Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Verefina? So Many Reasons to Fall in Love this Season!

Fall in love with Verefina this Holiday Season!

Even though it doesn't feel like fall (yet) in southern CA, I'm already in the fall mood as it's one of my favorite times: harvest, pumpkin lattes, apple ciders, baking, and the kids are back in school. There is finally some normalcy to my work at home "office hours" and my home-based business with Verefina is one of my favorite things to share with others. Why?

Because as a mom, I'm conscientious when it comes to personal care products that I use on my kids, and as a stay-at-home-mom, I'm proud to share Verefina's flexible business that anyone can do from home. If you're entrepreneurial minded, love natural personal care products, and looking to earn an additional income working alongside your family's schedule, Verefina could be for you.

If this resonates with you, here are all the reasons why this fall season is a perfect time to fall in love with what Verefina has to offer you.

#1 The natural personal care and skin care market is blooming ($11 billion 2011 sales) and growing!

#2 Verefina offers concentrated, high quality natural personal care and essential oils products at real prices for real families.

#3 Verefina is steadily growing nationwide and the interest continues on a daily basis. As a #1 company sponsor every month since I've joined Verefina is a testament to people's desire for natural products and an opportunity to partner with a company that makes a difference in people's health.

#4 Verefina is at the ground floor with less than 200 consultants nationwide and in many states still wide open. I have successfully welcomed new team members in many states from networking online and using my Direct Sales Natural Product blog to attract leads. When you partner with my team, I will give you my blueprint for sponsoring and business success.

#5 Verefina is a company that puts the consultants' success and customer satisfaction first! There are so many incentives to reward our valuable customers and Verefina Consultants for growing their businesses.

Here's a *special* promotion right now for Customers and Consultants. This is just one example Verefina
strives on a monthly basis to offer incentives for consultants and customers.

Exclusive Harvest Promotion
We are excited to announce the Verefina Harvest Promotion!  From October 15 through November 19, all orders over $75* will receive a free “Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub.”  Hosts also reap the bounty of the harvest promotion by getting a free “Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub” (in addition to all their other host benefits) when their party total reaches at least $300.*   
“Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub” is an exclusive product that is only available through this promotion.  Your free gift will automatically be included with your shipment. 

If you're looking for a company that offers wholesome and truly natural products at affordable price points, a company that puts the consultant's success first, and a company that offers a 60-day no hassle product return for customers, and a flexible home-based business that can be easily marketed online ... I invite you to take a look at Verefina and consider partnering with my #1 team.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader

P.S. If you're interested in hosting a catalog party, email me campopfan@gmail.com and you'll get a thank you gift from me regardless of number of sales or orders. It's my way of saying "thanks" :) Here's your free gift (picture above). It's Verefina's limited Halloween addition so quantity is available until we sell out. Visit my website and let's schedule an easy catalog party today! Click here -> Verefina Products

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Selling Skin Care Products from Home a Good Business Opportunity?

There's no doubt skin care products are everywhere - in your regular Target stores, health food stores, department stores ... skin care products are everywhere, aren't they? Competition is a good thing, it means there's a real need for the products, and for skin care companies, it's big business- in the billions a year!

Skin care is a highly consumable business and for sellers, this is a great income potential. When people love their products they become loyal and will stick to products that work for them. This creates a consistent stream of residual income for you.

And if you're skeptical on whether you can make money selling skin care, I can understand. If you're thinking: with all the competition how would an independent seller compete with big stores? The answer is yes you can succeed even with the big stores. I'm living proof with my business - growing one of the largest teams in the company and consistently ranked #1 each month for team building. How am I able to do this?

Setting proper expectations is a start. You don't have to compete with big retailers and you don't need to sell to everyone to succeed. Even in a sea of big skin care retailers, you can have a thriving business as an independent skin care seller, by focusing on a product niche and offering something special that retailers can't.

The problem isn't lack of customers. If people have the right tools, proper training, combine with quality products, anyone can succeed with dedication and consistent efforts.

First, skin care is a broad market. Before you start thinking about dominating the skin care market, focus on a niche area will give you the best chance of success. There's low-end, medium range, high-end, cosmetically-based, organic, natural, vegan, botanically-based, anti-aging acne, and so forth.

Not all products work for the same person. Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all. And this is where you, as an independent seller has the advantage over big retailers, because you're more than a product seller. What you can offer your customers is personalized consultation that they can't get anywhere else.

You can offer your customers samples before they buy, give them one-on-one advice, and delivering exceptional service. All things being equaled, people buy from people that make them feel good. Think Zappos and their motto "delivering happiness". You can apply a similar motto to your business.

As for starting a skin care business from home which I've written a few articles on. You can either learn how to make products and sell them i.e. sell at craft fairs, farmer's market, Etsy, or other independent online stores. Or, buy a franchise which costs in the thousands, not to mention a big financial commitment that most people can't afford, or willing to take the big risk. You can also become an affiliate marketer but this typically requires you already have a blog or website in place.

And, if none of these options fit what you're looking for - have you considered partnering with a direct selling company? The direct selling industry offers wonderful skin care products that you can sell from home. Decide what you're already using, what type of products you love i.e. if you're passionate about natural or organic products, start with companies that offer these types of products.

When you partner with a direct selling company, you don't need any special license to start selling skin care. You don't need to read books or memorize different ingredients or which products work with which skin type. You don't need to learn how to make skin care products or invest in thousands of dollars to get started. The business infrastructure is already set up when you partner with a direct selling company.

Starting your dream business selling skin care from home is a lot easier and affordable than most people think.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader
#1 Sponsor for Verefina (August 2012)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Based Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Are you a stay at home mom? I've been a stay at home mom since my kids were babies and now that they're in regular school, I have the morning hours to do something that's very special to me: building my home based business entirely from the internet. What's so special about building a home based business?

For millions of stay at home moms, a home based business makes sense in many ways: adding an extra income to the family, time flexibility "work/family balance", personal accomplishments, empowerment, staying connected with other business owners, sharpening one's skills, friendships, and many other reasons why a home based business is attractive to many stay at home moms.

