Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should You Switch to Using Natural and Organic Skin Care Products?

Au naturale is not only the hottest trend in skin care and wellness choices these days, but it’s also a lifestyle choice for many people. Interests in eco-green products are on the rise.

You see natural products online, specialty stores, and at your local Target catering to consumer’s demand for natural products.

Why should you choose natural products?

For years, women have been putting toxic chemical skin care products on their face and bodies. Considering that our skin is the largest organ, what we apply to our skin have the potential to penetrate deeply into our skin. Toxic chemicals can pose health hazards for some people with certain allergies.

People who choose to go au naturale want healthier products for themselves and family. Some choose natural products based on their health philosophies. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt natural products offer many health benefits.

Not all products are “natural”

There’s no shortage of “natural” skin care and beauty products that can be found at your local store, Target, Costco, and many places. Unfortunately, not all products that are labeled natural or organic are the real deal.

How can you tell? One of the best online sources is the Safe Cosmetics Campaign which is an advocate for safe products. According to the website: “there are no legal standards for organic or natural personal care products sold in the United States”.

With so many skin care products proclaiming to be natural and organic, how do you know that what you’re buying is the real deal?

First, look up the ingredients on the Safe Cosmetics Campaign database. You enter the product ingredient and it lists the toxic level.

When to switch?

Only you can decide if au naturale is right for you or not. However, the information is readily available online for you to research and decide for yourself.

Here is something to consider whether or not you should switch to using natural products:

The skin care you’re using is wreaking havoc – leaving your skin breaking out or irritated from the products. This could mean you might be allergic to the products. Stop using the products and see if the problem disappears. Wait a few days and try again. If the problem persists, give natural products a try.

There are many places to buy natural and organic products. Be sure to check the ingredients first. You’ll find the price varies with natural products – from $10 to hundreds of dollars. They often come with a big price tag attached depending on the brand name.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to sample the products first before you buy at these chain stores. I would choose a company with a great return policy in case you need to return the products.

More importantly, if the products don’t work for you, why stick with something that doesn’t work, when there are so many products that will work for your skin type.

Choosing to go au naturale is a lifestyle and a personal choice. It’s my personal choice but it’s not something I impose on others.

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