Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Tips to Syndicate Your Blog Content via RSS Feed

If you have a blog, start syndicating your blog content via RSS feed (really simple syndication), for your loyal readers to subscribe to. It’s a powerful way as a blog owner to promote your blog’s RSS feed and for your readers to get updated news quickly. Let’s say you’re in direct sales or in a business that offers new products or special discounts only available to your blog subscribers, your blog content will be delivered faster via RSS feed. More people are getting their news via RSS because it’s convenient and a time saver to get all their important news in one place.

This is especially convenient for people who follow multiple websites. Instead of visiting each site, subscribing via RSS delivers the content to them in one place via a feed reader. Bloglines is a popular feed reader as well as Google Reader and there are many others to choose from. If you’re a blog owner and not using RSS feed to promote your blog, here are 6 easy tips to get started:

1. Burn an RSS feed using Feedburner. Feedburner will also socialize your feed and deliver content to Twitter automatically whenever you have new content.

2. You can also socialize your feed to LinkedIn, Facebook, BlogCatalog, Bloglines, Technorati, and social bookmarking sites.

3. Submit to RSS feed directories. There are free and paid ones. Feedagg.com is one of my favorites. Most of them is as simple as entering your blog’s RSS feed url. If you’re going to use a paid submission directory, make sure that it’s reputable and submissions are being reviewed by real people.

4. Submit to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and so forth. On my Google Reader, I can see my blog feed as well as others that I’m currently subscribed to.

5. Submit to niche social networks like Ning.com.

6. Ping it everywhere you can. The more you ping the more traffic is generated for your blog.

I have to admit I’m a fan and subscriber to multiple RSS feeds. I also see a huge potential in terms of search engine rankings by promoting my blog RSS feed. That said, there’s always a possibility that your readers might feel the need NOT to visit your blog often because they’re already getting the updates through their feed reader. Certainly something to ponder so I did some digging and came across a blog at Problogger addressing this.

What are your thoughts on this? What are some ways that you can encourage your readers to visit your blog in addition to subscribing to your blog feed? Be sure to leave your thoughts under the Comment section below. If you like this, click the RSS icon to subscribe via RSS.

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