Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why September is a Great Time to Start a Home Based Business

What I love about September is the start of a new season ... fall. The leaves turn to different colors, the nights get cooler, it reminds me of a season full of comforts. But the new season also brings new opportunities. For families and moms in particular it's a welcome time to have some time to themselves.

It's also a time when moms start thinking about taking on a part-time job or start a home based business while their kids are in school. In fact, fall was when I officially started my online business selling natural and organic products. If you're in the direct selling business, fall is one of the busiest times for you, and it's an opportune time to line up those home party trunk shows or turn up your sponsoring efforts a notch or two.

If you've been thinking about starting a part-time home based business - a business that you can easily do online - I encourage you to take a look at partnering with one of the direct selling opportunities.

When I say "easy", I don't mean you don't have to put in any efforts. What I mean by "easy" is that there are plenty of opportunities that don't require excessive inventory, bugging your friends, sisters, neighbor, PTA moms to host trunk shows/parties, in order to do well.

Easy, in my business, simply means you can easily build your business anywhere in the US, without driving around doing parties because we have products that you can send samples to prospective customers without having to rely on hosting shows to sell products.

How easy is it?

In my business, you can easily send samples to anyone in the US that wants to "try the products" before they buy. Once you send the samples to a prospective customer, your next step is to follow up, and I mean be diligent with your follow up because you can't expect the customer to contact you. The customer shops directly on your website - the products are delivered from the company - and you earn a percentage of the sales. This is just one example of the ease of using the company samples to gain new customers.

If you're curious about the products, I encourage you to visit my business website, register as a free client, and try the all natural and organic sample. It's free so why not give it a try.

If you've been thinking about starting an online business - why not take a look?

Feel free to email me if you have any questions: janette(at)

I'm looking forward to a new season of endless possibilities and new opportunities. How about you?


Monday, August 1, 2011

What do you look for when starting a direct sales business?

A few days ago I talked with a lady that was considering starting a direct sales business. She was most interested in the compensation plan and how much money she can potentially earn.

No doubt this is one of the most important elements when evaluating a direct selling business opportunity. Although knowing the compensation plan is important, I was concerned that she was more focused on "making money" rather than choosing something that is right for her.

By "right", I mean finding a business that fits with her values, passion, interests ... the things that will keep her in the business when the initial excitement wears off, and it will. People aren't committed to money, they're committed to their values and the things that are most meaningful to them.

So how do you make money and still do what you're passionate about? What do you look for when starting a direct sales business? This isn't always easy because we don't always know what we're deeply passionate about.

Sometimes people sign up spur of the moment without doing any deep soul searching. Sometimes people sign up for the fun and camaraderie especially if it's a fun team environment. And other times people start a direct sales business because they have a deep passion to educate and change lives.

But what I've found is that without passion for the business, you won't find the motivation to get working on your business. It's nearly impossible to commit to anything without passion. And if you're not working on the business, it doesn't matter what the pay out is, because zero activity equals zero pay.

I have friends in direct sales that represent different companies and products. When you get to the heart of WHY people stay with the company, it comes down to the products, the company, and team support (not necessarily in that order) that are based on personal values that are important to them.

I've found with my female pals, the products are important to them as well as the team support, leaders of the company, and various other reasons why they love the business they're in.

One of my favorite things about the direct selling industry is that there are thousands of products and companies to choose from. If you're lacking passion or if a product isn't working for you, find something else that moves you, and build your passion around that business. There is a business in direct sales that is right for YOU. It's a matter of knowing what you're most interested in and passionate about and find a business around it.

How about you? What do you look for when starting a direct sales business?

'til next time,


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Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Direct Sales Home Based Business Opportunity Is Right For You?

Starting a home based business isn't for everyone because it takes work to build a business. But for the right person that understands the entrepreneurial mindset, a home based business, can be a great way to create additional income.

There are thousands of direct sales and network marketing companies to choose from. Many of these companies offer fantastic products so how do you know which one is right for you? It all depends on YOU.

In general, network marketing falls under the umbrella of direct sales and is a part of the direct selling industry. The difference between direct sales and network marketing is that network marketing emphasizes team building, hence "network". Your business will be more profitable if you build a network of people.

Direct sales is known for "retailing" products directly to end users. Think Tupperware and Avon in the early days when consultants sold products door to door.

Direct selling is the heart of direct sales companies where products are sold one on one, small groups, or through a home party format. This is where consultants can earn hundreds of dollars for hosting a few hours of work. Not to mention, it can be fun gathering with the girls.

But if hosting parties isn't your thing, you can still retail products on your company website, or by sending samples for people to try, especially if you represent a skin care/make up type of business that makes sending samples easy.

There are plenty of great consumable products in direct sales, such as skin care and body care products that women, men, and families use on a daily basis. If you find a company that offers outstanding products at an affordable price that regular people are already used to paying at Target, Costco and regular stores, it's easier to re-direct their spending to your company products.

