kit without any intentions to sell or build a business I think it's fair to let the person I'm signing up with know upfront. Most don't seem to mind because they're hoping you'll end up building the business or at least being a loyal customer.

Sometimes people sign up because they're slightly intrigued by the company and that leaves a door open for possibly building a business. Since direct sales is a number business some will join for the product discount and end up building a business and some won't.

For $99 starter kits with most direct sales/party plan companies it's often worth the price because you're getting a lot of products. It also gives you an opportunity to test the company out especially if the company does not require monthly sales, auto-ship, or website fees so there's nothing to lose.

There are quite a few companies that offer free replicated websites so you're not spending anything above the starter kit. It's a great value because you'd spend more on the products individually if you were buying them at retail. You also get a discount as a consultant ranging anywhere between 20-30% off retail.

For uplines/leaders

The downside of people signing up for the kit value without doing the business is that you're earning less as a business builder compared to selling the products at retail. Most companies offer around 5% team commission however if you were selling the products at retail, you could earn between 20-30% profit.

The upside is that anytime someone buys a kit, even if they're signing up for the products or shop "wholesale" as it's known in the industry, a team leader could end up gaining a new business builder. Sometimes people end up falling in love with the products, company, people, and end up being a business builder.

Since direct sales/party plan is a number business you never know when someone decides to turn a hobby into a full blown business. The flip side is also true that most won't do anything with the business.

What do you think about people signing up just for the kit value?



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Direct Sales Tips: Are You Sharing or Preaching Products?

I'm a big fan of natural, healthy products and use them on a daily basis. With my natural personal care home based business it makes sense that I'd use and share healthy products with others. But I'm not one to judge others if they choose not to go natural. Or am I one to "preach" others that what they're using is going to cause cancer or making claims that certain products can cure a particular illness. I've seen too many distributors making ridiculous claims that can potentially get your business and the company in hot legal waters.

In my business, I'll let others know what ingredients can potentially be harmful in excess amounts over time and how I prefer to err on the side of safety but I'll stop short of sounding like it's wrong to use products that are not natural. And if I make any kind of claim it's always based on my personal experience and results.

If you're building a direct selling business, what you say matters to people looking to join your business. Remember you're an independent contractor/sales consultant and you can carve out your uniqueness. Your message does not have to be the same as your company's. People are more likely to be persuaded by your stories and how your products have made a difference rather than facts and figures.

I think it's good to share your knowledge and passion with others but it's not the same thing as being preachy. This is also true when it comes to sponsoring especially if you're new and eager to start growing your business. Sometimes we'll end up saying way too much and scaring people from the business entirely.

No matter what products you're selling or company you're with direct selling will always be a relationship business first. Your ability to connect with people whether that's from meeting in person or from a blog or from social media, people love to do business with people they have a good feeling about. There's nothing like someone coming off as preachy or hyping certain products or opportunity that can turn someone off.

Your thoughts?



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Natural Organic Personal Care Products a Good Home Business?

These days, you see aisles of natural and organic skin care, body care, cleaning, in every store- not just health and specialty stores. It's obvious the demand is fueled by consumer desire for healthier choices. But as a home business, is selling natural products a good business?

Organic personal care products market is growing at rapid pace across the world. Rising concerns for health safety, increasing green consciousness and growing consumer’s awareness about the hazards in synthetic chemicals have fueled the demand for organic personal care products. Source:

From my experience as a top sales leader for a natural direct selling company for two years, I can tell you there's great interest in people buying the products as well as people looking to sell them as a home-based business.

#1 Product quality and value

With more natural and organic personal care products on the market, there's more competition. There isn't anything that can't be purchased online or through a retailer.

When I'm shopping for personal care products, I look for truly natural, non-toxic products based on the ingredients because that's important to me. But price is also a strong consideration. Price points matter even to people that can afford to pay more. Who doesn't want quality products at great prices. People that love natural and organic products are still going to buy them but they're looking for good prices. So prices do matter to your selling success.

#2 How to get started

There are multiple ways to sell natural and organic products. You can make them yourself and sell them on Etsy. You can join affiliate programs which are typically free. Or you can sign up with a home-based, direct selling company for a fee which comes with products, a website, and allows you to sell as an independent consultant for the company.

If you're considering a home-based business as an independent consultant with a direct sales company, here are important things to consider:

As I mentioned with personal care products, there's a big market with natural and organic products. You're going to have an easier time getting someone to try and hopefully switch over to your products IF the products you're selling is not only high quality but within similar prices to what your prospective customers are already used to spending. It's not easy persuading people to spend $28 on non-toxic sunscreen when they can buy similar organic sunscreen for half the price.

If the prices are affordable, it's a bit easier redirecting a customer's spending to your products. Prices do matter with customers because there are a lot of natural and organic personal care products on the market.

Think of yourself as a potential customer browsing online for products or shopping at your local stores. If I stumble on a website that offers products that I'm interested and the prices are reasonably priced with good shipping fees or free, I'm much more likely to buy. That's why Amazon is so successful!

Although there's great opportunity to sell natural and organic personal care products from home I would caution anyone thinking about joining a direct selling company to consider quality products, price points, and overall compensation/pay plan.



