Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Energizing Your Business With Spring Cleaning

I'm very excited to have Jeanette Eleffe with Focused Vitality as our guest blog this week! Focused Vitality is about helping you with Success, Happiness & Spunk for your life, career, and business!

Spring is traditionally a time when we get busy spring cleaning our homes. This is the season of renewal, pastel colors, blue skies and sunshine. Let’s review these traditional spring activities and apply them to our businesses!

General cleaning – What needs to be “cleaned up” in your business? Where do you need more elbow grease or a stronger detergent in order to make your business sparkle? When my house is clean and organized I feel good, creative and inspired; when my business feels clean I feel those things a hundredfold! This is a perfect time to do an inventory of your business to determine what needs to be cleaned: Marketing plan? New money goals? Redefine your target market? You name what needs to be cleaned.

Getting Rid of Clutter – Clutter and disorganization have a way of making you feel more disorganized and overwhelmed. What a timewaster; wading through clutter to find something! Where is there clutter in your business? What is causing you disorganization? What are you losing by this clutter? What will you gain by eliminating this clutter? Make a spring resolution to rid your business of one piece of clutter today.

Cleaning the windows – Oh I love clean windows! To be able to see clearly outside without streaks and marks is very gratifying. Imagine the window is the lens that you use to view how you run your business. What beliefs are you holding onto that keep your windows dirty and unclear? (Example: “I believe that making sale calls is being a nuisance!”) Change your view and change your beliefs to something positive that supports your vision for you a successful business. (Example: “I love helping people feel better about themselves when I show them my products.”) You have the window cleaner in you hand and you can choose to change the view!

Rearranging your wardrobe – Out with the cold-weather clothes and in with the spring and summer colorful threads! Where in your business do you want more color, more comfort, more dancing? What new tools or resources do you need? Visualize yourself in your favorite vacation outfit. Make this dream vacation come true this year. Create it through being successful with your business.

Repot the plants – The houseplants love new soil, fertilizer, and a bigger pot to stretch their roots into. What do you want to stretch into? Where do you want to grow? What kind of flower are you? Grow your own garden and give yourself flowers! Perhaps it is time to do some repotting of your business so it can grow too!

These are great questions to use in the spring cleaning of your business. Use them for some self-reflection and continue to support yourself and grow into the marvelous Energized Woman that you are!

Happy Spring!

Fondly Focused,

Jeanette Eleff
Focused Vitality
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Apriori Glow said...

Great post with wonderful analogies to which so many can relate. I especially like the section "Getting Rid of the Clutter." Kudos!

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