Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 Ways to Generate More Leads, Business and Income to Your Direct Sales Business

Everywhere you look online there’s a sleuth of training systems on how to make money, how to tap into the newest and greatest information product, and it’s tempting to buy everything you see. But the truth is, the fundamental principles of business have always remained the same. These are basic business principles that apply to all businesses.

-Your business needs leads and customers.
-Your business needs to sell more products to your existing customers, new customers, and earn repeat businesses.
-Your business needs to be profitable.

So how do you achieve these criteria? Here are 6 ways to generate more leads, business and income to your business:

#1 Target market

You can’t sell everything to everyone. You’re a small business owner and not Wal-Mart. Focus on niche and personalization. Develop an ideal customer profile and serve their needs. If you’re selling anti-aging organic skin care products, profile people that care, worry about aging and conscious about using eco-green products.

#2 Deliver outstanding service

You have to set yourself apart from other direct sales distributors. Unless your business opportunity is the first and only company with a particular product (highly unlikely), you need to provide outstanding service to your customers to gain their business. One of the best ways is to provide outstanding service and value to win them over.

#3 Focus on benefits

Too many direct sales distributors focus on features. For example, our company is the first to launch xyz product. Our company is the only one with xyz ingredients. These are features of your company. When you focus on benefits, you’re letting your prospects know how they will benefit from using your products. Your customer is only thinking about how your products or services will benefit them.

#4 Become internet savvy

You have to be savvy with all forms of marketing, especially with internet marketing. Whatever medium you choose as your main marketing strategy, whether that’s blogging or a website, be sure to provide value and share relevant content that benefits your potential customers. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars but incorporate internet marketing strategies that are time and cost effective. If you’re not online, people can’t find you.

#5 Attract leads

Finding customers is becoming harder than ever without a strategy. You can no longer go after prospects. You can’t spam them with unsolicited email offers about your products or opportunity. It’s too easy to hit the delete or unsubscribe button. There are millions of blogs, websites and products to choose from online. Give people a reason to want to consider yours. You’ll have more success if you use “teaching” methods to attract people to you.

#6 Broaden your income streams

Direct sales distributors no longer have to rely on their sole opportunity for income. With the ease of tapping into the internet, there are so many ways to broaden your income streams. The easiest is to sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing). It’s free, no monthly requirements, and you earn whatever you sell. It’s a great way to add a secondary source of income while building up your direct sales primary business.

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Follow these tips so you can generate more leads, business and income to your direct sales. Good thing you shared that list to us.

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