If starting a direct sales business is something you have in mind, check out the for a list of members and products that might interest you. Then start doing your research based on what YOU want out of the business.

Ultimately, your success rise and fall on you and that is why it's vital to your success to find something that fits your interest and lifestyle. Just because so and so is making tens of thousands, that doesn't mean you will, if it's the WRONG business for you.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to do your homework, contact corporate office directly if you're unsure about something, and look at the compensation plan as well as the retail price of products.

Consider the products. Is it something you would spend money on if there's no business opportunity attached? Think like a customer and ask yourself if the product is something you would pay and use yourself.

Although price alone isn't the determining factor but in today's competitive economy, consumers are savvy and won't hesitate to shop around, because they want not only quality products, exceptional service, but also at an affordable price.

'til next time,

Janette Stoll

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thinking of Starting a Skin Care Business from Home?

With so many skin care products on the market, should you start a skin care business? Before you start one, take a personal assessment, and ask yourself if a skin care business excites you. Just because it's big business doesn't mean it's the right business for you.

There are many ways to start a skin care business from home. Here are some pointers:

*You can make your own products from home and sell them at farmer's market, online, crafts, expos, and so forth. That was the initial start from some direct sales companies. The founders created their own skin care products right out of their kitchens.

*If making products isn't your thing, there are private label wholesale options. Google "skin care wholesale" and you'll see various companies offering private labels. In fact, one fitness company uses a private label company on their new skin care line.

*You can research direct sales and network marketing companies that offer skin care products. Most of the companies offer body care and wellness products in addition to skin care. You can start with the Direct Selling Association, direct sales directories, Better Networker for a list of companies, or just Google the keywords.

*Be an affiliate marketer for established companies. Nearly every well-known companies these days offer an affiliate program to encourage consumers to sell their products online. Affiliate programs are free to join.

There are many ways to start your own beauty business from home and this is just some of the ideas.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to choose one that is RIGHT for you. This means understanding your interest, your lifestyle, how much time you're willing to invest in your business, your skills, finances, and so forth.

A skin care business is big business because everyone uses some type of skin care and body care products. But that doesn't mean everyone is your target market.

There's a wide range in product types and prices. You also have mass competition from online, offline, infomercials, regular stores such as Target, grocery chains, and virtually everywhere you look, skin care products are sold.

But if this is something that you have a passion for and can get excited on a consistent basis, it can be a lucrative business for you. It's a cliche but true - do what really gets you excited and the success will follow.

There is no point in starting any business just because others are making money in it especially if it does NOT excite you. I've made this mistake before and the lesson I learned is that it's very difficult, long-term that is, to find the motivation to keep going when you're in a business that's not congruent with your interests and values.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should You Switch to Using Natural and Organic Skin Care Products?

Au naturale is not only the hottest trend in skin care and wellness choices these days, but it’s also a lifestyle choice for many people. Interests in eco-green products are on the rise.

You see natural products online, specialty stores, and at your local Target catering to consumer’s demand for natural products.

Why should you choose natural products?

For years, women have been putting toxic chemical skin care products on their face and bodies. Considering that our skin is the largest organ, what we apply to our skin have the potential to penetrate deeply into our skin. Toxic chemicals can pose health hazards for some people with certain allergies.

People who choose to go au naturale want healthier products for themselves and family. Some choose natural products based on their health philosophies. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt natural products offer many health benefits.

Not all products are “natural”

There’s no shortage of “natural” skin care and beauty products that can be found at your local store, Target, Costco, and many places. Unfortunately, not all products that are labeled natural or organic are the real deal.

How can you tell? One of the best online sources is the Safe Cosmetics Campaign which is an advocate for safe products. According to the website: “there are no legal standards for organic or natural personal care products sold in the United States”.

With so many skin care products proclaiming to be natural and organic, how do you know that what you’re buying is the real deal?

First, look up the ingredients on the Safe Cosmetics Campaign database. You enter the product ingredient and it lists the toxic level.

When to switch?

Only you can decide if au naturale is right for you or not. However, the information is readily available online for you to research and decide for yourself.

Here is something to consider whether or not you should switch to using natural products:

The skin care you’re using is wreaking havoc – leaving your skin breaking out or irritated from the products. This could mean you might be allergic to the products. Stop using the products and see if the problem disappears. Wait a few days and try again. If the problem persists, give natural products a try.

There are many places to buy natural and organic products. Be sure to check the ingredients first. You’ll find the price varies with natural products – from $10 to hundreds of dollars. They often come with a big price tag attached depending on the brand name.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to sample the products first before you buy at these chain stores. I would choose a company with a great return policy in case you need to return the products.

More importantly, if the products don’t work for you, why stick with something that doesn’t work, when there are so many products that will work for your skin type.

