Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Ways to Advertise Your Direct Selling Skin Care, Bath & Body Products

There are many ways to advertise and promote your direct selling business - some are more effective than others - and the key is to incorporate a multi-channel approach so you can reach more people in different platforms. Some people might find your products online while others through direct contact. And with skin care, bath, and personal care products, these products can be shared easily online and offline by allowing your potential customers to sample products before they buy. This is your #1 tool in attracting new customers!

#1 Product reviews 

There are a lot of mommy bloggers that write product reviews. Look for sites that have good rankings on search engines and levels of activity/engagement on site. Is the blogger actively promoting product reviews on social media? With their email lists? And don't hesitate to ask because you'll need to send the blogger products for reviews and a product to give away. Product reviews can definitely bring brand recognition and potential new business.

#2 Vendor boutiques/craft fairs

I personally prefer smaller venues especially for direct selling businesses because of the fees involved as a vendor. It's more affordable compared to big expos. Look for venues that are pro-active with marketing. Is the event being advertised locally? Online and so forth. Use these venues not only to build a leads list, brand recognition, but to network with other vendors!

#3 Meet-ups

Join Meet-up groups that interest you and offer to sponsor a monthly giveaway. There are a lot of direct sales, party plan groups that you can network and meet new people.

#4 Catalogs 

Do swap catalog orders with another consultant. Your catalog is a great tool so share them everywhere you go with people that express an interest. Always have them in your car, purse, and take them with you when you travel this summer. Never leave home without them!

Above everything else, always provide exceptional personal service! This is especially important as a small direct selling consultant. Give your customers a reason to buy from you instead of buying from a regular store. Be prompt, offer samples for people to try, throw in something special, write a thank you note after each order. Everyone loves to be pampered and feel appreciated so always look for ways to show your appreciation.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426



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