Saturday, June 29, 2013

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

I'm obsessed with lemons and you can always find fresh lemons in my kitchen. Not only lemons look beautiful as a centerpiece but they smell amazing! It's no wonder lemons are used in so many products beyond cooking. Lemons are beautiful and beneficial to our health and well being.

Multiple uses

*Health and well-being

According to Dr. Oz's website "When we add organic lemons into our diet,  we get a better working digestive system, a healthier immune system and better-looking skin. We enable the body to remove bad cholesterol, and we create a supportive environment for good bacteria; all of this means the body works more efficiently and effectively". (source:

*Household/cleaning products

Properties of lemons can be found in cleaning/household products because it's antiseptic and smells wonderful to freshen up your home.

*Skin care and personal care products

In skin care and personal care products, lemons are antiseptic and lemons are loaded with antioxidant which is great as an anti-aging agent in skin care products. No wonder it's a popular staple in personal care products.


Lemons are found in all sorts of drinks from water with lemons to sodas to alcoholic beverages to enhance the flavor of drinks. I love having a hot cup of water with a few fresh slices of lemons. It's a wonderful way to naturally detox.


When it comes to essential oils, take the advice that less is more! Pure, essential oils are potent and powerful and it's best to dilute to err on the safe side. Some people use lemon essential oils internally such as adding a few drops in their water however I prefer to caution on the safe side even though the lemon oil I use is pure grade and the highest quality.

My rule of thumb with all oils is to dilute even with the ones that are safe to use. I'm most comfortable mixing it with 5 drops of a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil with 1 drop of pure essential oil.

Places to buy lemon essential oils 
Verefina Lemon Essential Oil

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