P.S.  As a #1 team builder with the largest team in less than 2 years with a former company, I can help you achieve any level of success. My passion is working from home using internet marketing and teaching others to do the same.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yes! You Can Be Successful with Home Party Plan Companies

While researching a title for this post, no surprise that I came across some not-so-positive articles on the direct sales/network marketing industry which inspired me to write this article to highlight important things you need to know so you'll choose the right business for you.

Why do most people struggle with party plan as a business? I believe most people struggle with the party plan method because it's not a good fit for them. But if you're willing to be proactive, network locally, expand your contacts, and not shy asking people to host parties for you- a home party plan company is a great fit for you.

Party plan companies aren't for people that don't want to be sociable. There's some level of sociability involved because you'll need to meet people, ask people to book parties, then you'll need to coach/work with your hostess, meet and greet guests that show up at the party. Your ability to network and mingle is key to being successful as a party plan consultant.

Party plan companies typically have higher personal sales requirements because it's designed to sell products. Truth is, home parties is the BEST way to sell products, sponsor new people, and meet new people. Not to mention, consultants can potentially earn a nice retail profit at a home party.

No matter how much you hear people boast about Facebook parties, when it comes to selling, not sponsoring, selling is still best done face-to-face in a group atmosphere. Sponsoring is much easier to do online as yours truly has successfully built a huge team from my blog alone.
But selling is so effective face to face!

At a home party, you have a captive audience prepared to buy and support whoever is hosting the party. I've never attended a party and not bought something because most people that go have a mind-set to buy. That's why home parties are typically successful but only IF you're able to get parties booked.

The problem with home party plan business is that most have a hard time keeping parties booked consistently and over longer periods. Getting parties booked at the beginning of your new business isn't hard but what about a few months down the road? It's something people don't think too much about when they initially join a company. I believe anyone can be successful with a home party plan company IF you're willing to do the things that are required to motivate yourself to grow your business.



Sunday, May 4, 2014

Giving Up On Direct Sales/Party Plan Home-Based Business?

There are people who join a direct sales/party plan business, give a try, didn't succeed and shun it for life. And there are those that try, fail, and keeps on trying even if that means starting over with a new company.

The truth is: when it comes to success in the direct selling business it's going to take at least 2+ years if not longer before someone finds success. It's not a get-rich-business but more like gradually learning along the way and most of the time with multiple companies before you might find the best fit for you.

I remember hearing about a 7 figure income earner from Send Out Cards who was a distributor for 13 different companies before he found success with SOC. You'll also hear people leaving successful companies to start over with another company. This isn't unusual at all and that's why Mary Christensen, direct sales coach/author, always says you never know when someone's going to make a change because it's a fact people leave one company and start over with another. So why would someone do that?

Jackie Ulmer, a successful network marketer, left her Mia Bella a candle company while earning a six figure income and started over with another company. I don't know all the reasons but the point is- it happens. The reason I'm sharing this with you is to highlight there's nothing wrong with moving on with another company because there are many reasons why it's right for someone to leave.

As consultants/distributors- you're an independent contractor which means you don't have a stake in the company itself other than being a rep for the company i.e. selling products and sponsoring. Direct sales is a sales job. People leave and move on to bigger and brighter opportunities all the time. It happens in a regular job and your direct sales business is really not that much different. If you find another opportunity that's just better for you, moving on might be a good option.

Change is part of life and believe me things change with all direct sales/network marketing companies ... new management, change in compensation plan, products, shipping costs, so on and so forth. These changes often lead to a consultant changing direction.

I don't believe in the notion of sticking with it no matter what. You should stick with it IF it works for you. Remember the saying in direct sales "you're in business FOR yourself". I rarely sponsor someone into my Radiantly You business that has never done direct sales/party plan/network marketing before. Nearly everyone has done something at one point but didn't find it a good fit so moving on and starting over is not uncommon in this industry.

If you're thinking of giving up on direct sales because you've done it before and it didn't work out for whatever reason, maybe it wasn't the right one for you. Maybe you weren't ready then and now you're worried about someone thinking "oh no, she's doing another company".

Part of being an entrepreneur and a business in sales which direct selling is, sometimes you have to go with your instincts and try not to care too much about what others might think. People will think whatever they're going to think anyway.

I absolutely love the flexibility my home-based business offers and cannot think of another fun independent business as my direct selling business that I can do all online.



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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Direct Sales/Network Marketing: How Important is Timing?

You hear about about timing and get in now all the time in direct sales/network marketing but how important is timing? And what does timing really mean to your success? The truth is a solid business opportunity should still be good whether you join today or next year but timing has its own importance in direct selling because of this factor.

Direct sales/network marketing is a bit different from most regular businesses because consultants not only sell products but have an opportunity to sponsor others to do the same. Thus building a network of sales consultants which they can earn a team commission from in addition to selling products.

Timing in this regard is important because direct selling is a number business. It's the reason why some people often pitch the importance of timing. But the reality is timing is important but depending on what your goals are.

I once read that Randy Gage (well known in the network marketing industry) stated something like this ... if you want to be in the top % of distributors and making a big income you'll need to be an early adopter and join when the company is young. If you want to make some money, it really doesn't matter much when you join. Here are some examples ...

