Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is Direct Sales Network Marketing Business Good for Women?

While researching this topic, I found a few articles on the pros and cons of direct sales and network marketing. There is plenty of negativity when it comes to direct sales and probably more so with network marketing but there's also inaccurate information too. Here's my take on direct selling and if this business is really good for women or not.

First, direct sales is not an easy business to stay in for the long haul for most people. It's easy to get started but not easy to stay in it. Why? Because for the most part, people start a direct sales network marketing business without any experience as an entrepreneur. It's called direct sales - emphasis on "sales". It takes some experience to know the nuances of selling, marketing, before a sale takes place.

Imagine if you were to get a corporate sales job, you must have some experience otherwise you wouldn't get hired unless as a trainee. In that case, you will be put through rigorous training. Compared to direct sales, anyone can join with or without experience. You can argue that it's not the same thing because direct sales isn't a job but you are essentially an independent sales representative.

The difference with direct sales is that it's a volunteer-type-of-business more than a regular business or even a sales job. You're not required to do any training or anything for that matter. Hence, people who join most likely started because a friend introduced them to the products, they fell in love with the products, and decided to give it a try. It's easy to join especially with the low start up fees. Who can resist a $99 start up fee that comes with hundreds of dollars worth of products, right?

But the reality is, direct sales or network marketing is only good for women or anyone for that matter, if they get real about what it takes to succeed in this business. Keep in mind that many sign up for various reasons: product discount or sell occasionally but for those that are thinking of direct sales as a business- you'll need to map out your goals and get serious about working your business daily.

Bottom line is, direct sales and network marketing can be a wonderful home-based business for women if they're looking for flexibility, to do something from home since they're already home with their children, retired people, or anyone who is looking for a flexible business that can fit into their current lifestyle.

The only thing I would caution is to find someone that has experience in the direct selling business and someone that's honest to tell you what's really involved.

Unfortunately, there are people who sign people up without telling them everything they need to know such as monthly costs to be a consultant, monthly sales requirements (if any), and so forth. Ask as many questions as possible and reach out to several mentors before deciding on someone.



P.S.  I love my direct sales business because I can't think of another business or part time job that offers so much flexibility and so much opportunity to earn as much as possible. If you have the drive and commitment, you'll do well with a growing company in the natural beauty products business like mine.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Natural Organic Skin Care Business Opportunity

With technology and the ease of leveraging your mobile device and the internet, starting a natural organic skin care business opportunity from home has never been easier. And if you love natural, organic products and you're already using them, have you thought about selling these products online?

That's how I got started selling natural skin care products because as my kids jokingly say: "mom, you're obsessed with Wholefoods" which is true. When Wholefoods opened a few minutes from my house, I was in heaven.

If you're familiar with Wholefoods, it's not exactly cheap to shop there so why has the company been able to do so well, year after year, even during the recession? It's not always the rock bottom prices that people care about although there's a market for bargain shoppers. But the people that love Wholefoods care about  living, eating, using, and promoting green products.

I figured if I'm already shopping at Wholefoods, spending a big chunk of my money at Wholefoods, Sprouts, Trader Joe's and consuming organic, healthy products, why not do something about this organic passion of mine? I love buying my products at Wholefoods but it's not like I'm getting a 25% discount if I were to buy their skin care products. Not do I get any special perks when I refer my favorite products from Wholefoods to friends.

With my natural skin care home-based business, I can shop, share, and earn an income from sharing products that I'm proud to use and share because they are safe for everyone. Quality natural, organic products are not only good for people but good for our planet too.

Not only that, when you partner with an ethical natural skin care company that believes in cleaning up the toxins in the beauty industry it makes you feel good to be a part of a bigger mission: your contribution makes a difference because you're helping to educate families on the potential danger of toxins found in beauty, skin care, and personal products that some people aren't aware of.

In fact, co-founder of Wholefoods, John Mackey, has a new book: Conscious Capitalism. Here's a short description from ...