For me, having a home based business is empowering especially for women who once had a successful career. Often times, it's not about the extra $200, or $500, but providing the sense of personal accomplishment that's not related to being a mom as well as taking ownership of something significant to you.

For some moms, they started a home based business from a hobby such as making jewelry and selling them on Etsy or Ebay. Daycare is another popular option that a few of my friends started because they were already home with their kids. I also know people who do bookkeeping for friends and small businesses, clean homes, babysit, tutor, teach piano lessons, gardening, etc.

If you're stuck with a home based business idea, starting with what you're already good at, or consider what you did in your former career will generate some business ideas.

Some challenges for work at home moms with young children can be making the time to work consistently. It can be challenging especially if you have babies, toddlers, or preschool age children that aren't in regular school which means you'll have to be creative, find anytime you have, and be flexible. Even with my kids who are older, sometimes you have to take the unexpected call, or go to an unplanned meeting because you have a hot customer waiting.

As a mom, making sure I'm available for my kids whenever they need me is my #1 priority. If they're sick, I don't have to worry about taking a day off from work or feeling guilty sending them to school knowing they should be resting at home. If their school needs a volunteer for a field trip, I can be there. These are the real perks for me as a stay at mom and having a thriving home based business that I can easily build online is truly icing on the cake.

Don't get me wrong, it takes commitment to build a successful home based business, and it's not always as rosy as some people make it out to be. But the benefits far outweighs the challenges!

How about you? Are you a stay at home working mom? What do you love about being a work at home mom?


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader

P.S.  Do you love natural personal care and essential oils products? Are you looking for a home based business that you can easily build from home using the internet with just a few hours a week? Email me if you'd like to hear more about my home based business and how I've been able to leverage the internet to become #1 Recruiter: June, July & August for my company.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Start a Home-Based Natural Skin Care Business

Now that the kids are back in school and moms are ready to start something for themselves, this is the time when moms start looking into a side business that they can easily do from home. For many stay-at-home-moms Fall is the best time to consider starting a home based business. Why? Because with just a few hours a day, either while your kids are napping or your older children are in school, you have some time to work a part-time business.

With so many business ideas that you can start from home, why would you consider starting a home-based business selling natural skin care products?

Did you know that the natural products market produced $11 billion in sales (2011)? There is a huge demand for natural, toxic-free products. And if you love natural products, already buying natural personal care products, have you considered using products you love while earning an income? For stay-at-home-mom, this type of business could be a great fit because ...

The infrastructure is already in place for you. Think of it as a drop shipping business. For a low sign up fee ranging from $79 to an average of $99 to join, you'll get instant access to free training on how to market your business, a website that you can begin selling right away, catalogs if you choose to share them in your local area, and typically hundreds of dollars of personal care products that go along with the small investment.

Unlike an independent seller who makes her own products, you don't have to make products yourself which means no upfront cost on having to buy raw ingredients. You don't need to spend money on getting labels for your products, packaging, setting up a website to sell products, business license, and so forth.

When you partner with a natural home based company, you can concentrate your valuable time on marketing your business, attracting customers that have an interest in natural products, and focus on earning money sooner rather than later.

It has never been easier and more affordable to start a home-based natural skin care business. The ease of reaching people on the internet and using social media to target your potential customers is truly easier than ever!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader

P.S.  If you love natural products and looking for a potentially lucrative home-based business that you can build from home using the internet - I'd love to chat with you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are You Earning Incentives from Your Direct Sales Home Based Business Opportunities?

When my company, Verefina, announced the July incentives for consultants I was all over it and couldn't wait to earn this large green Verefina tote bag and free products.

This is one of the perks of being a consultant for a direct sales home based business. Nearly every company offers monthly promotions to reward their consultants for working their businesses. It's a win-win for the company and for you because you would work the business anyway.

Growing your direct sales home based business and earning rewards should be a goal of yours whenever your company offers incentives. And if you're a team leader in your company, it also sets the tone for the rest of your team to follow.

You can't be a leader until you start leading your own business by achieving your company's rewards. It is one of the best ways because everyone in the company knows who's earning what, including your team. This not only adds extra income or free products to your business but it's a big confidence booster!

So, in addition to the green bag, I opted for the essential oils basic kit. These are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The Verefina basic essential oils kit include: tea tree, lemon, peppermint, lavender and fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil. I highly recommend using a carrier oil and dilute whatever essential oil you're using because the oils are potent and less is more.

Here's a close up shot of the basic essential oils kit:

With so many other products I could have chosen for free, I chose the oils because their multi-use fascinate me. I'm so excited to learn about how to use these awesome oils so I can share them with others in my natural products business.

There's so much to learn and experiment when it comes to essential oils which I will share more in my brand new blog (coming next week).


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Leader

P.S.  By the way, if you're a consultant with a direct sales/party plan company, always take advantage and push your business to the next level, and earn your company's incentives. This not only earn free goodies for you but more importantly, it's a huge confidence booster knowing that you set a goal and achieved it! Not to mention it's fun and rewarding to get recognized and earn freebies too :).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting a Bath Body Spa Pampering Direct Sales Business

With kids heading back to school and some already back in session, this is the time moms might look into a part-time job, or start a home based business from home. Do you love the idea of working from home that can easily fit into your busy schedule? Do you love bath body spa pampering type of products? If this sounds like you, starting a home based business sharing your passion for bath and body spa pampering products might be an ideal business for you.

For moms that are already home with their kids, starting a home based business, particularly with a direct sales company can be an attractive option for many reasons.

For me, I was already at home so why not use my former corporate background in HR/recruitment management and research a business that can fit easily into my family schedule? And having done a thorough research on the costs of starting a traditional business, the costs are enormous, not to mention time away from my family.

Why would you consider a bath body spa direct sales business as opposed to starting one on your own? You can start a direct sales business instantly and get a website, free training, catalogs, tools, and so much more with a direct sales company.

The infrastructure is already done for you. There's no need to make products, source raw ingredients, manage inventory, accounting, and those are just some of the cost factors of going on your own as an independent seller.

