Monday, March 8, 2010

Repeat after me: Direct Sales is Selling NOT Sharing

Now that I've got your attention ... here’s the real scoop on what it takes to succeed in direct sales: recognize that you’re in the business of selling and sponsoring. It’s called direct SALES, not direct SHARE. When I tell people that I love to shop at Trader Joe’s, I’m sharing because I’m not being compensated. But if I tell them about my company’s amazing skin care products, I’m sharing with the intention of selling, so my motives for sharing is completely biased. Sharing and selling is not the same.

Why do you suppose people are uncomfortable even when they’re told to “share” their love for the products? Because deep down they know they’re selling. If they’re just sharing, they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable doing it, because we share our favorite restaurants, movies, and things all the time, without any discomfort.

Let’s be honest here, direct sales, network marketing, is a sales job, and it takes work if you’re planning on making a good income as a consultant. You’re in the business to sell products and sponsor people. Those are the ultimate end goals. However, selling is more than just saying, hey would you like to buy our best selling eye cream, or we’ve got the best compensation plan? Experienced direct sellers and network marketers know that selling takes time to sift through prospects, asking open-ended questions to pre-qualify their prospects, and evaluating their prospects to see if they’re really interested. You don’t have a prospect until someone has an interest in your product and is willing to pay for it. But before you can even begin the selling process, you need to learn the necessary sales and marketing skills. Mastering sales and marketing is an art and takes people years and years to learn it and top distributors never stop learning. They are constantly fine tuning this art form by reading and working on their personal and professional development.

So, the next time you have the urge to share your products, remind yourself that you’re in the business of selling, and if you’re still using the sharing tactic with no success, it’s time to pick up some books and learn the art of selling and marketing. Last time I checked, I couldn’t find a book on how to share but there are plenty on how to sell and market your business

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Halley said...

Great true!

Found you through Twitter Moms...became intrigued when I checked out the company you represent and saw Candace Keefe!!

I am your newest follower from

Looking forward to blogging with you! Halley

Sonia said...

You're absolutely right about NM being a sales job. It is 100% about sponsoring and selling products.

But, I personally get so excited about what products I am using with Arbonne that I truly DO want to share it with all my family and friends. But what it comes down to is building honest relationships with those group of individuals you meet.

If you're all about making the SALE and don't have the mentality to serve others, then you'll fail. Actually you'll give up and think this stuff "doesn't work".

Help others get what THEY want first and then everything will start to snow ball for youself. God will give as long as you give back too. Be sincere about it too.

Janette Stoll said...

Hi Halley!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being a new follower. Sounds like you're a fan of Candace Keefe? :).


Janette Stoll said...

Hi Sonia,

Your enthusiasm for your company's products is definitely a huge plus and when you share with your friends and family, it's generally fine because they already adore you and most want to support you.

However, it's entirely different with people you don't know "cold market" and to build a long-term, sustainable business, you will need to learn how to position yourself to attract customers and quality prospects, so you're not just sharing to your friends and family. This is one of the reasons why so many direct sales, network marketers don't succeed, because they simply don't know what else to do beyond sharing to their warm markets. Read my previous post on this topic which was quite popular.