These “Conscious Capitalism” companies include Whole Foods Market, Southwest Airlines, Costco, Google, Patagonia, The Container Store, UPS, and dozens of others. We know them; we buy their products or use their services. Now it’s time to better understand how these organizations use four specific tenets—higher purposestakeholder integrationconscious leadership, and conscious culture and management—to build strong businesses and help advance capitalism further toward realizing its highest potential.

Sounds like a win-win business philosophy to me and that's why I'm so passionate about using these wonderful skin care and personal care products on me and my family and excited to share our amazing business opportunity with others!



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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do Expensive Anti-aging Skin Care Products Work?

It's tempting to spend money on skin care products when you see those before and after pictures or clever marketing that promises a more renewed, youthful skin, or promises to eliminate skin problems such as acne or wrinkles. And the sad fact is that women spend hundreds of dollars on creams, serums, because they want to believe a "miracle in a jar" will reverse the signs of aging. And no matter how many times we hear it, from dermatologists and skin care experts that high end anti aging products only work topically, we still want to believe and will spend the money to give it a try.

"Most wrinkle creams are designed instead to plump up your skin by adding moisture. Don’t get the wrong idea, most of these miracle creams really will plump up your skin, but this is a temporary fix. While this of course makes your skin look better on a temporary basis, they are not taking your wrinkles away." (10 Myths About Skin Care

I'm no different than other women and any product that mentions anti aging or reduces wrinkles will peek my interest. So recently I tried my friend's anti aging night product.

The before and after pictures from the company's marketing brochures are impressive! It's hard to resist not trying their samples if you see these testimonials. I'm not saying these pictures are enhanced in any way but your first reaction is: does it work or is it hype?

After all, when it comes to skin care products, there are NO regulations with skin care/cosmetics unless it's a drug.

"The bottom line is that if these creams could accomplish the same thing as a medical procedure, they would be drugs and not cosmetics -- and that's what you have to keep in mind when deciding whether to try or buy," says Marsha Gordon, MD, vice chairman of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. (WebMD)

After my experiment trying the anti aging product for nearly 2 weeks (only once at night), I did see an improvement after a few days. However, not as good as the before and after pictures in the marketing brochures or shared on the company Facebook page.

But I do think the product helped to smooth out my skin after a few days of using it even though the minor lines on my forehead are still there as well as other imperfections. The question is: is there enough value in the product to spend $80 member fee or $110 retail for this one product?

It all depends on the person and the value they experienced from using the product. For some people, maybe they saw dramatic differences- enough for them to justify the cost of the product. Remember that people will spend the money when they see the value and benefits from using the products. Women will spend money to solve a skin ailment.

In my experience from using high end anti aging skin care products I do think they work however the improvements in my case were minor. On the other hand, I've used products in the $30-$50 range and have experienced similar results and in some cases, actually better.

Skin care can be tricky and so personal and I always recommend trying free samples whenever possible and give it a week and play close attention to any changes.



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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anti-aging Skin Care Direct Sales vs Network Marketing Products

A friend of mine who is not in direct sales or network marketing asked me recently what's the difference between anti aging skin care products from direct sales companies vs network marketing companies? For someone unfamiliar with the industry, that's a great question. Although network marketing and party plan companies fall under the direct sales or direct selling umbrella however there are differences among all three.

In general, I've found anti aging skin care products from direct sales companies tend to be more affordable than network marketing products.

What are the anti aging skin care direct sales companies? The house hold brands which most are familiar with are Avon or Mary Kay. And a few lesser known companies are Lemongrass Spa, Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Daisy Blue Naturals, L'bri, which all offer anti aging skin care products. These anti aging skin care products are competitively priced with regular store brands such as L'Oreal and within most people's budgets.

Network marketing anti aging skin care can be more on the higher end. House hold brands such as Nu Skin, Arbonne, Rodan + Fields can cost in the $200+ range and upward. And other brands such as Votre Vu, Nerium, doTERRA can be pricey too. Nerium which is one product and retails at $110.

Why are anti aging skin care from direct sales companies tend to be more affordable than network marketing?