That said, if you're crafty and love making products, there are plenty of books and classes you can take and learn how to make bath and spa products and sell them on Etsy, farmer's market, and so forth.

But for moms that are looking to start a business right away with a click of a sign up button, partnering with a direct sales company is a great option. Low investment which typically comes with hundreds of dollars worth of products. Essentially, you're getting a "business in a box" and ready to get started.

There are several bath body spa pampering companies to choose from. Here are my recommendations if you want my fast track to success tips:

#1 Choose a company with products that you're going to buy as a customer first. Some people buy their company products because they're consultants. But if there's no business opportunity attached to it, would you still be a customer? If the answer is yes than that's a good sign that the products will attract potential customers too.

#2 Go beyond the products and evaluate the opportunity as a business. Unfortunately, too many people sign up to be consultants without seriously considering what the requirements are in order to succeed. If you love the products, find out what the requirements are, such as:

*stay active in order to earn the immediate retail profit which can be anywhere from 20% to 30% and up.

*monthly personal sales requirements in order to earn from your team building efforts. There's always a monthly requirement. It can be anywhere from $50 and as high as $1000.

The higher personal sales volumes are more common with party plans such as jewelry, home decor, clothes, purses. However, there are a few bath and body spa direct sales that are structured more like a party plan with higher minimums as you move up the ranks.

*monthly fee for consultant website. This is a must-have tool if you're building a business as this allows your customers to buy products directly from your website and for signing up new consultants to your team.

*do you earn your retail profit immediately, weekly, monthly?

*do you get your consultant discount right away? Some companies make consultants pay the full retail price and the company reimburses the consultant the retail profit the following week or even the following month. If I'm a consultant, I want my 20% or 30% discount immediately. That's one of the perks of being a consultant in the first place!

*are there fast start incentives to help new consultants earn cash and/or free products sooner than later? The faster a new consultant sees an income and get rewarded for working her business, the more likely she'll stick around.

These are just some tips to get you thinking and evaluate the total package before you start a bath body spa pampering business with a direct sales company. Keep in mind most of the spa pampering products are designed more like a party plan. If you enjoy doing spa parties, foot pampering, hand pampering, and similar spa-related activities- this type of business could be a great fit for you.

However, if you don't enjoy doing spa parties either at your house or asking someone else to host spa parties, this might not be a good fit for you. If you're seriously thinking about starting a business instead of a hobby, spend some time considering what you really want to do, and then find the bath and spa products that you love that compliments your working style.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader

P.S.  If you love natural pampering products and don't want to constantly do parties, find out if Verefina is for you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Verefina Product Review: Does Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Deliver?

"If you’ve been following the latest skin care news you’ll have noticed there’s a new wonder ingredient on the market – hyaluronic acid. Used previously as an injectable treatment for lines and wrinkles in the form of dermal fillers like Restylane, hyaluronic acid is now available for topical application in a range of gels, serums and moisturisers". (Source: Yellow How To)
For the rest of the article, be sure to read it at Yellow How To by clicking on the link above.

So, does hyaluronic acid skincare really hot or hype? What makes hyaluronic acid so effective in skincare products? Here's what our Founder, Jennifer Lugo of Verefina, has to say:

HA is naturally occurring in every cell of the body but with age, the ability of the skin to produce HA decreases. It is an extremely powerful moisturizer. It absorbs water and traps it between cells to plump the skin. It holds 1000 x weight in water! HA stimulates production of skin cells (rapid healing). It gives elasticity to skin, fills out wrinkles, encourages cell growth, and water retention (the good kind that results in younger looking skin!)

This sounds great in theory but I wasn't convinced and had to try the products for myself. So, when Verefina released its newest product: Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist packed with hyaluronic acid, I had to try it for myself. 

Here's my personal experience after about 2 weeks of using the Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist morning and night.

Verefina Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist

The Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist comes in a 4 oz spray bottle. It's a generous size and after 2 weeks, I've hardly made a dent on the bottle.

In the morning after my facial wash, I spray it all over my face liberally and press the mist into my skin. While damped, I apply anti-aging facial moisturizer to lock in the moisture. And at night, after washing my face I use cotton swabs to wipe down any traces of make up, and use it more like a toner. I also use this mist to set my mineral make up and voila, my face has this dewy, glowing look. For some women who prefer a matte look, this might not be for you, but I like a bit of a glow on my cheeks.

For one bottle, it delivers three different ways how you can use this Rosewater Mist. More bang for your buck and it's simple. If you're like me and prefer simplicity as I'm not a fan of 5-7 multiple facial care steps, you'll love this 3 in 1 product.

What else about this hyaluronic acid that some experts are raving about?

When HA is applied to the skin, it can form an air permeable thin layer and keep the skin smooth and moist, and protect the skin from bacteria, dust, and ultraviolet rays. Penetrating into the dermis, it will slightly enlarge blood capillaries, speed circulation of blood, improve metabolism and nourishment absorbing ability of skin, thus eliminating wrinkles, increasing skin's elasticity and delaying its aging. Wow!

How about you? Have you heard of hyaluronic acid in skincare? Have you tried skincare or personal care products with HA in them? I'd love to hear your personal testimonials so please share by commenting below.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Click here-> Browse Verefina Products

P.S. Do you love natural products and have always dreamed of selling natural products using the internet from the comfort of your home? Email me and let's chat! I've successfully helped dozens of people start their dream natural business from home and you can too!

Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Start a Successful Natural Skincare Business from Home

Love Natural Products?

When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of direct selling companies to choose from - party plan and network marketing opportunities. There is a big difference between the two even though they both fall under the direct sales industry. If you love natural skincare products, and have been researching a company to join, keep in mind what it takes to start a successful business from home.

Here are 3 things to consider that could mean success or failure: how to choose the products, company, and the right mentor (sponsor) to ensure your success.

#1 The products

There is no doubt you must absolutely be your #1 customer. It is impossible to succeed long term if you don't love and believe in the products you're selling. If you don't believe your products add value or make a difference in your customer's life, you'll have a hard time selling. Instead of focusing on product features share your personal stories on the benefits and how the products have made a difference in your life.