Some recent direct sales/network marketing companies saw huge growth such as Nerium, Origami Owl Living Lockets, and Younique. These companies are only 2 years+ yet have thousands of consultants. Last I heard Origami Owl had over 50K and Younique over 25K and growing.

With Origami Owl, I can still remember when I saw it launched because it was only a couple years ago. There were a lot of promotions and Origami Owl consultants doing local vendor events in my area. In a short time, it grew to hundreds of reps in my area alone.

If you were one of the first consultants that signed up with Origami Owl and worked your business i.e. selling and sponsoring- you should have a huge team and income from your business. This is an example of the importance of timing and being one of first consultants when the company launched.

Does this mean the people joining Origami Owl today or Nerium can't be successful. Not at all. But direct sales/network marketing is a numbers business and there are more consultants with these companies today than two years ago. That doesn't mean you can't be successful but it does mean there are more consultants in the same company vying for business.

But the good news is that many of the consultants aren't actively building a business. Even if there are thousands of distributors that doesn't mean they're all working the business. If your goal is to build a large team sooner rather than later, timing IS crucial but more important is your PRODUCTIVITY that determines your success.



P.S.  As a #1 team builder with the largest team in less than 2 years with a former company, I can help you achieve any level of success. My passion is to help you build a successful business based on your goals.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Radiantly You vs Other Natural & Organic Direct Selling Companies

Radiantly You is a new natural, organic direct sales/network marketing company that will officially launch June 2014. Since it pre-launched a few months ago, the company has been growing at an impressive pace. If you're reading this you're likely searching for a natural and/or organic direct selling company to possibly join or maybe you're just curious about the natural/organic business opportunities.

As a blogger and direct sales leader it's part of my job to keep up with other similar companies because it's good to know your competition.

In this post, I'll share why Radiantly You is different compared to other natural and organic direct sales companies.

Radiantly You offers all natural and organic skin care, body care, and cleaning/home products. More products to come when Radiantly You officially go full force (launch) in June. With other natural and organic companies such as NYR Organic, Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Lemongrass Spa, Daisy Blue Natural, Perfectly Posh, Celadon Road ... how is Radiantly You different?

First, the compensation plans from the companies mentioned are party-plan based. That doesn't mean you have to do parties but party plan based comp plans are different than network marketing comp plans. And the differences affect how you'll earn money from your business.

How you'll earn an income from your business is a big deal if you're a business builder. If you're signing up to be a product user or sell occasionally, that's different than being a business builder. I know many join because they love the products and don't consider too much about the pay plan but the pay plan matters a great deal if you're building a business.

Radiantly You pay plan is unilevel. Other companies such as Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Lemongrass Spa, Perfectly Posh and others listed above are party plan based.

What are the differences between a party plan compensation plan vs. Radiantly You?

Party plan comp plans typically have high personal retail sales requirement either to stay active and/or earn a commission from your team sales. NYR Organic starts at $200 personal sales and $1000 team sales. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is $300 and the minimum requirement varies depending on rank. As you move up leadership, personal sale requirement can be as high as $1000. Perfectly Posh is $500 personal sales but not until you've sold $1000.
*Note: Be sure to check with the company for the latest info.

Compared to network marketing plans such as Radiantly You's and other network marketing companies i.e. Rodan and Fields, Nerium, Purium, etc., the personal sales requirement are typically lower. Radiantly You is 25 points or around $50 a month personal sales to earn 10% on your team commission. That's a big difference compared to a party plan-based which is typically higher in personal sales and lower % with team commission.

Whether you're looking at Radiantly You as a business or another company, you need to know how you'll earn your money IF you're building a business. I've heard so many stories of people joining a company because they love the products but didn't understand everything about the comp plan and found it difficult to make money from their team building efforts.

Before you join a company, make sure you love the products which is given but you'll need to understand the comp plan and how you'll earn money from your team building efforts.



P.S.  If you love natural and organic products and looking for a non-party plan opportunity, take a look at my ->Radiantly You online business and why it has been growing nationwide and already a Direct Selling Association-pending member.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why Your Direct Selling Business Should Always Be ON

I just returned from spring break and a once-in-a-lifetime trip visiting Washington, DC and New York City. What an amazing trip to soak in so much history of this awesome country and seeing so many landmarks. Loved my trip beyond words!

As much as I love vacationing, I'm always excited to be home and getting back to the thick of things. One of the things that's never far from my mind, even while vacationing, is my natural/organic home-based business. It's true what they say if you really love what you're doing, it never feels like work :).

Why would I be thinking about my business while vacationing? Because my business is one of the reasons why I'm able to go on vacations.

While on vacation, I still checked emails and followed up on anything that needed my attention such as any hot sales or business leads.

If you're an independent consultant for a direct selling business, your business goes wherever you are, even while on vacation. That doesn't mean you're working while on vacation but with the ease of iphones and other smartphone options easily accessible wherever you go, you can easily check in at least once a day so you're not missing out on potential business or responding to any urgent emails from your team, etc.

There's a lot of competition in the direct selling business so you can't afford NOT to check in while you're vacationing, whether you're away for the day or a week. I can't tell you the number of new consultants and customers my business gained because someone else didn't assist those leads.

