Friday, March 26, 2010

More Internet Marketing Freebies to Help YOU with Your Direct Sales, Network Marketing Business

My latest project is working on a blog that will expand on how to use internet and attraction marketing to build a successful direct sales, network marketing, or any home business, online. I'm hearing too many people say they've run out of leads or they just don't want to bug people they know to help them promote their business by hosting home parties for them. I hear ya!

My new blog MarketingDirectSales will offer much more bells and whistles with internet and attraction marketing techniques that are proven and used by some of the most successful internet, network marketers in the business! I will share some of those secrets with you.

Not to worry as this blog will continue to be active and have all direct sales and marketing tips that you've come to enjoy and refer to.

So, if you feel like checking out what's to come on my new blog, here's my latest article:

Are You Building a Direct Sales Empire or Babysitting Your Team? at MarketingDirectSales.


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