Saturday, September 14, 2013

Verefina New Products: 5 Essential Oil Singles

I was so excited like a kid before the Holidays when I heard my company, Verefina, was debuting 5 brand new essential oil singles and diffuser. It was a happy day for me! If you love essential oils and their amazing benefits, you know what I'm talking about, right? Without further ado, here are the 5 new oil singles and diffuser. 

In my next post, I'll share the new essential oils and the benefits from each oil as well as my personal experience from using the new diffuser and oils :).

Verefina New Essential Oil Singles and Diffuser

New Essential Oil Singles:
    Roman Chamomile
    Clary Sage
Verefina Diffuser w/2 Essential Oils
New Essential Oil Diffuser:

Verefina “AromaSphere” Diffuser. Buy with 2 essential oils as pictured above or buy Diffuser separately.
Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience with our brand new AromaSphere Diffuser using your favorite Verefina Essential Oils. Make your surroundings relaxing or invigorating simply by your oil selection. Unlike artificial scents that can cause headaches and allergic reactions, our diffuser allows you to surround yourself with a natural and healthy aromatic experience. 

Our diffuser produces vibrations at high frequency turning the water into a superfine mist for up to 21 hours with just one filling! The AromaSphere alone increases humidity and improves air quality through the production of negative ions. Negative ions help to lift your mood, strengthen the immune system, and relieve stress. 

The AromaSphere Diffuser is a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of your Verefina Essential Oils!
• Large 20 oz. capacity
• 3 LED lights with independent light-control
• High/low mist outputting settings
• Easy to clean and operate
• Silent operation
When you purchase the Verefina AromaSphere Diffuser, you’ll get two 15 ml full strength Verefina Essential Oils as a bonus!(Grapefruit Pink and Immunity Oil)
Directions for use:
Fill diffuser with water. Add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and diffuse.

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