It pays to be responsive and return emails within the same day, sooner is always better. People want everything done yesterday so if you have a hot prospect interested in your business, you need to respond promptly.

Even something as simple as to let the person know you're on vacation but will send out samples, catalogs, and provide more detailed info when you return. It shows the other person you're a professional and acknowledged their request.

Perfect example? I sponsored a new consultant for my business in the midst of sight seeing at the Smithsonian while in DC. It only takes a few minutes to answer question via email or checking in to social media sites i.e. Facebook to see if anyone is inquiring about your business or products. That's how I ended signing up my new business partner!

Besides, don't you just love getting that email that someone's interested in your products or business opportunity?

The best part about owning a direct selling business is the flexibility of working the business wherever you are as it's always with you. My business is always on no matter where I am.



P.S.  Want to start your own online direct selling business sharing natural/organic products? You can easily build your business online without hosting parties or selling to friends and family. As a #1 leader and recruiter, I can help you build your business with my marketing tips. More info ->Natural/Organic Business

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Natural/Organic Party Plan vs Network Marketing Companies

These days you're seeing more natural, organic skin care and personal care direct selling companies which is a beautiful thing because not all of the opportunities are created equal. Not only the compensation plans vary with each company but also the price points. There is definitely something for everyone but if you're thinking about joining a natural or organic beauty company, how do you know which is the best fit for you?
Are the products high quality and of value to real customers? What are the retail price of the products? Does someone have to sign up to be a preferred customer or distributor first in order to afford the products?
Direct selling is more than recruiting. You need real customers to grow and sustain your business. You also want to earn money right away. The best way to earn an immediate income is to sell products without having a customer jump through hoops. 
Are the products priced competitively with regular brands so you can sell products easily without someone becoming a preferred customer first because the retail price is too high? Higher price points mean your marketing efforts to attract customers will be more selective.
Compensation Plan
People start a direct selling business for many reasons but if you're looking at it as a real business, it's really important to know how you're going to be paid, what are the requirements for team building, and so forth.
Party plan companies pay differently than network marketing companies. What does party plan based mean to you? 
It doesn't mean you're required to do parties but the personal and team volumes are generally much higher which makes doing parties or selling through events, groups, etc. more effective in achieving those volumes than network marketing plans. 
With NYR Organic, personal sales volume required to earn a team commission starts at $200 and up to $400 and a team sales volume requirement. 
With Ava Anderson Non Toxic, personal sales volume required to earn a team commission starts at $300 but you also need to have a direct consultant also with $300 in sales. And goes up as high as $1000 personal sales as you move up the leadership rank. 
And Lemongrass Spa, you don't start earning a team commission until you sell $2500 in personal sales.
*Note: Check with these companies for most current comp plan details.
It's understandable people want to join a company because they love the products. I use several products from other direct selling companies and have thought about joining their companies but I know their comp plans are not the best fit for me. 
If you love to do parties, have a large network of people that you can easily tap into to host parties for you, or willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a higher personal monthly volume, then a party plan is a great fit for you. It's one of the reasons why some people choose a network marketing pay plan over a party plan because the personal minimum requirements tend to be a lot lower. 

With network marketing, it's typically common to see anywhere from 25 points to 100 business volume to earn from your team sales. In dollar amount, it depends on each company but it could be as little as $50 to earn from your team. That is significantly lower than party plans. 

One isn't better than the other but one is better than the other for YOU. I prefer network marketing comp plans over party plans because of the low personal sales. More on this topic in my future posts.
P.S.  If you love natural and organic personal care products and looking to build your business without having to hit high personal sales volume, I invite you to take a look at my natural/organic beauty business. It is by far the most flexible and achievable comp plan I've seen.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Direct Selling Companies Competing with Consultants for Sales and Recruiting

Some companies start out as a retail business and decides to turn to the direct selling business model. Pangea Organics is one of them however it no longer sells through retail outlets. Others operate both retail and using the direct selling business model.

To me, companies that sell directly to anyone who visits the company's online store without having to go through a consultant poses an unfair disadvantage to the hardworking consultants that are building the brand name for the company.

If you're a consultant, you know how challenging it can be to grow your business. To be fair, I don't think these direct sales companies are trying to compete with their consultants directly. My understanding with some of these companies is that they want to offer multiple options for customers to buy products. Some customers don't want to deal directly with a consultant. They don't want to be bothered with "opportunity spiels" for fear of being recruited. Some just want to shop anonymously. I understand companies don't want to lose sales.

However, when a company sells through retail stores as well as online, they're compromising their consultants' sales and recruiting efforts. Every time a consultant is promoting the brand of the company, she risks sending someone to the corporate website and can potentially lose the business to the company especially if the company does not assign corporate leads to an existing consultant.

Nearly all direct sales, party plan, and network marketing companies have the look up a consultant option so that the company itself isn't profiting from the sales or recruiting generated from the corporate website.

Maybe some consultants don't think it's a big deal that their companies allow customers and potential consultants to sign up and buy directly on the company website but I believe this takes away business from hardworking consultants that are out in the field actively promoting the business thus helping to build the brand name for the company.

Every time you're out in the field branding your company name, you're potentially sending a lead to company, without you benefiting from it or another consultant, especially when the company keeps the sales or recruiting to itself.