Features tell and benefits sell.

#2 The company

This can be tricky because choosing the right company for you depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a well established company, you might opt for a seasoned company.

The drawback is that you're most likely competing with thousands of consultants selling the same products. Or some of the products your customers can buy on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

The upside is that a seasoned company has the training and tools in place and generally doesn't have the growing pains common with a brand new company.

However, if you're looking to partner at the very beginning of a company and willing to grow, make suggestions, and be a part of a culture from the beginning and help build it up, a new direct sales company might be a better fit for you.

The drawback is uncertainty, not as many products, and more growing pains as the company is getting off the ground. The upside is the benefit of being one of the "early adopters" of the company and reap the benefits in terms of income and status which is generally earned from being an early consultant. This is seldom achieved with a company that has been around for years with thousands of consultants.

Ask yourself what you're looking for such as income potential, how many hours are you willing to invest in building your business, what you can and can't handle if you partner with a ground floor company, and so forth.

#3 The mentor

Choosing the right mentor, upline or sponsor, as it's called in direct sales has to be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

Partnering with a sponsor that is moving up the ranks in the company gives you a better chance at direct sales success. Because her success, enthusiasm for the business, experience trickles to everyone on the team and this will inspire you to be more successful.

Once you find the products you love, to join a ground floor company or an established company, and connecting with a mentor that has the skills and experience to help you market your business ... then the next step is to make a decision and get started.

Making a decision sounds simple but it can be one of the hardest for some people. The fears creep up on you: I know so and so who tried direct sales and it didn't work out for her, I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this, I don't know anyone else besides my friends and family, and a host of other fear factors that can stop you from getting started. These are common reactions and just part of our physiology whenever we're encountered with something new.

The best thing about starting a natural skincare business with a direct selling company is that the fee is nearly risk-free. You can easily start your dream business from anywhere between $59-$99 for a basic start up kit which comes with hundreds of products, catalogs, training, etc.

You are not required to buy additional products and do not let anyone talk you into buying excessive inventory. Most companies offer a consultant website so use your website to promote your business, use the catalogs to share the products, and then take orders.

I hope these tips help you on how to start a successful natural business from home. Fall is a great time to look into a home based business when the kids are heading back to school. This typically means moms have more time to consider a home based business while their kids are in school.


Janette Stoll
#1 Direct to company Team Leader
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PS  If you love natural products and want to join at the ground floor and be one of the 1st Consultants in your area, Verefina might be the perfect fit for you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Direct Sales Party Plan Business Good for Moms?

August is officially back-to-school preparation for kids and moms in many parts of the country. What this means for direct sales and party plan companies is that moms will be looking for a home based business to join when their kids are back in school. Fall is traditionally one of the best, if not the best time, to rev up your sponsoring efforts. If you're a mom looking for a direct sales party plan business to start, here are key things to look for:

Why direct sales/ party plan?

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the direct sales industry is made up mostly of women (88%+). The home based business model is ideal for moms for many reasons. The top reason is the desire to be home full time with their children. And to earn an additional income from working part-time or even earn a full-time income, depending on your level of commitment.

There are countless success stories of women that started a direct sales party plan business to earn $100 or $200 initially and from there it grew into a six-figure income or more. It really depends on you and what you're willing to put into the business.

Direct sales, party plan, or network marketing?

What's the difference? Although party plan and network marketing is under the direct sales umbrella, there are differences which could mean success or failure for you.

In a nutshell, network marketing is based on creating a network of consultants. It's generally heavy on sponsoring other people to join your business hence the word network. Most network marketing companies like Arbonne, Rodan and Fields, Nerium, Votre Vu, doTERRA, have a low entry fee known as their preferred customer option.

Arbonne has a $29 to be a preferred customer which means you can shop products at a discounted price. This makes it easy for people to start buying products at a discount because network marketing products are expensive compared to regular retail stores.

Once you're a preferred customer, you might be more open to consider the business opportunity. To become a business builder which is a term commonly used in network marketing, you will need to upgrade in order to build a business. Votre Vu offers this option as well as most companies. The upgrade option or "success pack" can range from $199 up to $1200. Expect to spend on average $300-$500.

If you join a network marketing company, you will need to be a great recruiter if you want to build a long-term residual income business.

Network marketing generally has a low personal monthly sales volume in order to earn a commission from your team. With Arbonne it was $100 and it may have changed but this is the norm. This low monthly personal sales volume makes it easier to build the business online without doing parties.

Party plan is more common with non-consumable products such as jewelry companies: Stella and Dot, Origami Owl Living Lockets, Jewel Kade, Silpada, or handbags such as Thirty-One Gifts, Miche Bags, as well as clothes, jeans, home decor, and so forth.

A party plan is the opposite end of the spectrum of network marketing. The business model is heavy on doing parties, hence the word party with party plans. Some companies like Stella and Dot changed it up to trunk shows to make it edgier but it's the same concept: you're doing parties in order to sell jewelry. Party plans depend on retailing products through home parties, catalog orders, or selling through small vendor boutiques/craft fairs.

If you join a party plan company, you will need to do parties by asking people to host parties or host parties yourself and invite people to your party.

Either way, you cannot earn the big income in a party plan unless you do parties. That is the heart of a party plan format. The monthly personal sales volumes are typically high with a party plan - anywhere from $300 to $500 personal sales requirements if you want to earn a commission from your team. It's not easy to sell this much jewelry or other non consumable products unless you do parties.

Every company has a monthly personal sales requirements in order to collect commission from your team so it's important to ask. It's not the same as being active so make sure you're clear on this.

Finally, there's direct sales, which is the umbrella that party plan and network marketing falls under.

Direct sales is a hybrid of the two: it's a balance between party plan and network marketing. Combining retailing products to earn an immediate retail profit and sponsoring for long term residual income. Verefina, the company I've partnered with is a perfect example of direct sales, with aspects of a party plan and network marketing.

