Friday, August 30, 2013

Are Direct Sales Network Marketing Skin Care Products Overpriced?

I know plenty of people that gripe about how expensive skin care products are from network marketing companies. There's a perception that it's overpriced. I would agree there are high end skin care products but not all of them are overpriced. Because network marketing is lumped in with direct sales and party plan it gets confusing for people who are not in this business. This article is to highlight the differences in price points and that direct sales/party plan products are not necessarily overpriced and compete with regular retail brands, often for less.

First, what's overpriced? Price points is relative to the buyer, wouldn't you agree? I made this comment on a blog regarding an organic company. Although I like a lot of what they stand for but I didn't find the products I've used justified the price points. For me, I didn't see the value which is only my personal opinion because skin care is so personal and different for each person.

Whether a product is overpriced or not is relative to the VALUE the customer gets from the products. People will spend money on a product or service if they deem to be of value.

For me, I might have a problem spending $90 on a 1.5 oz jar of cream or $300 on a skin care set but others might not. Price is relative to what we deem important or desirable, isn't it?

On the other hand, I don't have a problem spending twice the amount for organic chicken, grass-fed beef, and stocking my pantry and fridge with as many organic products and produce as possible. There's more value to me in the quality of food I'm eating.

For direct sales and network marketing consultants, the value is in the business opportunity and the products. Since these reps are product users first and foremost it's easy to buy into the value of your company's products. You can't sell something if you're not a customer yourself. So the value is in the opportunity AND the products.

When you're not a rep, it's a lot easier to separate the two, but for consultants the products and opportunity go hand in hand therefore most wouldn't think their products are overpriced. If you worry about whether your company's products are overpriced or not is to look at the number of actual customers and not necessarily team members.

On the surface, it's easy to look at skin care products from a network marketing and direct sales company and think these companies are all overpriced but many of them are not. There are quality products from direct sales/party plan skin care companies such as Lemongrass Spa or Verefina at great prices that compete with regular retail brands and they're packed with good ingredients instead of laden with chemicals commonly found in regular retail stores.

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