Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Selling Skin Care Products from Home a Good Business Opportunity?

There's no doubt skin care products are everywhere - in your regular Target stores, health food stores, department stores ... skin care products are everywhere, aren't they? Competition is a good thing, it means there's a real need for the products, and for skin care companies, it's big business- in the billions a year!

Skin care is a highly consumable business and for sellers, this is a great income potential. When people love their products they become loyal and will stick to products that work for them. This creates a consistent stream of residual income for you.

And if you're skeptical on whether you can make money selling skin care, I can understand. If you're thinking: with all the competition how would an independent seller compete with big stores? The answer is yes you can succeed even with the big stores. I'm living proof with my business - growing one of the largest teams in the company and consistently ranked #1 each month for team building. How am I able to do this?

Setting proper expectations is a start. You don't have to compete with big retailers and you don't need to sell to everyone to succeed. Even in a sea of big skin care retailers, you can have a thriving business as an independent skin care seller, by focusing on a product niche and offering something special that retailers can't.

The problem isn't lack of customers. If people have the right tools, proper training, combine with quality products, anyone can succeed with dedication and consistent efforts.

First, skin care is a broad market. Before you start thinking about dominating the skin care market, focus on a niche area will give you the best chance of success. There's low-end, medium range, high-end, cosmetically-based, organic, natural, vegan, botanically-based, anti-aging acne, and so forth.

Not all products work for the same person. Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all. And this is where you, as an independent seller has the advantage over big retailers, because you're more than a product seller. What you can offer your customers is personalized consultation that they can't get anywhere else.

You can offer your customers samples before they buy, give them one-on-one advice, and delivering exceptional service. All things being equaled, people buy from people that make them feel good. Think Zappos and their motto "delivering happiness". You can apply a similar motto to your business.

As for starting a skin care business from home which I've written a few articles on. You can either learn how to make products and sell them i.e. sell at craft fairs, farmer's market, Etsy, or other independent online stores. Or, buy a franchise which costs in the thousands, not to mention a big financial commitment that most people can't afford, or willing to take the big risk. You can also become an affiliate marketer but this typically requires you already have a blog or website in place.

And, if none of these options fit what you're looking for - have you considered partnering with a direct selling company? The direct selling industry offers wonderful skin care products that you can sell from home. Decide what you're already using, what type of products you love i.e. if you're passionate about natural or organic products, start with companies that offer these types of products.

When you partner with a direct selling company, you don't need any special license to start selling skin care. You don't need to read books or memorize different ingredients or which products work with which skin type. You don't need to learn how to make skin care products or invest in thousands of dollars to get started. The business infrastructure is already set up when you partner with a direct selling company.

Starting your dream business selling skin care from home is a lot easier and affordable than most people think.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Based Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Are you a stay at home mom? I've been a stay at home mom since my kids were babies and now that they're in regular school, I have the morning hours to do something that's very special to me: building my home based business entirely from the internet. What's so special about building a home based business?

For millions of stay at home moms, a home based business makes sense in many ways: adding an extra income to the family, time flexibility "work/family balance", personal accomplishments, empowerment, staying connected with other business owners, sharpening one's skills, friendships, and many other reasons why a home based business is attractive to many stay at home moms.

For me, having a home based business is empowering especially for women who once had a successful career. Often times, it's not about the extra $200, or $500, but providing the sense of personal accomplishment that's not related to being a mom as well as taking ownership of something significant to you.

For some moms, they started a home based business from a hobby such as making jewelry and selling them on Etsy or Ebay. Daycare is another popular option that a few of my friends started because they were already home with their kids. I also know people who do bookkeeping for friends and small businesses, clean homes, babysit, tutor, teach piano lessons, gardening, etc.

If you're stuck with a home based business idea, starting with what you're already good at, or consider what you did in your former career will generate some business ideas.

Some challenges for work at home moms with young children can be making the time to work consistently. It can be challenging especially if you have babies, toddlers, or preschool age children that aren't in regular school which means you'll have to be creative, find anytime you have, and be flexible. Even with my kids who are older, sometimes you have to take the unexpected call, or go to an unplanned meeting because you have a hot customer waiting.

As a mom, making sure I'm available for my kids whenever they need me is my #1 priority. If they're sick, I don't have to worry about taking a day off from work or feeling guilty sending them to school knowing they should be resting at home. If their school needs a volunteer for a field trip, I can be there. These are the real perks for me as a stay at mom and having a thriving home based business that I can easily build online is truly icing on the cake.

Don't get me wrong, it takes commitment to build a successful home based business, and it's not always as rosy as some people make it out to be. But the benefits far outweighs the challenges!

How about you? Are you a stay at home working mom? What do you love about being a work at home mom?


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader

P.S.  Do you love natural personal care and essential oils products? Are you looking for a home based business that you can easily build from home using the internet with just a few hours a week? Email me if you'd like to hear more about my home based business and how I've been able to leverage the internet to become #1 Recruiter: June, July & August for my company.