However, Verefina doesn't have a high monthly personal sales volume which makes sharing products online doable without having to do parties. And it doesn't have the aggressive front-end recruiting common with a lot of network marketing companies. It's ideal for people that are looking for a business format somewhere in between.

If you're looking for a direct sales, party plan, or network marketing company to partner with this fall as your kids head back to school, I hope this was helpful with your evaluation.

It's important to choose the right business format for you but equally important is to find products that you would buy even if you weren't doing the business. Would you pay for those products as a customer first? 

Without a genuine passion for the products and company, it's very hard to succeed long term.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
What's Verefina?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Verefina Launch New Products: Pure, Certified Essential Oils and More!

It's finally here! The new Verefina consultant website is generating buzz and excitement with my customers and potential Verefina consultants. I just ordered some new products and cannot wait for my shipment. Here are some of Verefina's new products available for purchase on my consultant website including certified, 100% pure essential oils.

Here are 4 of my favorite essential oils and must-haves in every household. There are so many uses for these aromatic and beneficial uses around the house *to make housecleaning products, treat acne, sooth headaches, aches, and pains, etc. I love essential oils and use them almost daily.

*these statements are based on my personal use.


Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

Steam distilled from the lavender flower, this essential oil is known for its calming 
and relaxing properties. Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils as it 
offers many benefits for a wide variety of ailments and issues.* For topical, aromatic, 
or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary).


Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is one of the most widely used essential oils. Historically,
 the leaves of the melaleuca tree were used to assist in healing cuts and skin infections. 
Tea tree’s strong immune building properties make it a must for your essential oil cabinet.
* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary).


Lemon (Citrus limon)

Lemon has a myriad of uses, among them energizing and raising your mood. This oil 
may also be beneficial in cleansing skin and relieving sore throats.* Also excellent in 
removing gum and grease spots. Avoid direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use. 
For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary).


Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint has long been used to invigorate the mind and body, to help with 
digestive problems, and as a headache remedy.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. 
(Dilute for children or those with sensitive skin).


Fractionated Coconut Oil

Verefina’s Fractionated Coconut Oil makes the perfect companion to Verefina Essential 
Oils. This light, non-greasy, and non-staining oil helps carry Verefina Essential Oils under 
the skin. It is made from only natural ingredients (pure fractionated coconut oil), is 
colorless, odorless, and has an indefinite shelf life. This is a staple for your Verefina 
Essential Oil cabinet.  

To shop for more Verefina truly pure and wholesome skin care, personal care, and 
wellness products and see our complete line of pure, certified essential oils - 
click here to SHOP VEREFINA and have high quality products delivered right 
to your doorsteps. Shipping is only $4.95 (up to $100).

Happy browsing and shopping.

Janette Stoll
Direct to company Top Team Leader

P.S. To celebrate my new website - visit my Facebook Page, leave me a comment 
of your favorite product, and hit Like. I will draw a winner this Sunday, July 29th! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Incentives to Help You Explode Your Verefina Business!

I've been waiting all week to hear the new announcements from Verefina and holy moly, talk about going all out! If you've been lurking and on the fence about starting your own natural direct selling business - now is really the best time to seriously consider Verefina.

I've sponsored dozens of consultants with hardly any incentives and did it fairly easily. I can only imagine how much easier these new perks: new websites, free products and cash incentives, will do for new consultants joining Verefina today.

What is Verefina? Verefina is a ground floor direct selling beauty and wellness company that launched in 2012. We are fast growing with consultants in 23 states and counting.

Verefina offers truly wholesome and natural anti-aging skin care, personal care, and wellness products such as essential oils for the entire family.

Verefina is positioned to grow in the booming natural market ($11 billion sales 2011) AND the anti-aging beauty market.

If you love natural products and recognize the highly consumable market with anti-aging skin care products … now is truly the best time to start your own business with Verefina with no competition!

Quick Start Program

Up to $200 in free products and cash!

NEW Products available July 25th

*Facial Mist (used as a toner, set make up, or to freshen up)
*After Sun (for those summer burns)
*Extensive line of 10 most popular essential oils
*Diffuser for essential oils
*Pina Colada body lotion, Poppy Seeds Sugar Scrub, and new Scents

NEW Catalogs mid-August
NEW Websites

*Basic version - free

* Shopping-enabled version is FREE for 6-months with Premium Kit. And only $19.95 / quarter. Or $49.95 / year.

Incentive Trip

5-day Caribbean Cruise and $1000 cash! Starts July 1st to June 30, 2013. July is DOUBLE POINTS – Best time to start your Verefina business is now.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for - email me. I'd love to chat with you!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426
Click here -> JOIN VEREFINA

P.S. Partner with my #1 team (top recruiter for Verefina) and learn how I sponsored dozens of new consultants in less than 5 weeks. I can teach you to achieve the same results.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Start Your Own Natural Health and Beauty Business from Home

Did you know that beauty along with money and love are the top searches on the internet? Why? Because everyone ages, it's a fact of life, and people will spend money on the right beauty products to maintain their youthfulness. The anti-aging skin care beauty market is a $2+ billion dollars industry! Even more impressive is the huge growth with natural/organic beauty products.

Beauty products are highly consumable because women, men, kids use these products on a daily basis. If you love natural health and beauty products and want to own a piece of this natural market share ... you can with an exciting ground floor home based business with Verefina.

Verefina Top Seller: Buckthorn Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer

Verefina offers pure and natural skin care, personal care, and wellness products for the entire family. When you start a natural business with Verefina, you'll have everything you need for only $99, along with my proven success training program. 

Do you know what's in your skin care / personal care products?
Unlike other businesses such as jewelry, handbags, shoes, jeans, home decor ... these are products people don't need to use on a daily basis. This means you'll constantly need to hustle and find new customers. And let's be honest- most people unless they're consultants are not going to buy these products from you on a monthly basis, not often enough. There's only so much wall space for home decor. So much room for jewelry, handbags, jeans.

That's not to say people don't buy these products but they don't need to replenish every month. Compared to skin care and highly consumable products, people need to re-order on a monthly basis. As a business, this is smart because you have multiple opportunities to earn repeat business. Once you have a raving new customer you're more likely to see repeat business from the same customer over and over.

