Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Direct Sales Home Based Business Opportunity Is Right For You?

Starting a home based business isn't for everyone because it takes work to build a business. But for the right person that understands the entrepreneurial mindset, a home based business, can be a great way to create additional income.

There are thousands of direct sales and network marketing companies to choose from. Many of these companies offer fantastic products so how do you know which one is right for you? It all depends on YOU.

In general, network marketing falls under the umbrella of direct sales and is a part of the direct selling industry. The difference between direct sales and network marketing is that network marketing emphasizes team building, hence "network". Your business will be more profitable if you build a network of people.

Direct sales is known for "retailing" products directly to end users. Think Tupperware and Avon in the early days when consultants sold products door to door.

Direct selling is the heart of direct sales companies where products are sold one on one, small groups, or through a home party format. This is where consultants can earn hundreds of dollars for hosting a few hours of work. Not to mention, it can be fun gathering with the girls.

But if hosting parties isn't your thing, you can still retail products on your company website, or by sending samples for people to try, especially if you represent a skin care/make up type of business that makes sending samples easy.

There are plenty of great consumable products in direct sales, such as skin care and body care products that women, men, and families use on a daily basis. If you find a company that offers outstanding products at an affordable price that regular people are already used to paying at Target, Costco and regular stores, it's easier to re-direct their spending to your company products.

If starting a direct sales business is something you have in mind, check out the for a list of members and products that might interest you. Then start doing your research based on what YOU want out of the business.

Ultimately, your success rise and fall on you and that is why it's vital to your success to find something that fits your interest and lifestyle. Just because so and so is making tens of thousands, that doesn't mean you will, if it's the WRONG business for you.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to do your homework, contact corporate office directly if you're unsure about something, and look at the compensation plan as well as the retail price of products.

Consider the products. Is it something you would spend money on if there's no business opportunity attached? Think like a customer and ask yourself if the product is something you would pay and use yourself.

Although price alone isn't the determining factor but in today's competitive economy, consumers are savvy and won't hesitate to shop around, because they want not only quality products, exceptional service, but also at an affordable price.

'til next time,

Janette Stoll

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