Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Do You Look for in a Direct Selling Home-Based Business?

It's not easy being the owners of a direct selling company especially if you're a brand new company. It takes capital, experience, and patience dealing with launching a new company but there's also no business quite like a direct selling business. Because it's multi-faceted, dealing not only with selling products, but also asking a sales force of independent consultants to recruit new people to the business.  This involves managing not only product inventory, all aspects of operating a business, but on top of that making sure you have the experience to train a team of sales consultants.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the pack? Here's what I look for in a direct selling home based business. I believe these along with outstanding products, savvy marketing, and plenty of capital can make or break a new, ground floor company.

First on my list is quality of product and service. I know there are so many places to buy products that are commonly offered by consultants in direct selling companies but here's where a direct sales company can differentiate itself from regular retailers: offer exceptional and I mean go beyond the standard customer service protocol to attract and retain customers. There's nothing like lousy service!

Field support and training for consultants which is so important if not one of the most important aspects of a direct selling business. The consultants are the first point of contact with a potential customer and future consultants.

It's not enough relying on the top sponsors to train their teams because the company needs to have ongoing training offering the latest tips, tools, trainers, online and regional meetings if you want to grow a company on a national level.

But more than the training itself is the support corporate offers to their consultants by staying connected with your consultants as much as possible with any news/updates. A weekly training brings consultants and corporate staff together as well as mass emails with announcements i.e. system glitches, out of stock inventory, and so forth.

One of the things that make a direct selling business attractive is not only great products with a home based business but the camaraderie and belonging one feels when she is associated with a company that offers that personal connection and embrace consultants like an extended family unit. If you've ever been to those company conventions, they're so much fun aren't they?! When you represent a company that puts you first you can't help but return the love. The same goes for the person that helped you get started with your business. Your team mentor can have a big impact on your success.

I believe that when you combine personal attention with outstanding support/training for your independent consultants along with great products, marketing, and plenty of capital ... who knows how big a company can grow. With these ingredients for success, the potential is unlimited.

How about you? What do you look for in a direct selling home-based business? Would love to hear your comment below.


Janette Stoll

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