Why start your own natural business and work from home?

*You can be your own boss - create your own economy.
*A flexible business that can easily fit into your lifestyle.
*You can work while you're traveling, on the go with your kids or family, and with a mobile device or laptop you can truly work from anywhere.
*Natural products are easily shared simply from mailing out samples to anyone from anywhere.
*You don't need to load and unload products and do home parties, trunk shows, make up parties, spa pampering parties, unless it's something you want to do.
*Owning a natural business from home is truly flexible - allowing you to build it entirely online and other channels.

Whether you're working full-time or just retiring from work to be home with your kids, Verefina offers a truly flexible business to help you be successful.

If you've been dreaming of starting a natural business right from the comfort of your home - your dreams begins with a click here -> Become a Consultant

Join the movement and achieve natural health and wealth!

*Full training and unbelievable support.
*Quick start to success with my proven success training system.
*Grow quickly or slowly as you'd like - it's 100% up to you.
*Help educate others on the health benefits from using pure and natural products.

You're 5 minutes away from owning your dream business - it's that easy!

I'm reading to get started NOW. Click here to sign up -> Join Verefina


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

P.S. Need more info? Let's chat! 805-712-0840.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Verefina Consultant July Promotion: Let's Get Green!

Verefina July Promotion

Happy Thursday!  I just saw this July promo and wanted to share with you. We had a fun promo last month and a lot of Verefina consultants and customers scored lots of free products. I had a blast going on a shopping spree thanks to Verefina and the rewards I earned in June just for working my business! I can't tell you how excited I am to score this Verefina bag this month and have been hoping this promotion will return and it's baaaaaaaack :). Can I also just tell you how easy these promotions are to earn?
If you've been thinking about joining Verefina- NOW is the perfect time. If it's not for you and you know someone that loves natural products and want a real ground floor business with Verefina ... please send them my way and you'll get a thank you gift from me.
Promotion details ...
You Asked For It – A Chance to Earn a Verefina Bag!
Ever since our Get-in-Motion Promotion, consultants have been asking how they can get their hands on one of our Verefina Logo Bags.  Well, now’s your chance!  We are excited to announce that from July 6 through August 10, your sales and recruiting will help you earn your choice of a Verefina Logo Bag or $50 in product credit. 
Because summer is all about simple, we’ve kept it simple too.  For every $500 in commissionable sales submitted OR every 2 frontline recruits who sign up between July 6 and August 10, you will have your choice of a Verefina Bag or $50 in product credit.  (Submit over $500 in commissionable sales AND get 2 new frontline recruits during the promotion and get both the bag and $50 in product credit!) 
Our Verefina bag is our signature green color and has compartments to fit many Verefina products. Don’t pass up your chance to earn the bag and some free product to go inside!
Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426
Click here -> Join VEREFINA 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Ways to Advertise Your Direct Selling Skin Care, Bath & Body Products

There are many ways to advertise and promote your direct selling business - some are more effective than others - and the key is to incorporate a multi-channel approach so you can reach more people in different platforms. Some people might find your products online while others through direct contact. And with skin care, bath, and personal care products, these products can be shared easily online and offline by allowing your potential customers to sample products before they buy. This is your #1 tool in attracting new customers!

#1 Product reviews 

There are a lot of mommy bloggers that write product reviews. Look for sites that have good rankings on search engines and levels of activity/engagement on site. Is the blogger actively promoting product reviews on social media? With their email lists? And don't hesitate to ask because you'll need to send the blogger products for reviews and a product to give away. Product reviews can definitely bring brand recognition and potential new business.

#2 Vendor boutiques/craft fairs

I personally prefer smaller venues especially for direct selling businesses because of the fees involved as a vendor. It's more affordable compared to big expos. Look for venues that are pro-active with marketing. Is the event being advertised locally? Online and so forth. Use these venues not only to build a leads list, brand recognition, but to network with other vendors!

#3 Meet-ups

Join Meet-up groups that interest you and offer to sponsor a monthly giveaway. There are a lot of direct sales, party plan groups that you can network and meet new people.

#4 Catalogs 

Do swap catalog orders with another consultant. Your catalog is a great tool so share them everywhere you go with people that express an interest. Always have them in your car, purse, and take them with you when you travel this summer. Never leave home without them!

Above everything else, always provide exceptional personal service! This is especially important as a small direct selling consultant. Give your customers a reason to buy from you instead of buying from a regular store. Be prompt, offer samples for people to try, throw in something special, write a thank you note after each order. Everyone loves to be pampered and feel appreciated so always look for ways to show your appreciation.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Verefina: See & Sample our Natural Products Today!

Are you live near Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills, CA? Come out and say hi to our Verefina Team TODAY between 10-2 pm at the Sprouts location for the health fair show. Our Orange County team of Verefina Consultants will be there to share the health benefits of using natural products as well as many other health professionals. It will fun, lively, food, and you could win *free* prizes too.

So come on out and meet Verefina in person and hear more about this exciting new, ground floor direct sales business opportunity and see Verefina many natural products on display. We'll answer all your questions about the products, business opportunity, much more!


Sprouts store
Parking Lot area
Off 91 frwy on Weir Canyon/Yorba Linda Blvd.

See you there!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thinking About Choosing Natural, Non Toxic Products?

Every now and then I feel it's important to post articles on toxic chemicals commonly found in every day personal care products. There are so many alternative options today for all natural/organic products and not all of them are expensive either. If you're open to trying natural products, you might be surprised  by the high quality, as it could be even better than the products with toxic chemicals, that you're currently using.

With that, here are 3 must-read articles on avoiding toxic chemicals. I hope you find them enlightening.

Study: BPA, methylparaben block breast cancer drugs


This article was for Father's Day and educating men on toxic chemicals but it's applicable for everyone


Call to Ban Toxic Chemicals


Feel free to share and pass along to your friends.


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426
Verefina Business Opportunity

Monday, June 18, 2012

Direct Sales Natural Products Blog is Finally on Facebook!