Choosing to go au naturale is a lifestyle and a personal choice. It’s my personal choice but it’s not something I impose on others.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

How To Effectively Use Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel At Home

Glycolic acid is a popular skin peeling treatment because it’s natural and gentle for all skin types. For years, it has been the #1 choice and used by the finest dermatologists and spas around the world.

Although Glycolic Acid is a natural skin exfoliant and moisturizer, there’s some debate on the safety based on concentration levels of peels which ranges from 10% up to 70%.

“Glycolic acids play a major role in anti-aging and reversing sun damage but results are dependent on the concentration of the glycolic acid used, and not all glycolic acids are the same”. (

For example, for the peel to be effective, it should be more than 10% concentration. However, higher grades from 40% to 70% should be used by professionals. Make sure you read instructions carefully. Test the product on your hand for any reaction and always pay attention to your skin and how it feels.

How It Works

Glycolic Acid is an exfoliating agent and when the peel is applied to the skin it goes under the upper layers of the epidermis and removes the dead skin. This results in a smoother and more youthful appearance especially with use over time. The exfoliating effect also increases skin tissue hydration resulting in a more moisturized skin.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid Peel

With cumulative use, Glycolic Acid, plays a huge role in sun-damage reversal and anti-aging because of the increased collagen production from the exfoliation. Loss of collagen in the skin is what makes the skin looks mature and dull.

Glycolic Acid is effective for anti-aging skin, acne scars, helps to minimize pores, fade age spots, sun damage, to name a few benefits.

Because it stimulates collagen which gives your skin a more youthful look. If you want younger looking skin without going under the needles for Botox, this is a great alternative.

Some Ingredients To Look For

Glycolic Acid – it’s one of the mildest with virtually no downtime because of the natural exfoliation.

Lactic Acid – It’s a great peel for oily or dry skin as well as normal and sensitive skin.

Glucosamine – Helps remove dead and wrinkled skin that comes with aging. When it’s delivered deep into your upper layer skin with a chemical peel, it stimulates collagen, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Salicylic Acid – is an oil soluble which is excellent for oily, acne skin, which needs to be cleansed and helps blackheads to be easily removed.

Some Side Effects Might Include

Redness, temporary burning sensation. After the peel your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure so be sure to apply sunscreen. As for downtime, it’s minimal and you shouldn’t have any long lasting discomfort.

Benefits of At Home Peel

Why spend a fortune at the dermatologist’s office? The average cost at a spa or dermatologist starts at around $120+ and up with just one treatment. An in home peel especially one with pharmaceutical grate is affordable, convenient, and you’ll get at least 4-6 uses.

**I’m Janette Stoll and passionate about using natural products. I enjoy sharing natural and organic products that I’m personally using with others. You can CLICK HERE and learn more about this in home chemical peel and other skin care products that I use daily.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Start a Home Based Business in Direct Sales

The new year is a great time to start a business. With cheap technology it's easier than ever to start a business online if you have a computer and internet connection.

Personally, starting a home based business in direct sales is a great option. Because it's affordable and flexible to suit your lifestyle.

However, with so many opportunities you will need to do a careful research before you start one. Especially an opportunity that requires that you spend hundreds of dollars on stocking products or to get a "head start".

You should only invest in the start up fee which for most direct sales and network marketing companies is typically no more than $100. There are always options to buy additional products when you first join.

But ONLY buy if you plan on re-selling the products either through home parties or different avenues.

Never BUY additional products to achieve monthly minimums or to buy yourself a higher rank on the compensation structure. That should be a red flag.

Once you decide what you’re most interested in selling, it’s time to do an assessment of the core principles of business.

It’s not enough to be passionate about the products. Although this is an important factor = you’ll need a business plan that includes how you're going to market and promote your new business.

Products don't sell themselves. And you can't rely on your ffiends and family to build a business alone. Learning how to market your business particularly with online marketing will be one of the best investments in your new business.

Consider Product Needs

*Is there a need for the product you’re selling?
*Is the product something people are already using and familiar with?
*Is the product recurring where you can earn repeat sales? Or will you have to look for new customers because it’s a non-consumable product?
*Will the products withstand tough economic times?

Products that people cut back on are things they can do without. Although I'm a jeans fanatic, I'm more likely to cut back on another pair of jeans, over products that I need to use.

Your Business Skills

Once you’ve identified the business you want to be in, it’s time to do an assessment of your business skills.

What are you good at i.e. marketing, writing, and what sort of educational skills that you already have that you can bring to your new business?

What areas you need to improve on? And are you prepared to learn new skills so you can compete in the marketplace?

Last but not least, are you prepared for the challenges ahead as an entrepreneur? Contrary to what some uplines might tell their new sponsors but direct sales is not always easy.

But it's not complicated either especially if you start your business with the right mind-set and understand that marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

It goes without saying you should love what you’re doing because it’s too hard to find the motivation to keep at it. But you’ll also need to be honest in the business itself and consider product need in the marketplace as well as whether you’re prepared to give your best to building a new business.

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