Friday, July 20, 2012

New Incentives to Help You Explode Your Verefina Business!

I've been waiting all week to hear the new announcements from Verefina and holy moly, talk about going all out! If you've been lurking and on the fence about starting your own natural direct selling business - now is really the best time to seriously consider Verefina.

I've sponsored dozens of consultants with hardly any incentives and did it fairly easily. I can only imagine how much easier these new perks: new websites, free products and cash incentives, will do for new consultants joining Verefina today.

What is Verefina? Verefina is a ground floor direct selling beauty and wellness company that launched in 2012. We are fast growing with consultants in 23 states and counting.

Verefina offers truly wholesome and natural anti-aging skin care, personal care, and wellness products such as essential oils for the entire family.

Verefina is positioned to grow in the booming natural market ($11 billion sales 2011) AND the anti-aging beauty market.

If you love natural products and recognize the highly consumable market with anti-aging skin care products … now is truly the best time to start your own business with Verefina with no competition!

Quick Start Program

Up to $200 in free products and cash!

NEW Products available July 25th

*Facial Mist (used as a toner, set make up, or to freshen up)
*After Sun (for those summer burns)
*Extensive line of 10 most popular essential oils
*Diffuser for essential oils
*Pina Colada body lotion, Poppy Seeds Sugar Scrub, and new Scents

NEW Catalogs mid-August
NEW Websites

*Basic version - free

* Shopping-enabled version is FREE for 6-months with Premium Kit. And only $19.95 / quarter. Or $49.95 / year.

Incentive Trip

5-day Caribbean Cruise and $1000 cash! Starts July 1st to June 30, 2013. July is DOUBLE POINTS – Best time to start your Verefina business is now.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for - email me. I'd love to chat with you!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426
Click here -> JOIN VEREFINA

P.S. Partner with my #1 team (top recruiter for Verefina) and learn how I sponsored dozens of new consultants in less than 5 weeks. I can teach you to achieve the same results.


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