After 3 years of blogging here and dozens of articles on natural products, and tidbits on the direct selling industry, I finally started a Facebook page for Direct Sales Natural Products. It's another opportunity to share valuable tips on healthy, natural products, as well as general business and online marketing tips to help my fellow pals in the direct sales grow their businesses.

I'd love to have your "like" so head on over there and like, if you really do like it :).

Thank you so much!!



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why Women Are Attracted to the Direct Selling Business

Just came across this article from the Direct Selling News on entrepreneurship and women. It's fantastic and the direct sales business is so ideal for women for many reasons! You can read the rest of the article by clicking the link below ... (source:  http://directsellingnews.com/index.php/view/entrepreneurship_is_the_new_womens_movement 

A recent article posted on Forbes online by Natalie MacNeil with the above headline asserts that a “quiet revolution is taking shape right now among women,” as they are leaving the workplace to go home—not as homemakers, but as entrepreneurs.

MacNeil writes, “… Women are saying ‘no thank you’ to spending years climbing and clawing their way up the corporate ladder, dealing with corporate politics, and working long days without feeling the overall fulfillment they crave.”

The ability to easily start one’s own business with a direct selling company fits hand-in-glove with MacNeil’s assertions about working women and what they are looking for in an opportunity. Low start-up costs, a fully developed marketing department standing ready to supply catalogs, websites and other materials, and often, generously-funded R&D departments to handle the research are all a part of the package that a woman (or man) activates when enrolling as a new independent business owner.

Enjoy the article!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Verefina Buckthorn Facial Cream: It's Like Nutrition for Your Face

Verefina Natural Sea Buckthorn Anti-aging Facial Cream
One of my favorite anti-aging, all natural facial moisturizers is Verefina Buckthorn Facial Cream. It's so good for your skin it's like nutritious food. What's in it? Water, aloe juice, sea buckthorn seed oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, calendula oil, pomegranate seed extract, and Omega 3, 6, 9. This is by far the best all-natural, anti aging skin care facial moisturizer I've ever used.

Does this product work for acne-prone, oily skin?

I have oily skin particularly in the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin). I also have mild and periodic hormonal break outs which tend to happen in these areas. I can tell you how stressful it is to find skin care products that actually work for you.

With so many skin care products on the market - how do you know what works for you? Sometimes the best ingredients don't always mean they'll work for your skin because each product is so personal based on the individual and other factors such as diet, lifestyle, etc. The best advice is to try samples first before you buy and see if it works for you.

I can only share my personal experience from using Verefina's anti aging facial cream and it works incredibly well on my skin. I use more on my cheeks and a little less on my oily t-zone. At first I thought it might not work for my oily skin because the cream is rich with anti-aging ingredients. With previous products, this has been a problem for my skin. I'm a true believer and love what Verefina facial moisturizer has done for restoring my skin to its youthful glow. I love it!

Product usage

Verefina facial cream glides on your face silky smooth. I use two pumps, rub them together with my forefingers, and apply them to my cheeks first in circular motions, then applied upward on my forehead and t-zone, and the rest on my neck. A little goes a long way!

Try before you buy

If you're looking for truly natural, anti-aging skin care products that deliver results, I highly recommend giving Verefina facial cream a try. Send me an email Janette at campopfan@gmail.com and request to try samples before you buy.


Janette Stoll
Direct-to-company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Monday, June 11, 2012

Verefina Review: Direct Selling Business Opportunity to Consider?

If you're reading this article chances are you have an interest in natural, non toxic personal care products. Or perhaps you're curious about Verefina, a ground floor all-natural personal care products company that launched 2012.

If this sounds like you, here's a thorough review on Verefina to consider:

Verefina Products Review

Creamy Lemon Coconut Facial Cleanser and Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer (left side)

Verefina offers many high quality products including: all natural deodorant, soaps, hand and body lotion, immunity oil, baby/kids products and the bestselling skin care set: Creamy Lemon Coconut Facial Cleanser and anti-aging Buckthorn Facial Moisturizer (featured above).

Verefina believes in the value of a TRULY safe and natural alternative to the abundance of toxic commercial products available. Jennifer Lugo, Founder of Verefina, is passionate about creating personal care products that are made from the very best of nature and none of the toxic ingredients. With Verefina's high quality and affordable products, it's easy to limit your exposure to toxins, helping you to achieve beauty, naturally.

You'll be confident to know that Verefina's products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances. And the ingredients are listed under each product in the catalog so you'll know exactly what goes on to your skin.

*Key benefits to customers: high quality, anti-aging all natural products that are affordable.

*Key benefits to consultants: highly consumable products that people use on a daily basis creating great potential for repeat orders and long-term residual income, especially since the price points are competitively priced to attract new customers.

Verefina Business Opportunity

As a consultant - you'll get product discounts and an opportunity to share the products and earn a retail profit. For those considering a home based business, being a consultant offers you an opportunity to sponsor other consultants like yourself and a earn percentage from your team's sales efforts.

However, with Verefina's flexible business plan, you're not required to sponsor and can choose to use your consultant status to buy products at a discount. There are no monthly sales requirements or auto-ship in order to maintain consultant status and enjoy the minimum 20% retail profit.

Other benefits include free products from sponsoring and selling that Verefina runs on a regular basis to encourage growth. It's an added incentive to earn rewards just for working your business.

Why Direct Selling Business?

In a recent announcement from the Direct Selling Association ...

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) today released the results of its Annual Growth & Outlook Survey, which shows U.S. direct sales totaled $29.87 billion in 2011, a 4.6 percent year-over-year increase from $28.56 billion in 2010. (source: MarketWatch)
With 15.6 million sales consultants in the US alone, this figure outpaces the gross domestic product (GDP). Direct sales industry has been known to be recession proof and highly consumable products such as skin care and personal care is one of the most recession-proof businesses to own.

A direct sales business is also flexible and easily fits into anyone's lifestyle. You have all the control when it comes to time flexibility and potential to earn a substantial income however, this is up to your personal efforts.

Low start up cost, risk-free when compared to starting a traditional business, and there is no glass ceiling in direct sales because you're the boss.