What makes the direct selling industry unique from traditional business is that customers can only buy products exclusively through consultants. It's another reason why most companies do not allow reps to sell on third party sites such as Ebay or Amazon.

I personally would not join a company that allows customers to buy or sign up to be a consultant directly on the company website unless the business is assigned to an existing consultant.

If you're going to be a direct sales company then make your products exclusively available only through your consultants.

Your thoughts on why some companies allow people to buy and/or sign up directly on the company website? What are the pros and cons to you as a consultant, if any?


#1 Direct Sales Leader

P.S.  Would you like to learn my tips on how to start a home-based business selling natural/organic products online without having to do parties? Email me and let me share my tips with you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Skin Care/Beauty Direct Selling Getting Saturated?

Skin care and beauty products are everywhere, in retail stores and online, which would make people think it's a saturated market right? Makes you wonder why people would start a skin care business but the fact is skin care and beauty is hugely successful. Even the direct sales/network marketing companies that didn't start out as a skin care business such as Xango eventually added skin care and beauty products.

Other examples are Scentsy which started out as a wickless candle but branched out by adding bath, body, and personal care products as well as Gold Canyon Candles. These are just two examples. As many companies as there are offering beauty products you'd think it's saturated but it's definitely not the case and here's why.

The first reason is that skin care and beauty isn't a one-size-fits-all as there are many different types of products and price points. One product might get rave reviews by one person but the opposite from another. I've used products that some people rave about and they didn't impress me or products that I can't use because it makes my skin itchy, the smell wasn't right for me, I didn't care for the packaging, and various other reasons.

There are also people that will only use certain types such non toxic skin care, natural, certified organic products, or whatever is the cheapest. There's something for everyone so if you're in this business or thinking about starting one, you'll need to reach people that are interested in giving your products a try. Knowing your audience is key to your success.

If you've been thinking about starting a home-based business in the skin care/beauty area, there's a lot of room for growth! But before you join a company, here are some things to consider:


Since there are different types of skin care and beauty products, what type of products interest you the most? For me, it's all about the ingredients, regardless of what the marketing says on the packaging. Natural, organic and even certified organic are only important if the ingredients are non-toxic and aren't filled with green washing ingredients. The company I would start a business with would have to be truly natural which is more important than the labels "natural" or "organic". So the ingredients matter a great deal to me. How important are the ingredients and quality of products to you?

Price Points? 

How important are price points to you? Would you be a customer even if the company does not offer a business opportunity? No one wants to pay for overpriced products because who doesn't want quality products at a great value. When you see those fancy packaging and marketing, you can bet those overhead costs are built into the price points. I love representing a company that offers high quality, non-toxic products at real prices that fits everyone's budget.

The Business

When it comes to the business and compensation plan, you'll find how you'll get paid varies across many different skin care companies. Network marketing is slightly different than a party plan. Both offer incentives for sponsoring a team of consultants but the compensation plan varies a great deal. Do a careful research and decide what's going to work best for you.

For example, it's common to see auto-ship requirements with network marketing and many of them can be as high as $100-$200 a month that you're required to be on auto-ship if you want to earn a team commission.

Compared to a party plan which typically does not require an auto-ship but many of them have high personal requirement to earn from your team. You can expect to see anywhere from $300 and upward.

One isn't better than other but finding a plan that is the best for you matters. So, if a company requires that you sell $500 each month before you can earn from your team sales, are you prepared to get out and achieve the required sales volume?



P.S.  Do you love natural/organic skin care and beauty products? Would you be interested in hearing about a young company that's already getting lots of rave reviews? Email me if you're interested:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Customers for Your Skin Care/Beauty Direct Selling Business

Are you having a hard time finding customers for your skin care/beauty business? There's no doubt the market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products. And if you're a home-based consultant representing one of many companies in the party plan, network marketing industry you're up against not only retail brands but competing with other direct selling companies too. Makes you wonder if it's a profitable business, doesn't it?

The good news is the beauty business in direct selling is big business and there are lots of successful companies as well as consultants building a full-time business from home. But how do you find customers for your business?

Here are some tips that have helped me to be the #1 leader in my company.

#1 Know your target market

The reality is not everyone's interested in your products or your business opportunity. We all think we have the best products and opportunity but that's not the case. I know plenty of people that don't give a hoot about non toxic skin care products, consuming organic products, and will buy whatever's on sale at the cheapest price. I'm not going to put much effort in trying to convert them. Your time is better spent sharing your products with people that are most likely to be interested and it's not hard to identify those prospects.

Look for small openings when you're having conversations with people. Don't get into sales-mode but pay attention to the conversation. If you're online, write informative articles on how your products have been beneficial to you and others. Or share news that might be an eye opener for your target audience. I love sharing articles on the dangers of using toxins in personal care and skin care products. That's one way you can use information to reach more people.

#2 Provide superior customer service

A friend of mine who is a leader for Perfectly Posh is the queen of customer service! As soon as her company has new products, she sends out new samples to me right away, without me asking for them. It's no wonder I'm one of her customers. People do buy from people they like and trust.

