Friday, May 18, 2012

Product Reviews: Celadon Road Green Products

As long as I've had this blog, I've never done a product review for a direct sales company. This isn't what this blog is about but I love natural/green products and it seems fitting to do my first review on Celadon Road.

When Chanelle Brennan, Director at Celadon Road, asked if I would like to review some products for her. I was upfront and said I've never done it before but I would be happy to try the products and give my readers an honest feedback. 

Here's some background info on the company:

Celadon Road is dedicated to promoting greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering our customers the highest quality natural, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs.  In following our mission, we inspire individuals to discover and explore their shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. We strongly believe if we all make small changes toward a greener lifestyle, collectively we can have a profound impact on our world. 

The three products I received from Chanelle were: 

#1 Lavender Eucalyptus All Purpose Cleaner

I was especially excited to use this all purpose cleaner because Lavender and Eucalyptus are some of my favorite scents. I'm a sucker for all things that smell like lavender! I've been using 7th Generation for years so I was excited to see how this compares to 7th. 

The price point is competitively priced ($6 for a 24 oz bottle) considering it's all natural, organic ingredients. If there's one area in your home I would recommend using all natural products is your kitchen. It's where you do the cooking and if you have kids like I do- I cringe at the thought of spraying my counter tops where I make snacks and food for my family with toxic chemicals.

I really liked this cleaner- the scent is subtle and refreshing and it's not bad on the tough stains I had on my stove. I would say it's comparable with 7th Generation so it definitely has 2 thumbs up from me!

#2 Fruit and Vegetable Wash

I must be honest and say I've never pre-washed my fruit and vegetables so I don't have anything to compare Celadon's product with other than that I've been pre-washing my fruit with this and rinsing it with tap water. When you spray this on your fruit, it feels slimy at first, but rinses off nicely. I'm a fan of buying organic fruits especially apples, strawberries , and other fruits that are heavily sprayed with pesticides. If you're not one to buy organic fruits, I think pre-washing your fruit and vegetables would be a safe bet against exposure to pesticides. It's $9 for a 16 oz bottle which I think will lasts for a while. 

#3 Stain Remover

Another handy product to have around is this 24 oz. stain remover, another good product at $6. I purposely tested this with a small sample of spilled Gatorade and it did a really good job of removing the stains. I'd be curious to know how it works on old stains- anyone?

Overall, I give thumbs up for all three products! I love natural, safe products- it's good for people and for our environment. At these prices, definitely visit Chanelle's website and give it a try.

The only thing I would say about the website is that it was a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of great looking green products to try but sifting through them will take a while. Some people love variety and some like me who like a few, staple options. Fortunately, that's where Chanelle's personal services comes in, so give her a shout out!

How to reach Chanelle Brennan - Celadon Road Director:

Would love to hear your personal testimony if you've used these products yourself. Share your comments with us!



**Disclosure**  I received these products complimentary from Chanelle Brennan. This is an unbiased review based on my personal opinion from using the products. I was not compensated in any way in reviewing these products other than the products given to me.

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