Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anti-aging Skin Care Direct Sales vs Network Marketing Products

A friend of mine who is not in direct sales or network marketing asked me recently what's the difference between anti aging skin care products from direct sales companies vs network marketing companies? For someone unfamiliar with the industry, that's a great question. Although network marketing and party plan companies fall under the direct sales or direct selling umbrella however there are differences among all three.

In general, I've found anti aging skin care products from direct sales companies tend to be more affordable than network marketing products.

What are the anti aging skin care direct sales companies? The house hold brands which most are familiar with are Avon or Mary Kay. And a few lesser known companies are Lemongrass Spa, Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Daisy Blue Naturals, L'bri, which all offer anti aging skin care products. These anti aging skin care products are competitively priced with regular store brands such as L'Oreal and within most people's budgets.

Network marketing anti aging skin care can be more on the higher end. House hold brands such as Nu Skin, Arbonne, Rodan + Fields can cost in the $200+ range and upward. And other brands such as Votre Vu, Nerium, doTERRA can be pricey too. Nerium which is one product and retails at $110.

Why are anti aging skin care from direct sales companies tend to be more affordable than network marketing?

There are many factors built in such as the costs of marketing, branding, packaging, business expenses, research and development, and paying for distributors. This is true for other high-end retail brands too.

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily as "expensive" doesn't mean it's better as skin care is highly marked up because of the marketing that goes into the product. And less expensive doesn't mean people will buy the products either. People buy because of the value and benefits they get from the products. I know plenty of women that will drop hundreds on skin care products if they get the results they're looking for.

Bottom line is anti aging skin care from direct sales or network marketing comes down to the value that your customers get from using the products. A true prospect is someone who wants your products and can afford it. Someone might love your products but if they can't afford $200+, they will find an alternative.

If you're considering starting a business selling anti aging skin care products with a direct sales company or network marketing, start with you first and if you're willing to be a shopper, with or without the business opportunity attached. If you're not willing to be a customer first, that's a good indication it's not the right company for you.




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