Be professional and act like a real business. Send samples to your prospect sooner rather than later. I've had people respond to me days later and I've moved on or no longer interested. We live in a highly connected world and it's too easy for people to find a new consultant that will happily take your business. Send out samples the same day or the next day at the very latest unless you're traveling and can't get to it. Follow up within a few days. It's up to you to follow up, not your prospective customer.

#3 Expand your network

Don't rely only on your friends, family, and people you know for business. Consultants get discouraged when they're taught the "friends and family" approach because it's not successful for everyone. It's a good start to share your products with people you know but you need to expand your network right away.

Make a list of the products you're selling and identify people that are most likely to buy your products. Start with your hot prospects first. I know people that are passionate about natural products and would not use beauty products with toxins or represent a company that sells products with harmful ingredients. Those are my most ideal candidates as customers and business partners.

If you're selling dietary products, you probably don't want to reach out to someone who's not looking to lose weight, but that person could be perfect for nutritional products. You can always use a third-party approach and ask if they know of anyone who would be interested in your product.

I've found identifying my most ideal customers and reaching them first more effective than randomly going after people.



P.S.  Are you already buying natural personal care products? Have you thought about selling natural products online and help share the important message of using non toxic personal care products? If you're interested, visit my website and see how you can easily have the same online store -> Natural Skin Care Business

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Discounting Start Up Kit Good for Direct Sales/Party Plan Consultants?

January is usually the time when you see direct sales/party plan companies offering discounts on new consultant kits. It's the new year and it's one of the best time to start a new home-based business. It's a bargain when you consider how much products you're getting with a new consultant kit. Why do companies offer such a hefty discount on their start up kits- some as good as 50% off? The obvious answer is to ramp up recruiting. Nothing attracts new consultants as a discount on start up fees.

In direct selling, every company needs retention and revenue to grow and sustain growth. When it comes to retention, it can be flaky in this business. It's so easy to join but not easy to sustain. When companies offer periodic incentives i.e. kit discount or extra free products it certainly helps to attract new consultants. But is this strategy good for business builders that are looking for serious consultants and not wholesale shoppers?

Some consultants love it because they're more likely to see an uptick with new team members. And new recruits can mean more team sales. But it really depends on the structure of each direct sales/party plan company. Some people sign up just for the kit content without any intention of doing the business. Or they're signing up for the consultant discount which is quite generous with most companies. Why pay retail when you can save 20-30% which is standard with many companies. I signed up with an organic health and wellness company because the fee was so low and it allows me to save 20-30% on all their products.

In my previous post "sales quotas good for consultants ...", I think discounting a start up kit can be great for a consultant's business, if there's some type of monthly or quarterly minimums (ex: $300/quarterly) so consultants are expected to do more than just be shoppers. Of course, the flip side of the argument is that highly motivated people will work the business and people who aren't will find every excuse not to. I agree with this thinking 100%.

As a business builder, if your company is offering a deep kit discount, I would work with each new consultant and find out what their goals are. If they tell you they're only in it for the discount or kit content then you know how much to give of your time.

In general, I think it's always good to offer incentives to keep your business interesting and attracting new people.

Your thoughts?


Friday, February 7, 2014

Sales Quotas Good for Consultants in Direct Sales/Party Plan Business?

Are sales quotas good for consultants in direct selling/party plan business? We know with nearly all network marketing companies there are monthly auto-ship requirements to be an active distributor and/or be eligible for the compensation benefits. But with direct sales/party plan, that's not always the case. There are lots of companies that have no monthly sales quotas. This is good and bad.

The good part is that it allows flexibility- someone can be a business builder or join to get the product discount with no pressure to hit monthly sales requirements. The bad part is that you, as a consultant, may be working hard to sponsor people and could end up with a team of too many "shoppers".  But is that a bad for your business? Well ... no but if your goal is to earn a team commission you're going to need a lot of shoppers to hit the monthly team sales to earn a commission.

But there are two ways to look at this ...

First, I talk to a lot of people that love not having a monthly sales quota and quite honestly, that is one of the main reasons why I have built a large team in a short amount of time. Direct sales/network marketing is a numbers business because most people sign up and do very little, if anything at all. So, the upside of having the flexibility of zero monthly sales quota is that you're likely to sponsor more people.

But the downside is that they may not do much in the long term other than buying products for themselves. It's too easy not to do anything when there's nothing required of you.

For people that are serious business builders, I think having some quota is good for your business as well as for the company. But how much is the right amount that makes it achievable for consultants to recruit new people as well as for them to upkeep without losing interest or frustration because they're not able to maintain their business?

With some companies, requirements are as low as only $100 retail sales for the entire year to be considered an "active" consultant. For a consumable company that's hardly considered a requirement. This is good for people who aren't interested in building a business and are signing up for the discount but this isn't necessarily profitable for the team builder because you need a lot of wholesale shoppers to earn a decent team commission.

I believe sales quotas are good for consultants if it's an achievable volume such as $25 or $50 a month or $200 every 6 months for consumable products. It has be reasonable so a consultant isn't stocking up with a garage full of products in order to maintain her business. The requirement should be realistic so someone can replenish either for personal use or by selling the products, even on an occasional basis. In other words, sales quotas are designed for business builders as well as for shoppers, part-time, or occasional consultants.

Would love to hear the pros and cons.