Is Verefina Right for You?

If you look at the successful direct sales leaders in this business, you'll find a common theme: they are committed, coachable, enthusiastic, and passionate about their businesses. These leaders spend a lot of time developing their personal growth as well as learning new business skills to be the best team leaders in their organizations. Your personal growth really correlates with how successful you'll be in this business.

Whether Verefina is right for you depends on you. We're looking for people that love all natural products. People who are committed, enthusiastic, and have a strong desire to start a home based business and be a part of the direct selling industry.

Verefina is growing daily with just under 100 consultants nationwide. If this describes what you're looking for email me. I'd love to chat!


Janette Stoll
Direct-to-company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Questions to Consider Before Starting a Direct Sales Home-based Business

There are hundreds of direct sales, party plan, network marketing companies to choose from - established companies such as Avon, Mary Kay - to ground floor opportunities as Verefina. Where does one begin if you're searching for a direct sales home-based business to start?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and consider before starting:

#1 Products and Opportunity

As Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Business of the 21st Century says - look for products that people need to use such as consumable products. And a business opportunity that's going to reward you for immediate retail sales and long-term residual income. Highly consumable products offer great potential for repeat orders and residual income.

#2 Product Need 

Do people have a need for your products? Are these products people are already buying elsewhere? Consumable products such as skin care, personal care, candles, food, and nutrition are products people use regularly which offers you the greatest chance for long term success. When people love the products, they'll become loyal, and more likely to become repeat customers.

#3 Business Format

Every company has a business format, a "system" that you'll need to plug in and follow, if you want to achieve success.

For example: party plan, network marketing are both part of the direct sales umbrella, however the party plan business format differs from network marketing in many ways.

A party plan is exactly what it says "party" which means the business format requires you do parties consistently if you want to make a good income. It's important to know the business format before you join because choosing a business format that is not a good fit for you will result in frustration, disappointment, and eventual fall out.

If you're choosing a party plan which is common with jewelry, clothes, home decor, handbags, craft products ... you need to understand that your success requires doing parties consistently and several parties a month. Ask any successful party planner, even the leaders at the top of the company, and they'll tell you they're still partying hard. Of course, if you love to party, then it's the perfect business format for you!

Network marketing on the other hand can be more opportunity-based and the business format relies more on building a "network". That network often involves signing up wholesale shoppers and/or team members.

Direct sales is a combo of the two. My direct sales natural business is a perfect example as it has elements of a party plan meaning that you can do parties if you choose to but it also has a low monthly personal sales volume which is very common in network marketing. This format offers flexibility because you're not dependent on doing parties.

#4 Compensation Plan

It's important to know how you're going to get paid but it's also important not to get hung up on dissecting the comp plan to paralysis. The bottom line is to get yourself into activity and working your business daily and the income will follow.

You need to know the basics of what it takes to be an "active" consultant. What it takes to earn the retail profit. And the monthly volume required to earn from your team members. I have a friend who signed up with a party plan company because she loved the products. She signed up a couple consultants right away but never earned a commission because she didn't realize she needed to sell at least $500 in personal volume to earn from her team. Ask these basic questions FIRST before you sign up with a company.

#5 Business or Hobby?

Plenty of people join direct sales as a hobby, get product discounts, or do an occasional show here and there. But knowing what your financial goals are is important to your success. Some people have a burning desire to make a change. They're looking for a viable plan b and turning to direct sales to create that change.

These people would most likely run their business like a business. Know why you're starting a business, what your dreams and goals are, because these "WHY's" as they say in this business will determine how much effort you're willing to put into your business.


Janette Stoll
Direct-to-company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is the Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care Direct Sales Business Booming?

Are you looking for all-natural cosmetics, skin care, and personal care products? Do you love natural products and looking for a way to use and sell natural products online? Here's a recent quote from the Kline Group ...
The market for natural personal care products has persevered through the recession, posting strong gains around the world. Spurred by growing consumer awareness, better raw material supplies, and wider availability of more affordable products, the naturals market posted double-digit gains ... (source: www.klinegroup.com)
According to a recent article on natural market research: Naturals Market Resist Recession, Posts Strong Global Growth, the demand for natural products is booming and here to stay.

The cosmetics and beauty industry has been known to be recession-proof. Even during tough economic times, women will cut back on shoes, jewelry, clothes, but they still need to use skin care, beauty, and personal care products on a daily basis. In direct selling, it has been called the "lipstick effect".

That said, even though women won't stop using personal care products however, during challenging times, women will cut back on the amount of money they're willing to spend on beauty and cosmetics products. Given that this is a highly competitive market people are looking for value - they want quality products at great prices.
Challenging this move to more natural ingredients, the recession forced U.S. consumers to seek out more mid-range, mass-marketed products that provide greater value and cost less (source: www.klinegroup.com)
One of the drawbacks from some pals of mine who are in direct sales such as network marketing, their business has been hurt from the high priced products. It's true that women can be very loyal to their skin care products but to a point, until they find another product line that delivers similar results, for less.

If you're like most people who are savvy shoppers and given the amount of product choices available today, online and offline, why wouldn't you want the best quality products at the best price, right? That is exactly how consumers think - they want value, excellent products and affordability!

The good news is that there are a lot of great companies in the direct selling business that offers high quality products at affordable prices. You can find truly all-natural cosmetics, skin care, and personal care products at similar prices to your regular stores. Contrary to what some naysayers might say about direct sales selling high priced items - this is generally more of the case with network marketing companies. The key is to do some research if you're considering starting a natural personal care business. You'll find that not all of them are high priced.

Whether you're looking for natural products as a shopper or considering starting a home based direct sales business, I invite you to take a look at Verefina. People are ready for truly natural, high quality products, that deliver results and won't break their budgets!


Janette Stoll
Direct-to-company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

Market Research: Naturals Market Resists Recession, Posts Strong Global Growth

Market Research: Naturals Market Resists Recession, Posts Strong Global GrowthMarket Research: Naturals Market Resists Recession, Posts Strong Global Growth