Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beautycounter: Why I'm Partnering with this Chic, Affordable and Natural Products Company

New direct sales companies launch all the time. But I have not been wowed and excited by a new direct selling company in beauty/personal care business like I am with Beautycounter. A new social selling direct sales company based out of Santa Monica, CA- two years in the making and made its official launch March 2013. And as of April 9, we've welcomed 309 Consultants, in more than 32 states and we're definitely on the grow, daily!

It's incredibly exciting to be part of a start up offering truly natural products with no secrets to hide backed by stellar leadership and capital. It has all the ingredients to grow big in the direct selling industry.

Direct sales industry is a crowded field. "Mom and pop" natural companies and even organic companies launch more often than you think. I'm sure these companies have really good products but you need more than great products to compete in direct sales.

Natural products are everywhere. To attract attention you need great products but also capital, marketing, branding, internet marketing experience, training ... the whole enchilada to go big in direct sales.

Let's start with the company ...

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter was started by a female entrepreneur Gregg Renfrew. She partnered with celebrity make up artist Christy Coleman to create chic, luxurious, yet affordable natural products with an economic opportunity for people to share not only great products but be part of the movement to help educate families on toxic chemicals to avoid in personal care products.

Beautycounter's mission

Our social mission is inseparable from our brand: We educate families about the need for safer chemicals and products, and work to bring about much needed change to the beauty industry—and to our lives.

At Beautycounter, every day is an opportunity to:

Educate families about toxic chemicals
Create safe and effective products
Provide an economic opportunity through social selling

Beautycounter stands for Truth. Transparency. No Secrets

Did you know there are more than 10,000 chemicals in skin care, beauty, and personal care products? Products with lead, parabens, formaldehyde and phthalates, PEGS, that families, babies and kids use daily that are potentially harmful.

Of course, with every new company, the products, the buzz are all great, but so what? In the world of direct selling, new companies launch all the time. What is so special about Beautycounter? What's in it for you?

As I said early in my post, it's not enough to have great products. You need experience, leadership, the right kind of marketing/branding that wows people, and capital to make it big in this business. And you need a team of consultants that are passionate about the company's mission and the vision.

I totally get what Beautycounter is all about. I love how each Consultant can donate $10 of their $85 start up fee to one of three non profits Beautycounter supports: EWG, Safe Cosmetics Campaign, and Healthy Child. YOU get to make a difference to the entire community of like-minded people who care about educating others on the harmful effects of toxins in products.

It's a business I'm proud to use and share with others.

If you're curious and would like to join our Beautycounter movement and be with a top team ... I'd love to chat with you :)



P.S.  As a former #1 sponsor in my previous company and built one of the largest teams with the company by integrating social media/internet and traditional marketing, I can help you leverage the best of direct sales with internet marketing skills to grow your business online.

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