Monday, July 8, 2013

Why I love Direct Selling Business for Women

There are many articles on direct selling/network marketing and why so many love this business. From my experience and the experiences of successful female pals, we love direct selling for women, men and for everyone. Here are just a few reasons why I love direct selling especially for women.

Not to single out men because direct selling is great for everyone but this post is on why I think it's great for women using my experience.

Time freedom, flexibility and financial opportunity

I can't think of another business or career that gives you the time freedom as a direct selling business. It's better than a traditional business in so many ways. For starters: there are very little risks, if any. With most direct selling/party plan companies- the sign up fee is $99 or less. This typically comes with hundreds of dollars worth of products often around $250 in products.

Right there you're getting more products than you're paying for. Even if you decide not to do anything with the business or change your mind- there's no lease agreement you have to worry about or additional fees except for the start up kit fee. But since the kit comes with lots of products, the products are yours to keep.

For most companies, the monthly fees are low such as a consultant website. The average I've seen is around $10 per month. Many companies offer a free website. If you're joining to build a business, $10 is hardly expensive when compared to a traditional business with thousands in rent, capital for inventory, hiring help, and so many other business related expenses.

A direct selling company takes care of the credit card fees when your customers buy from your consultant website, the company drop ships the products directly to your customers, and at the end of the month you get a cool retail profit from the sales you've earned. Your #1 goal as a direct selling consultant is to promote the business and help spread the word. I can't think of another profitable and simpler business model with such little start up costs with great income potential.

Education and free training

I once heard Robert Kiyosaki say network marketing is a great business for the education and free training alone.  I couldn't agree more. My personal development and professional skills have enhanced in so many ways it's hard to put into words. Take my Direct Sales Natural Products blog as an example. I started this blog because of my home-based business. I've learned so much about blogging, social media, and internet marketing that I would not have learned if I didn't have this business.

On a personal development level, you're taught to be self-motivated in this business, read books, learn new skills, reach out to people which are all valuable skills to have with or without doing a business. These skills will benefit you in your personal life, in your job if you're working, so you can't go wrong with the incredible free training with a direct selling company.

Friendship and fun

The best time I've ever had in this business was with my first company. It was a sorority in a way. We had local meetings together, met up for sushi and cocktails while sharing our business opportunity, we traveled to several company conventions and training, we were always meeting up and chatting on the phone about our business.

Looking back, it was one of the best female bonding times I've had! The female bonding is so important to women especially for me as a full-time mom. It's a wonderful outlet to connect with other women away from being mom.

These are just some of the reasons why I love my direct selling business. I honestly cannot think of a better career/business choice for a busy mom like me :).



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