Verefina #1 Team Leader

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'tis the Month for Love at Verefina

Every day should be about love and kindness don't you think? But for February in particular, it's all about love. At Verefina, we have some fun and oh so delicious products to put you in the mood for some Valentine's love :).

The Bath Truffles below look and smell so decadent you might want to eat them. Find a quiet moment alone or together with your Valentine and indulge in a romantic bath. I personally LOVE the Massage Oil (below) and use it as an after shower bath oil. It smells wonderfully orange and citrusy and not to mention my bathroom smells divine afterwards.

If you'd like to check out these limited time, seasonal Valentine's products for yourself or as gifts for someone else, you can easily browse and shop on my website 24/7 -> Verefina Valentine's Day Gifts or see our other wide range of all natural skin care, beauty, wellness, and essential oils products for the entire family.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Photo: Verefina Bath Truffles

Verefina’s Bath Truffles are absolutely DIVINE! A hot bath with your sweetheart and these chocolate-orange scented Bath Truffles will release neurochemicals to strengthen your bond and make you both feel relaxed and wonderful! (Or bathe alone for feel-good benefits without the bonding.) 

The cocoa butter in our Bath Truffles contains a large proportion of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper and iron which can absorb through the skin. It also contains tryptophan, involved in the formation of serotonin, the 'feel good' neurochemical, and also dopamine, the "pleasure" chemical. In addition, cocoa and sweet orange are aphrodisiacs,.

Drop one into a bath and watch it release little serotonin and dopamine bubbles for you and your partner to enjoy. You both will have nourished, silky-soft skin and feel blissful and connected. 

Four, foil-wrapped Bath Truffles totaling 3 ounces. $15

Photo: Massage releases neurochemicals which reduce stress and make you feel happy! This is true for both the person giving and receiving the massage. In one study, massage increased serotonin levels an average of 28%, and dopamine levels an average of 31%. 

Our Massage Oil contains sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and fractionated coconut oil for a nice glide and non-greasy after feel. Our Massage Oil is also infused with Sweet Orange Essential Oil which is an aphrodisiac and well-known for its uplifting properties. It is soothing to the mind and helps to relieve stress. It also promotes the production of collagen, so its great for your skin too! 

Strengthen your bond and connection with your partner by releasing oxytocin through massage with Verefina’s Massage Oil! 

2 oz glass bottle with orifice reducer and metal cap. $15

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bona Clara Direct Sales Skin Care Closing

As a huge fan of direct selling it always saddens me to hear of a direct sales company closing. New companies start and close all the time but Bona Clara, a skin care direct sales company, closing (as of this Friday from what I've heard) is quite surprising because on paper, it had a lot going for it. Great packaging, unique product line, and rave press coverage from major sources. I was definitely impressed based on what I saw on its website, awesome press coverage and savvy social media marketing. The only thing I wasn't too impressed with was the price points which I thought were a bit high.

For direct sales/network marketing consultants or people looking to join one, this brings up the topic of new, ground floor business opportunities vs. established companies. I get this question asked all the time as to whether someone should join a new company or partner with an established one. I've written many posts on this topic and it really comes down to you and what your goals are.

And with every new company starting then closing like Bona Clara, you'll find some consultants/distributors with other companies pointing out why you should avoid the "new shiny object" or why you should avoid new companies but I would disagree because there are many factors to consider.

Sometimes even companies that seem to have what it takes on paper i.e. Bona Clara with financial backing and a savvy online marketing campaign and tons of press coverage still doesn't make it. Not all companies that started off with explosive growth means it's going to make it in the long haul. Some companies start off quite slow and takes years to build. Lemongrass Spa comes to mind which has been around for over 10 years but seems to be on growth mode big time in the last year or so.

So, if you're looking for a direct sales opportunity to join right now and hearing of Bona Clara closing down alarms you, it's best to take a moment and decide what you're looking for. I personally love new challenges and new companies don't necessarily scare me as long as it offers some of the key components of a business that's more likely than not to make it. Of course, this isn't a sure thing by any means.

If you're a Bona Clara consultant, I am sorry to hear of your company closing as this could happen to any one of us who's in the direct selling business. Established companies go out of business too, not just new companies. Just know that there are many wonderful companies out there and I'm sure when or if you're ready to move on, your new company will embrace you!

In the meantime, I'm sending all Bona Clara consultants and corporate office good vibes.


Janette Stoll

P.S.  Bona Clara is offering a great deal on their products at 50%. I'd go check and out their website right now :).

Monday, January 20, 2014

Why People Love New Direct Selling Business Opportunities

Are you one of those people that love new business opportunities from a direct selling industry? The good news is that there are new companies launching all the time from skin care, jewelry, fashion to nutrition and fitness. Sometimes I wonder if the direct sales/network marketing industry isn't already saturated. The bad news is that most of the new companies will start and close before you'll even hear about them.

So, if you're one of those people seeking a new company to partner with there are definitely pros and cons Here are some things to consider and see if it's right for you.

First, all established companies in existence all started out as a brand new company at one point. I recently heard a direct sales consultant commented on the hype of new companies and how they weren't worth the effort but you have to consider the source. She's with a 10 year-old handbag company which was a brand new company when she joined.