There are many factors built in such as the costs of marketing, branding, packaging, business expenses, research and development, and paying for distributors. This is true for other high-end retail brands too.

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily as "expensive" doesn't mean it's better as skin care is highly marked up because of the marketing that goes into the product. And less expensive doesn't mean people will buy the products either. People buy because of the value and benefits they get from the products. I know plenty of women that will drop hundreds on skin care products if they get the results they're looking for.

Bottom line is anti aging skin care from direct sales or network marketing comes down to the value that your customers get from using the products. A true prospect is someone who wants your products and can afford it. Someone might love your products but if they can't afford $200+, they will find an alternative.

If you're considering starting a business selling anti aging skin care products with a direct sales company or network marketing, start with you first and if you're willing to be a shopper, with or without the business opportunity attached. If you're not willing to be a customer first, that's a good indication it's not the right company for you.



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can You Make Money Selling Organic Skin Care Products from Home?

With the natural/organic boom it seems everywhere you shop you'll see skin care products labeled as natural or organic. But no matter how many products you see, these companies don't pay you to shop at their stores. If you're going to use organic skin care products, why not consider buying them from your own business?

That's one of the reasons why I started with my home-based business because I'm already using these products. Thousands of people join a direct selling home-based business daily because of the wonderful products but also because this industry offers a viable, flexible home-based business that you can do from home.

But can you really make money selling organic skin care products from home like people claim it to be "easy". It depends. If you're looking for a legitimate and realistic way to earn money selling organic skin care products from home- here are important tips to keep in mind before you jump in:

The business opportunity

Every direct selling home-based business involves work. If you're brand new, it's important to know how you'll be compensated.

In direct sales: every company pays you a retail profit for selling products. You also earn a discount when you buy products for yourself. I'd much rather save 25% and up to 35% buying from my company rather than somewhere else paying full retail prices. You can expect to earn from 20% retail profit and more depending on company but most companies I've seen on average is around 25%.

You'll also earn a commission from your team if you sponsor people to sell the products. This is where it can get tricky especially for brand new consultants. It's important to know not only the percentage you'll earn from your team which can range from 2% and upward. But you'll also need to know what the requirements are before you'll get paid.

For example: one organic company pays 5% on anyone you personally recruit and as a consultant you need to have 1 direct team member, $200 in personal volume, and your team volume must have at least $1000. This is one example as every company will be different.

The products

The best way to make money from selling organic skin care products is to use your company products. It goes without saying because it would be hard to sell products you don't use or believe in. You have to believe in the benefits so you can share with others.


The biggest mistake direct sales consultants make is not marketing their business beyond the people they know. Your first open house or business launch is a great way to introduce your friends to your products which helps to get your business started but you must have a marketing plan in place asap. Use this opportunity to schedule additional parties, ask for referrals, offer incentives, then look for additional ways to market your business.


You will have competition and not just from the consultants in the same company but organic products are everywhere. Compete on value and what you can offer to your customers instead of price. Assuming your products are competitively priced to compete with other high quality organic products, you should be able to sell products if you've provided value to your prospect.

Whether you'll make money selling organic skin care products or not is not only up to the company you choose but ultimately it's up to you. If your company offers great products, priced competitively, and the compensation plan is generous enough where regular people can move up the ranks sooner than later- you'll have an easier time.

I would think twice with compensation plans that have high sales requirements, both personal and team volume, before you can see a commission. The quicker you earn money the more likely you'll stay with the company. You need to consider not only the likelihood of your success but for people you share the business with too.

The bottom line is people might join initially because they love the products but for them to stay and build a business- they must see success sooner than later. If the company has been around for years and there are only a few leaders or people "actively" working the business- dig deeper as there could be other factors such as the compensation plan with too many loop holes to advance.



P.S.  If you love chic, affordable, natural skin care/personal care products and looking for a realistic home-based business that you can build from home and earn money sooner rather than later- visit my Beautycounter Opportunity and join our #1 team. Our team generated $135K sales in April alone and our new company is on the GROW.