Monday, April 23, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Direct Sales News: Chartreuse Organic Products Closing April 2012

I just received an email from a Chartreuse Products friend that the company is closing after launching in 2007. I had an opportunity to sample their organic products and they are awesome! Based on some of the comments/updates on Facebook pages that the Chartreuse consultants were surprised and shocked by the announcement.

Having friends that were part of other direct sales companies that closed down- I definitely feel for them! But the good news is that people rebound quickly and there are a lot of wonderful direct sales business opportunities to choose from whenever these consultants are ready to explore a new venture.

This also reminds me that as wonderful as a company is you'll never know when it's going to fold, not even the top consultants of the company knew what was happening behind closed doors. I'm also reminded that it's always good to have multiple streams of income and not rely on any one particular company.

Best wishes to the Chartreuse Products consultants. I know you'll find a new home when you're ready!