Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Use Google Alert for Your Business

I stumbled upon Google Alert while reading The New Influencers by Paul Gillin. Google Alert is one of those once quiet hidden gems but now a lot more people are using to keep track of what's being said about their business as well as what's going on, on the web, based on the parameter of keywords that you set on your Google Alert.

For example, I use Google Alert to keep track of any news, topic, basically any keyword which starts with Apriori Beauty. Google picks up whatever it has indexed with the keywords and deliver the Alert directly to my Google Gmail. Brilliant!

Here is an example of what came up recently on my Google Alert for Apriori Beauty (it happened to be one of my posts :)):

Google Web Alert for: apriori beauty

WHAT is Apriori Beauty? WHY Apriori Beauty?
The Apriori Beauty story begins with a unique individual ... Apriori Beauty is the last chapter in Candace's network marketing career. ...
Have you heard of Apriori Beauty? The company launched in the summer of 09 and founded by Candace ... Apriori Beauty ...

Why is this tool effective?

It helps me to keep track of not only of my own posts to make sure that search engines like Google is indeed indexing my hard work, and it also helps me to be in the loop of what my fellow Apriori Beauty consultants are doing to promote their business. And, it gives me insight on what sort of conversations are taking place about my business. As Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers, stated in his book "social media is about conversation marketing". This "conversation" goes beyond keeping track of my fellow AB pals but there is conversations taking place in forums, beauty, skin care, business opportunity blogs relating to Apriori which can be highly valuable. If you don't know what your target market is looking for, talking about, then you're not part of the solution. For example, recently there was an Alert and I clicked on the link which takes me to the beauty forum and I was able to check out all the conversations about Apriori i.e. the products, the opportunity, and so forth. It's a good opportunity to chime in and be a part of the conversation.

Another way to look at Google Alert is a tool that's available for free for you to use. My motto is, if it's free and it has potential to help grow your business, why not take advantage of it? I have a ton of Google Alerts set up and it's one of the things I look forward to daily.

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Teresa Jackson said...

I just discovered Google Alerts today. I was wondering if you get a zillion emails after you sign up for this service? Can you suggest ways to keep this from happening?

Janette Stoll said...

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for taking the time to comment! That is a great question and the answer depends on how general or specific you set your alert to be.

For example, if I set up my Google Alert to include the words Direct Sales then Google will deliver content containing both Direct and Sales, however not always about Direct Sales. It's a great tool to keep track of topics that interest you.

The beauty about it is that you can always remove the Alert very quickly :).


Teresa Jackson said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to jump in and give it a try!