Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can You Make Money Selling Natural Products With a Direct Selling Company?

Are you looking for natural, non-toxic products to sell from home? With the popularity of all natural products it's no surprise I'm seeing more keyword searches on Google for natural products.

As people become more health conscious and seeking chemical-free products, this is a great opportunity for you to sell natural products from home. With easy access to the internet and popularity of social media, starting a home-based business has never been more affordable or easier.

If you love natural products and looking for a business in this area to work from home, here are some things to consider before you get started.

Why consider partnering with a direct selling business?

The direct selling business has been around for decades with established and respected companies such as Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics. These companies are true pioneers for the younger direct sales companies.

As with any type of business, whether or not you can make money selling natural products or any product is up to you. You need to know if you're willing to talk about your products; will you network so you can meet more people? You'll need to meet with people that want to see the products or hear more about your business.

The problem that many people get themselves into and I've done this in the past is thinking that loving the products is all there is to be successful.

There are a lot of things I love including clothes, jewelry, home decor but I know to sell these products I would have to hold "parties" in order to have any kind of success. Knowing that I don't enjoy hosting parties or asking people to host parties, it doesn't matter that I love these products, because the party plan format is not a good fit for me.

It's critical to know what you're willing to do to grow your business otherwise you'll be choosing the wrong business for you.

If you love natural products and want to start selling them, make sure you love the products but find out what type of monthly requirements are expected from you.

Here's an example from a friend who signed up for a bath and body products company because she loves the products. Immediately she shared with everyone she knew and signed up a couple consultants. She loved the products so much she never looked at how she was going to get paid other than the retail profit. She hasn't earned a dime from her team members because she personally has to sell $500 a month.

That may not sound like a lot for a traditional retailer but as direct sales consultants that's at least 2+ parties a month before you'll earn from your team's efforts. And 2 parties a month is easy when you're brand new and friends are willing to help you out but you need to think in terms of months ... what happens after I've already asked my friends, and a friend's friend?

Ask yourself: 

Am I willing to hussle to get more parties booked?
Am I willing to supplement by doing online parties, hand out catalogs, do vendor boutiques, and do whatever it takes to hit those monthly requirements?

It's not something a lot of people think about because they're so caught up in the amazing products. I know because I've been there! But if you're serious about starting a business and making business income, not hobby money, than you need to plan long-term.

So you see, instead of asking if you can make money with a direct selling company, understand what you need to achieve each month, and decide if you're willing to put in the work.

Not all natural direct selling companies have high monthly volume so do your due diligence and choose a product line and company that's the best match for you!

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