Now imagine if someone had said to her 10 years ago when the handbag company was a brand new company not to take the chance. It's easier to dub new companies as "hype" (plenty are, no doubt) when yours is 10 years old.

In hindsight things are always 20/20 but new companies definitely offer plenty of perks such as an opportunity to be an early adopter which can have a significant impact on your business when it comes to recruiting and selling. People love to be the first consultant in their area!

Anyone who's attracted to direct sales/network marketing can't help but dream of the possibilities and imagining what it's like to be an early adopter and watch your new company grow into an Arbonne, Mary Kay, Rodan and Fields, Scentsy, Thirty-One Gifts, etc.

But why do people love getting in at the beginning? Saturation is a factor. Let's say you're interested in joining a well established company and you decide to Google to get more info. Chances are you'll see hundreds and thousands of early adopters/consultants that got online when the company started years and years ago.

If you're looking to join, let's say, Arbonne or Scentsy, you'll have more competition compared to a newer company with less consultants.

For direct sales/party plan companies the saturation is even more of a concern than network marketing because doing parties and vendor events are the best avenues for earning money and also for maintaining a higher personal sales requirements as a team builder. You can supplement with online sales but it's called a "party plan" for a reason and those that are at the highest in these companies schedule a lot of parties to maintain their businesses.

If you're considering a new company and one that you'll need to have parties having fewer consultants in your area means less competition in getting parties booked which makes more sense as to why being the first consultant is so desirable.

One of the most common questions I get asked is "how many consultants in my area?" And not surprisingly, a lot of these potential consultants joined companies that already have thousands of reps in place.

Does this mean established companies that have thousands of consultants such as Rodan and Fields (around 50,000) or Thirty-One Gifts (over 100,000) aren't able to sponsor new reps? Hardly. The ability to sponsor people is not only the opportunity itself but the consultant's ability to sell people on the opportunity.

A savvy and experienced sponsor can attract people to join their established companies. And a highly motivated person will be out there to get parties booked. But from a number's perspective, a new company simply has fewer consultants and less competition.

The downside of new companies? Uncertainty and the growing pains can be unnerving. The growing pains of a new company can be challenging to get through but some people don't mind as long as the company is progressing.

There are companies that launch and never seem to look back and keep on growing (Origami Owl and Nerium). Sometimes you just don't know which one is going to take off and it comes down to taking a chance and going for it.

At the end of the day, most direct sales companies offer such a small start up fee (around $99 or less) and network marketing can be higher if you buy the "bigger kits". It's not like you're out thousands of dollars such as opening a retail or regular business. But I'd be mindful of all the costs.

Perhaps because of this small investment that offers potentially huge upsides is the main reason why people love new companies. Why take a chance and miss out when it's such a small investment to get started? At least that's the mind-set with most people.

Your thoughts? Are new companies worth it?


Janette Stoll

P.S.  Are you looking for a ground floor company to partner with that offers great products, real price points, with a truly flexible and achievable compensation plan to achieve success? Contact me for more info.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What 2013 Taught Me in My Direct Selling Business

Happy New Year and what a great year it's going to be! I'm an optimist and will always choose joy over pessimism :). This is the time to start anew, set new goals, seek out new hobbies, start a new business venture, or finally do that one thing you've always wanted to do. Why not start right now?!

On a professional level, I had set big goals for 2013 with my Verefina natural products business and wow did I achieve many of them (with consistent work I might add). I joined Verefina June of 2012 when the company had just launched a direct sales home-based division. My business really took off and boy was it fun. But with the fun also came lots of changes and growing pains which is all too common with new companies.

And growing pains and changes often lead to some uncertainty such as is the company going to make it? Believe me I had asked myself that question quite a few times. It's EASY to get distracted and complacent in this business because you're on your own and no one's holding you accountable but yourself. It takes serious commitment and dedication to stick it out in direct sales more so than the know-how of the business.

Fast forward to the end of 2013 and as I was looking back at all the growth and changes, my business really took off and now with a large and continuing to grow daily. I am so grateful for the opportunity and having the belief to stick with it. I can't tell you how many sponsoring conversations I've had in 2012 and 2013 with potential consultants that were interested but never took the faith to join because fear of Verefina being "too new". I totally get it but every company has to start as a new company at one point, right?

So, the lesson I learned is that opportunities might come to us but it only matters if we seize the opportunity and see the potential in it and go for it!

In hindsight, it's so easy to say "ah, I should have stuck with the company" or "I should have joined when they had only 50 consultants". But perhaps that's the difference between someone who sees an opportunity versus someone who seizes it? It takes faith especially with a new company and big time vision to see into the future of what could be.

Most of us focus on what's here and now rather than the potential of what a new business venture could become. I've always wanted to be an early adopter with a direct selling business and I am beyond grateful that I joined Verefina and stuck with it.

I am so EXCITED for 2014 and what's in store for Verefina, my team members, and fellow Verefina colleagues. It's going to be a prosperous year and I'd love for YOU to join me in this business that has been such a blessing in so many ways. If you're a big picture thinker and want to partner with a small but growing company as an early adopter, now is the time. Why not start right now and see where your business will take you at the end of 2014?

Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!


Janette Stoll
#1 Team Leader

P.S. I'll post Verefina's January Specials soon.